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  1. linnman

    FS; Linn Silver Interconnects 1.2m

    Have replied by pm, but yes would ship to USA
  2. For sale is my Linn Klimax Renew DS1 (Klimax DS2 board) digital streamer I have had this since 2015, (serial No 1366470) its in excellent condition, no marks or scratches. It comes with Lejonklou mains power lead and original Linn packaging. I also have 2 pairs of Linn Silver interconnects which are available separately by negotiation. Im in West Midlands, UK, will post within UK free of charge, elsewhere at cost. Price £2200 or best nearest offer.
  3. For sale, my pair of Sagatun Monos, (serial Not 007 & 008) These are a pair of Sagatun Monos purchased in 2014, and updated by Frederik Lejonklou to version 1.1 in August 2015. They are in excellent condition, no marks or scratches. They come with the original mini remote, and the late optical sync cable. They have the original Lejonklou mains leads and original boxes. For those of you not familiar with the these wonderful pre amps, they are Linn Klimax level in performance, more information can be found at I also have 2 pairs of Linn Silver interconnects which are available separately by negotiation. Im in West Midlands, UK, will post within UK free of charge, elsewhere at cost. Price £3150 or best nearest offer.
  4. I have 2 pairs 1.2m RCA Linn Silver Interconnects available for sale. I am in West Midlands and will post within UK free of charge, elsewhere at cost. Price £125 per pair.
  5. linnman

    How to check/setup the LP12 suspension.

    Just a little extra to the above, the bounce should be checked with an LP on the platter, rather than gently pushing on the spindle, you should actually push on a point midway between the spindle and the arm mount. In addition watch for the bounce decaying evenly rather than bouncing a few times then stopping. I would have said that 1cm for the platter height maybe a little too much, I wouldn't worry too much about the height, it will vary depending on the sprung weight which of course will differ depending on the weight of the arm fitted. More important is that the whole deck and platter sit level. Although the bounce is important it is not critical, some decks with a poor bounce can sound better than others that bounce perfectly (even though they are the same spec). There are quite a few other factors affecting the sound of an LP12.
  6. linnman

    For Sale - Ayre K-5 Pre Amplifier

    Sorry, I am no longer in the trade but the amplifier was sold a while ago
  7. linnman

    For Sale - REL T2 Sub Woofer

    Open to sensible offers before going on eBay, collection from Kidderminster preferred
  8. linnman

    For Sale - REL T2 Sub Woofer

    Has got to go to make space for new stock arriving so reduced in price now £150 + delivery
  9. This is a part ex item, in excellent condition, no marks. It comes as it is with no leads, you will need connecting cable and power lead The design of the T2 instead of a reflex port, or a sealed enclosure to tailor the bass, it has a downwards firing main driver in conjunction with a forward facing passive unit - a drive unit with no motor assembly. In this case the downwards facing, actively driven unit has a 203mm cone, and the ABR a 254m cone. Connections to the main system include REL's favoured high level input which has a Speakon connector. This connects to the main channel speaker terminals, which as a result sees exactly the same sound balance as the main speakers. In a multichannel system, the REL can also be connected using its LFE input to reproduce the special effects and other deep bass noises on the .1 LFE channel. £190 plus £10 delivery by next day. Call us on 01562 542302
  10. linnman

    For Sale - Oppo to clear

    We have the following Oppo to clear; Our Ex Demo HA1 Multifunctional headphone amplifier, drawing on their circuit designs for the acclaimed BDP 105 the HA1 is also an asynchronous USB DAC, stereo pre-amp, Digital audio dock, just plug in your phone or iPod, and also a bluetooth enabled transport, RRP £1199 £950 PM1 planar magnetic headphones (box has been opened for display purposes), these are superb headphone and come complete with all accessories and polished wooden storage box, RRP £1099 £850 New boxed unopened PM3 headphones RRP £349 £295
  11. We have for sale a brand new Lejonklou Tundra Stereo 2 power amplifier, boxed, unopened. It is available from our Kidderminster branch. RRP £2500 Being offered at £1975 Telephone 01562 542302 for more details.
  12. Actually none, it is scheduled to be a vinyl version of the Pink Floyd Linn Lounge, I should have amended the first post. But to clarify the 'normal' event includes Studio Masters from Dark Side Of The Moon
  13. Change of date for this event, it has now been scheduled for 24th March, all other details including booking remain the same
  14. Thursday 25th February -7.00pm Hartley Wintney, Hampshire Are you a vinyl adikt? Or do you want to learn more about the longest surviving music format? Join us as we celebrate the LP, listening to Linn’s iconic Sondek LP12 turntable, fitted with the new Krystal cartridge. You’ll discover the craftsmanship involved in engineering the world’s best deck and experience the glory of vinyl music at its finest. You can even bring along some of your own favourite LPs on the day. Tickets are free, refreshments will be provided. Book your tickets at