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  1. soileduk

    Valve info

    These are the Electro-Harmonix version of the 6H30PI. Are these what you were expecting? The Sovteks you have should be the same valve without the gold plating. The Electro-Harmonix valves are made by Sovtek for the American musical instrument and equipment brand. Watford Valves list the Electro-Harmonix PI at £30 and the Sovtek PI at £22 each.
  2. It would have been rude not to have it, I already have an LS36.5 so a no brainer really.
  3. Thanks for the steer, the KWA is settling in nicely.
  4. soileduk

    Valve info

    Thanks Graeme, I knew you would know. I was wondering about 5AR4/GZ34 valves to use in my veteran Modwright LS36.5. I bought it with a Ruby 5AR4C fitted. Dan Wright seems to recommend certain vintage valves so, despite being a total valve virgin, I found and took a punt on a couple of nos/os Mullard GZ34s. The improvement was subtle but very obvious so now I wouldn't want anything less in the amp. So, with these valves getting less available, I'm concerned about how long they may actually last and whether I should find some more. I have a pair of Woodside Renaissance 80 Watt power amps and I was wondering if they'd be worth servicing to go with the LS36.5.
  5. soileduk

    Valve info

    Thanks for the info chaps. I thought (hoped) that they may be older and thus manufactured in this country. I know that equipment manufacturers would have their branding on items bought in to use in their gear.
  6. soileduk

    Valve info

    Would anyone be able to give any information on QUAD branded valves please? I would be interested in who,actually, manufactured them.
  7. Thanks GW, This is getting silly, I've just punted just under £200 for an (alleged) NOS from Langrex on eBay, yes I know, and a used but good from mullardmagic - I must be B S crazy. Seriously thinking of going back to SS, as it looks like the Radford may get expensive too. What do I need to do when the valves arrive, Plug and play and take it from there? 200 quid...... bloody hell. Double ring getters, single ring getters, white lettering, yellow lettering ............ what the hell is this? I'm dreaming of a nice peaceful cable flame war after this.
  8. Thanks chaps. some good helpful info. I think an email to Dan and perhaps BD to start. It would be nice to do a quality repair for future re sale or trade in purposes. BH my LS36.5 is silver. 10000 hours valve life, so about 3 1/2 years, not too long then. I've had a look for the Mullard gz34/5ar4 online and found one on eBay at £125 NOS and used at £85 from Mullard Magic and other various sources so not cheap. I am game to try from a reliable source if they are that good. I assume that buying the 6H30 as a matched pair, from whatever source, goes without saying. Is it a pain buying valves from abroad? There seems to be stuff from the USA but the tubestore Mullards seem to be new reissue so perhaps no benefit there and I guess the extra costs involved would make it so as to be less attractive. Anything from Europe will become more expensive in the very near future too. Is there an opinion on the best sensible priced valves? hifinutt seems to like the MesaBoogie GZ34 @ £25 In the spirit of the 'Wam are there any members who supply valves?
  9. Hello everyone, I acquired my LS 36.5 (sn 35610079) back in April from the 'Wam and it's been working its magic ever since. It replaced my Naim nac 202 and, thanks to Dave Flashback, has been driving the nap 200 well. I have noticed that the volume control needs to be set further up than the Naim so I may have an element of the gain issue mentioned in previous posts. It is, at the moment, not a problem. I do have a problem however and that is a previous owner has managed to strip all the threads of the four holes in the amp casework for the lid screws. At the moment three screws are just about holding the cover in place. In fairness though it looks like there was two poor attempts to drill the holes in manufacture. Out of the eight holes in the casework only two line up fully with the lid. If anyone have ideas on repair I'd be grateful. A new pair of aluminium side extrusions would be ideal but prohibitively expensive. To redrill and tap in metric is not too viable as M3/M3.5 is too small and M4 will be too big for the lid. If I knew the American thread size used initially I could try fitting PEM or Hank bushes. I don't want to weld and redrill so if anyone has any ideas please feel free to contribute. I am new to valves and it would be nice if you chaps could give some pointers on how long the valves should last, which ones work the best and their sources. Also I assume leaving the amp powered up is a no-no but if one were to leave the amp for a short while, say an hour, would it be more prudent to leave it on than shut it down and reboot? A question for Valvebloke perhaps, would it be worth getting these Woodside MA75 amps up and running again and would the LS36.5 work with them?