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  1. MF 1000

    RME ADI-2 DAC vs Chord Qutest

    How did they manage to CE Mark the Hugo if it causes RFI? Just making a warning isn't ideal
  2. MF 1000


    When I joined the WAM back in 2010 (or was it 2011) I was the proud owner of a Musical Fidelity A1000 integrated amp, hence MF1000. Quite boring really compared to Nigel My avatar is a pic of my MF A370 power amp ....the beast at 45Kg and looks like welding set 😀
  3. 12.8 x 8.4 meters is a bit like the Cottesmore room at Scalford ......I managed to run my system in that room ok so if no one objects I'll opt for that
  4. Visit to a well known Belgian coffee producer .....I'll be 'wired' all week 😜
  5. Whatever sequence we go for in the big room .....I'd appreciate not being on last - my work schedule has been updated and I'm flying out to Belgium on the Monday morning so a slightly earlier pack up would help me loads 4pm ish.....getting back home after 9pm and and 90 mins to unload kit etc and then be at the airport for 9am would not be a good mix
  6. My MF A370 has remained untouched apart from some new silver input rca sockets and upgraded speaker terminals since I got it in 2013. It still performing well on bass duties in my active system tho I did add a forced cooling system to keep it at a more even temp and prolonge the life of the components etc
  7. I'd have no problem in Kingston home my speakers are around 3.5 m apart so I could drive across the room which would bleed a bit less into the other rooms, particularly with sub 20hz bass available - that way it would be testing out the corridor wall 😀 Fir those who haven't seen my system ....speakers are 1m high transmission line sub bass/bass partnered with KEF 104.3 for each side
  8. Is there going to be an 'official' sign for this room with a schedule of when each system will be demoing ? Or do we need to arrange this ourselves ?
  9. Daniel Chorzempa at West Point Catherdral playing Bolleme Suite Gothique will test out the big systems room ......16Hz notes on this recoding 😜
  10. MF 1000

    Going 5 way active

    The final delivery of cables arrived this week and on Saturday lunchtime I set about connection up the second SMTP brand mini amp to run my Fostex T90A supertweeters from a spare channel on the second Behringer DCX. I set the xover to start feeding the Fostex from 6Khz upwards and the vol control at about 1/3. On with a cd ....Mark Knopfler Privateering and it was quickly apparent the system had a more focussed soundstag. Considering the Fostex had already been in use in the system fed from the tweeter feed (another SMTP mini amp) via a silver foil Z cap and simple volume pot control, the change underlines how much better control you can have with active control & amplification for each set of drivers. A few minor tweaks on vol level to balance out background hiss and I settled in for a session listening to a variety of genres ......then suddenly I lost the mid bass & midrange ☹️ The display screen on the Behringer was pale yellow and two of the level meters were randomly flickering ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ Letting it 'cool' down etc had zero effect has ceased to is no more....shuffled off this mortal coil etc managed to find a good deal on Amazon fir a new replacement £160 😀😀😀 so hope to be up and running next weekend and optimise it for Keggie
  11. MF 1000

    mit diy modules for speaker cable

    That would be £400 per side fir my setup.......nooooooooo
  12. I've got a variety of bottles with less than 4 drams left in them so I could do a dregs night.....something for everyone's tastes inc the odd Gin too
  13. Heathen 😜 Nothing wrong with being a peatophile......please read that carefully 😊
  14. What happens if only 2 or 3 of us sign up for the big room ?