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    Rega Planar 2
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  1. MF 1000

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    No pics yet I'm teasing but after driver issues on my transmission line bass /sub bass speakers at Keggie I was considering fitting new 'conventional' drivers in the cabs......then I found a pair of subs on eBay 😀. Off to collect them next week ......they use Volt 18" drivers 😀😀😀😀 - with a new set of cabs they will make the earth move
  2. MF 1000

    2020 Spreadsheet Now Live

    Does it need to be unlocked Peter ? ive already sourced a new bass setup after driver issues on Sunday prepared for bass you'll never forget 😀
  3. MF 1000

    The `Running Order'

    ......Running Order the food thread ? Ok ......2 kg of the payload in the van is food & whisky
  4. MF 1000

    The `Running Order'

    Just finished packing close to 400kg of kit into Janes van .....hope to be on site around noon
  5. MF 1000

    Jbl 4430 clones

    Looking forward to a listen on Sat Nial
  6. MF 1000

    Leak Sandwich 250 Speakers an Active project

    I get tweeter hiss on my tweeter stages .....after a while you forget it's their and it takes me back to vinyl in the 80's too 😀
  7. MF 1000

    Racks stands supports

    I use an AV rack to house (well almost as no rack is made to house the MF A370 welding amp 😏) my gear ....14 boxes in total. All I did was make custom oak legs to space the glass shelves to what I needed
  8. MF 1000

    845 replacement valves

    I changed them for the PSvane WE versions a good deal off an eBay guy I'd bought from previously. They took around 100 hrs to come on one as they say but definitely were better than the shugangs....more detail and a better bass response
  9. MF 1000

    Going 5 way active

    Tweeters arrived while I was on hols. Fitted them today a bit of a faff having to modify the clamping system on the Kefs and trimming the front plates of the tweeters etc, but now sounding much better. Ill spend some time with REW tomorrow to get them optimised
  10. MF 1000

    Equipment isolation on the cheap??

    As with lots of hifi 'myths' .....just try things out and see what works in your setup £££ does not always mean it will work, I've sorted issues for pennies in the past
  11. Just paid for sat night b&b, insurance & big room charge
  12. I run the mid bass (B200 drivers) of my Kef 104's using an A500
  13. MF 1000

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Local charity shop has loads to test out lol
  14. MF 1000

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    That mixture is close to what windscreen washer fluids are ...water, IPA, detergent & surfactant
  15. MF 1000

    Homemade ultrasonic vinyl cleaner

    Has anyone considered windscreen washer solution has IPA with a wetting agent in it .....designed to cut through grease films and be quick drying