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  1. MF 1000

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    A TL is where all of the rear energy from the driver is directed down a tapering port, normally the TL is 'folded' to accommodate its length within a smaller cabinet. A ported cab is where the energy fills the cabinet but is allowed out via front or rear ports....even two ports 1100mm long.
  2. Here's a quite informative link to DC on mains and buzzing toroids...
  3. The other option is a mains isolation transformer (have a look on Airlink Transformers website). I don't have a continual issue but my tranny occasionally hums and really goes mad when my wife uses her laser printer, the psu of which must inject DC onto my ring main.
  4. MF 1000

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    They are going to be an approx 300 litre ported cab ....with two bottom centre mounted 100mm ports 1100mm long (running along the base and back panel of the cabinet) in theory they should be tuned down to around 12 Hz
  5. MF 1000

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    I got them 6 months ago with cabinets ...were on eBay at £700 😁....but a 11 hr round trip to collect them. Still tuning them in and will build new cabinets between now and xmas ....have a look at the thread in the DIY section
  6. MF 1000

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    There is 'only' 500 watts per channel (from the Behringers in monoblock configuration) for the Volts, the other 185 wpc is for the Twin B200 mid bass drivers in each of the KEF104/2's, courtesy of the MF A370
  7. MF 1000

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    I was looking at using an aluminium construction framing system to build a custom rack for the bass amps and two Behringer DCX crossovers, but then remembered I had a Sound Organisation rack in the garage. Now resurrected and a racking strip jointing the Behringer kit together it seems a neat and apart from some longer cables a cost free solution to my congested rack AV rack (given I've 11 boxes apart from the bass amps & crossovers. The Tower of Power - 1300 watts of bass amps !! next step is to fit castors on it so moving it is easier ...and less faff disconnecting it all to attend Keggie etc
  8. MF 1000

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    As accommodating as Jane is to my kit I think I'd have trouble keeping those in the lounge ....even as desirable/glouruis sounding as they should be etc
  9. All this depends on your definition of 'modify'. Mods can vary from simple cable swaps to full blown 're engineering' of an amp etc. Lots of us start out with cable swaps, cable builds, cabinet tweaks on speakers, plinths etc and some move on to more esoteric tweaks/builds that take both a high degree of skill/knowledge as they can both cost you lots of £'s or potentially your life (HV in valve amps is not for the beginner). Ive tackled lots of speaker stuff, cables and interesting mods on CD's but steer clear on the HV stuff. It takes great faith to hand over expensive kit to anyone to have it modified and some have been stung in the last etc. The best mod at times is moving on kit that doesn't work for you & your room etc and obtaining kit that does 😀
  10. I can agree somewhat with the equipment matching statement Eddie, but even then it's not always possible to correct for room size, sofa position, speaker locations etc .....and that is where an active xover like the 2496 comes into its own, taking those matched items to a new level.
  11. That's exactly how I've established my active setup
  12. I had one dcx fail ....was a second user eBay one mind. I get some background hiss but to me it reminds me of early vinyl setups and the people who have listened to my setup haven't commented. The only hiss free ones I've heard are the DCQX ones .....but at 10x the cost of a 2496 I should hope they were hiss free !!
  13. In effect using a digital xover such as the Behringer DCX ones I use is the equivalent of a graphic eq but with the advantage of both three stereo channels per unit and a potential of up to 4 seperate grahic eqs per stereo pair. With the use of REW it has enabled me to change my system response to a level way above the system cost.
  14. Thought I'd check my entry on the sheet .....all seems blank ?