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  1. I have for sale a pair of Chord Carnival Silverscreen Speaker Cables. They are the bi-wire version, ie. 4 banana plugs at 1 end into 2 banana plugs as shown in the photograph (if I could get it to load), available to interested parties. They are a 4m pair in good condition, factory terminated. £80 or best offer inc UK postage, or collect from West Midlands.
  2. Sorcery-Live The Roger Hill Band
  3. See my earlier post somewhere back in the depths of the thread, but to recap I did try some Cat8 cables, not the same manufacture as Paul. Yes I found a difference but not to my liking, things sounded more analytical and less musical. Oh and by the way just to clarify my findings I wasn’t blindfold, maybe they would have been more to my liking if I had been
  4. Regarding Hifi products (especially loudspeakers) the only measurements that interest me are h, d, w. i would hope that providing these measurements match my requirements (I.e. do they fit my room) the dealer would be selling me products based on what they sound like. What do you mean by a ‘tweak’ , a particular cable, acoustic room treatment, DSP, or speaker position ?
  5. Actually if you read the Lejonklou forum the recommended Ethernet cable is Blue Jeans Cable Cat6a A cynical view but couldn’t be further from the truth
  6. Which is exactly what I did with the Ethernet cables, and as far as I know so did Paul, but you have said that is not valid
  7. But surely if we should be blind testing cables, then the same principle applies to any component in the hifi system so you should be blind testing the items that you do sell
  8. Keith You seem to be a great advocate of testing blind, you questioned whether I had blind tested my Ethernet cables, you are telling Paul it would be better if he blind tested the cables. Do you as a hifi dealer blind test ALL of the products you sell in order to evaluate whether you should be selling them ? Do you carry out demonstrations for customers blind so they don’t actually know what they are having a demonstration of.?
  9. I quite agree. i was curious about Paul’s original post and his findings, and as I’ve never been able to really understand why Ethernet cables could make a difference (it’s all just 0’s & 1’s) I had to do a test for myself to satisfy curiosity. like Paul I found a difference unlike Paul, in my case it was not better. So as far as I’m concerned I’ve satisfied my curiosity and end of story. I am only reporting what I found not commenting on other people’s findings and have no interest in “scientific tests”
  10. When I first joined I had all Linn, but it got changed to Lejonklou and has now changed again, but the ID is not so easy to change
  11. It is connecting my streamer to the network, I don’t have Exakt, in fact I don’t have Linn anymore, other than speakers