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  1. My kids really enjoyed the Alphabet Zoo album by Ralph McTell. (And, let's be honest, so did I.) Jim.
  2. It's not advice, but here's my experience. I had a pair of Westminster TWs for the best part of 20 years. Initially I used them in a very big room with an old Pioneer A400 and thought they sounded good. Then I decided to 'upgrade' to a Naim HiCap/202/200 rig. With hindsight, not sure this was an improvement. Although I did move homes to a much smaller room at that time. Then I decided to try valves so auditioned three and chose an Almarro 318b. This is a SET but a bit beefier than some. I thought this sounded excellent. Blew the Naim rig right out of the water. Then I decided that the Tannoys were not 'rock 'n' roll' enough, not enough bass and not up-front enough, so I bought some JBLs. Then I bought a big Bryston SS to drive the JBLs. But as I had yet to sell the Tannoys I tried them with the Bryston. Guess what? AC/DC in your lounge. And bass in plenty. Jim.
  3. Another vote for Beyond Compare. I have used it for years. Think you have to pay for it, however. It is excellent though. Jim.
  4. A mate with a better phone came to visit, so finally here is a picture of my JBLs. Let there be rock! Jim
  5. JimR

    Naim DBLs - £4K

    I have wanted some of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Naim-DBL-speakers-original-top-of-the-range-from-the-UKs-best-known-HiFi-Co-/172197348575?hash=item2817c304df:g:F4AAAOSwZAtXJdQv since I first heard them way back when. I do not follow these things closely enough to know if this is a good price, but it seems reasonable to me given their rarity value and the work done on them. Jim.
  6. This is a five shelf rack originally purchased from HNE Systems. There are four shelves each measuring 60cm x 45 cm. All inter-shelf gaps are 10 cm. It was originally specc’d to take a biggish turntable on top, and full-size Naim gear on the racks. I am selling it because I have replaced it by a new bigger rack that can take both my hi-fi gear and a TV. The shelves are made from polished black granite and the uprights are black stained wood. It was just over £700 new. When I moved house a couple of years ago, the removal men managed to separate the top shelf from the rest of the rack. Foolishly, instead of claiming on the insurance I mixed up some epoxy and glued it back myself. It is now solidly in place but I used a little too much epoxy and it has dribbled slightly down two of the legs (oo, er, missus!). I have tried to photograph this. Otherwise it is in excellent condition. I have taken this into account in pricing it. I cannot comment on how it may or may not influence the sound of your system, but in my opinion the polished black granite looks classy and always invites a stroke (oo, er, missus again!). It is incredibly heavy so you will need to come and collect it. I live on the Welsh border in South Shropshire. Alternatively, I will deliver within 100 miles for the cost of the petrol. I am asking £70. Jim
  7. JimR

    Big TDLs

    I fancy these. Never heard any and have no idea whether the price is sensible. But I remember seeing a pair at a London show sometime last century and just being gobsmacked by the sheer size of the things. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TDL-REFERENCE-STANDARD-SPEAKERS-RARE-100-Working-/331837245005?hash=item4d430a864d:g:z-kAAOSw1DtXGM1k Or, if you prefer, here is a replica pair: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TDL-REFERENCE-STANDARD-SPEAKERS-replica-but-same-xover-drivers-and-cab-design-/331839864479?hash=item4d43327e9f:g:h-IAAOSwU0RXHQ~O Don't think the missus would be impressed however. Jim.
  8. These look magnificent. What is their history? Did you build them? How did you source the components? Jim.
  9. Struggling to take a decent picture of my 4365s, but I too am a member of the Wam R-O-C-K-ers club. The missus has just bought a new phone - will see if she can do any better. 26 years ago I used to walk to work through Ebisu every morning. Past the big Sapporo brewery. 'Yebisu' was my tipple of choice at that time. Do they still brew it? Jim.
  10. I have a Klimax DS/1 which is operationally equivalent to this DS/2, and prior to that had an Akurate DS/1. And the networking side of both has been rock solid. Literally no issues ever. I would argue that anyone having connectivity issues with a Linn DS actually has problems elsewhere in their network - and hence would have similar issues whatever brand of streamer they used. Buy with confidence. Jim.
  11. Now reduced to £1050. Cash on collection, delivery within 100 miles, or meet at Scalford. Jim.
  12. Weekend bump. (Am going away for weekend shortly, so will not be checking PMs for a while. Will respond on when back on Monday.) Jim.