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  1. I quite agree. i was curious about Paul’s original post and his findings, and as I’ve never been able to really understand why Ethernet cables could make a difference (it’s all just 0’s & 1’s) I had to do a test for myself to satisfy curiosity. like Paul I found a difference unlike Paul, in my case it was not better. So as far as I’m concerned I’ve satisfied my curiosity and end of story. I am only reporting what I found not commenting on other people’s findings and have no interest in “scientific tests”
  2. When I first joined I had all Linn, but it got changed to Lejonklou and has now changed again, but the ID is not so easy to change
  3. It is connecting my streamer to the network, I don’t have Exakt, in fact I don’t have Linn anymore, other than speakers
  4. Well who knows ? But according to Paul they need to burn in, so I’ll connect it between router and switch, that’s where it will get most number of bits through it, so should burn in quite quickly, certainly quicker than in music system. Perhaps then it will sound better
  5. Well the difference is so obvious that there is no need to be sighted or unsighted. the Cat6 is far better, the Cat8 is destined for the bin. It sucks all life out of the music, it could be described as more analytical but not enjoyable
  6. Well it has arrived and is connected. The answer so far is IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE, at this stage not sure it’s any better but it is different. And that coming from an Ethernet cable sceptic as I don’t understand why. im not a cable sceptic, but Ethernet cables ?
  7. linnman

    SOLD: Lejonklou Sagatun Mono Pre Amps -

    These are now sold
  8. Well just as a matter of self satisfaction (or denial) I have ordered one of these peanuts compared to what the rest has cost me ! Maybe. If it’s any good I’ll keep the cable and sell the rest of the system 😄
  9. linnman

    Anyone dealt with Unilet Hi Fi?

    Is the answer to say you will take it at the bid price once repaired ?
  10. linnman

    SOLD: Lejonklou Sagatun Mono Pre Amps -

    Open to offers on these ( be sensible though 😄 )
  11. linnman

    SOLD: Lejonklou Sagatun Mono Pre Amps -

    I realise that many of you will not be familiar with these pre amps and their quality. So if anybody has an interest but is unsure having not heard them I would be prepared to come to some arrangement to demonstrate them.