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  1. Just needs a great arm to go with it
  2. Excellent unmarked condition, 4 years old. Lovely arm that will work well with a wide range of cartridges. SOLD Will demo with pleasure if you can make it to Sheffield.. Sorry to state the obvious, but cartridge not included!
  3. Yes, the phono stage goes through the line stage.
  4. I've been running a Hyperspace for a few years now with the power to the motor supplied from a Project Speedbox se2. The speedbox recently stopped working due to an output transformer fault. When I replace the transformer I have the option to run the motor at either 115 V or the standard 230 V. Has anyone tried to operate a NA motor at a lower than standard voltage? I seem to remember reading somewhere that Tom Fletcher advocated this, but I could be wrong.....
  5. I hope the riders enjoy our meticulously maintained Sheffield roads.
  6. Not really my cup of tea either, from a visual point of view, tbh. But no worse than a lot of vintage gear folks get moist about, and with a little bit of woodwork and general sprucing up it would be no more aesthetically challenging than an LP12/Aro. And as long as the cartridge isn't buggered it will sound amazing (even if it is it could be refurbed for relatively little).
  7. arm and cartridge alone a bargain at the BIN with a free td150 thrown in.
  8. yes, i read (and participated in) that thread. do I believe that some people can hear absolute phase effects? Yes. do I believe that the difference is great enough to cause a person to go from very disappointed to satisfied? Absolutely not. as I say above everyone has different taste, but I think for someone to be "very disappointed" with a Croft in the way that that OP in that thread appears to be, then something must either be broken, incorrectly connected (beyond absolute polarity issues) or there must be some major system incompatibility. IMO.
  9. I think the phase inversion thing is a complete red herring to be honest. I'm a long term Croft owner like manny (vinyl) and completely concur with his views. But everyone's taste is different. Most people who hear Croft amps seem to like them, but I guess it's to be expected that some don't.
  10. nah, just had a go. Somebody else do one....
  11. Some folks say it is the origin of the name of Strummer's band. This may or may not be correct. I don't know.