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    Rega Planar 2
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    Roksan Attesa DP2Mk2
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    Trichord Pulsar 1
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    Type 26 Valve - SJS
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    845 Monos, MF A370
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    KEF 104.2 & Volt 18"
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  1. MF 1000

    Tell me more about Hybrid Class A

    My monster MF A370 is 650 watts drawn at idle ....😛 Nightmare in summer
  2. MF 1000

    Amplifiers for bass

    I use them to good effect on my 18" Volt bass speakers bridged mono mode 😀😀 Colin is a good guy to deal with too
  3. MF 1000

    bowers and wilkins formation duo

    I can envisage debates on distortion caused by atmospheric pressure changes, humidity levels etc ....oh how I long for an occluded warm front - my speakers sound so much better then
  4. MF 1000

    Amps & Fans

    On my A370 i fitted a 5 " pc fan on a Perspex lid with holes drilled to align with the output trannys and in the centre of the numerous reservoir caps. The fan pressurises the case and the hot air escapes via the vent holes in the chassis base and by flowing over the 'hot' transistors and out of the holes in the lid. Works really well on an amp that was famed for being hot and it still running fine at over 30 years of age. The fan is run off an old SM power supply from a defunct Nicad charger
  5. MF 1000

    Music fidelity m6si

    Here is why overheating was the issue basically it was a 2x A370 to attack the Krell market. A single A370 can get hot enough ( I modified mine to have a cooling fan) but in a case that confined and no forced air cooling was a recipe for disaster .....yes they did go up in smoke.
  6. MF 1000

    Music fidelity m6si

    Fire extinguishers were supplied with the original A1 and the infamous SA470 - that amp actually did burst into flames but given its architecture and case design it was inevitable.
  7. MF 1000

    What pre-amplifier for £2-3k

    Type 26 valves are only around $30 a pair 😀 ....and I think the pre sounds really good - it's outperformed some other 'special' preamps at the occasional bake off etc and hence the copy made by Awkwardbydesign.
  8. MF 1000

    Music fidelity m6si

    A small fan near the amp (USB maybe powered by a phone charger) will alleviate any concerns
  9. MF 1000

    Music fidelity m6si

    Just for others benefit (if they are new to MF & ClassA)'s not recommended to run them with no speaker load as it can cause damage. MF amps have always run heavily biased into Class A which has given them reliability issues in the past and (imho) one of the best sounding SS amps around.
  10. MF 1000

    Music fidelity m6si

    The side mounted heat sinks on my MF A370 power amp get to around 50 DegC, and my previous A1000 did the same. MF always ran its amps hot (some too hot) but in general no damage occurs until heat sink get into the 80-90 deg C area - as a rule of thumb if you can keep your hands on them for 5 secs or more that's around 50 deg C
  11. MF 1000

    Sub bass & bass Speakers with 18" Volt RV4564 drivers

    I know Jane is very accommodating with my hifi, but 31" drive units I'm guessing would require a cabinet of around 1000 litres vol .....anyone got a spare pallecon I could use as an enclosure, and the only way to get it into the lounge would be through the patio doors too. Might be a non starter 😜
  12. MF 1000

    Sub bass & bass Speakers with 18" Volt RV4564 drivers

    They do sum up that famous phrase by the Boy Wonder .... 'Holy **ck Batman id be interested but finding an amp with 15000 watts rms that would fir on my rack and not require a 3 phase power supply and it's own air con unit ....would be a challenge 😏
  13. MF 1000

    What pre-amplifier for £2-3k

    My Type 26 is featured on the Bartola site was built by Rui Lorenco. As I recall Richard (Awkwardbydesign) spent £1500 on parts for his build
  14. MF 1000

    Isolation on the cheap

    55Kg each and 1300€ a pair ! stands fir then are 67Kg of steel
  15. MF 1000

    Isolation on the cheap

    not sure of the weight though 😀