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  1. Is this a Mark 2 version?
  2. Same thoughtS "WOW" if only I didn't have kids and adults with sticky fingers lol.
  3. Ben cat's link shows the CDD1 AE (Anniversary model) no specs detailed , old price was 7,400 euro now down to 3995, euro on the new main GATO website. A white faced CDD1 Demo model is listed currently by a UK Dealer at £6240 pounds and reduces to £2990. Either the specifications differ or the Indicated RRP Prices differ, maybe down to exchange rates / taxes? to be honest the specifications look the same, maybe paying more for the black dial display.
  4. Great post, I have been recommended their CD player, there are two models available the white faced dial model and the black faced anniversary model, does any one know if the there is a difference in price / specification or is is just cosmetic?
  5. I like your way of thinking ................ Gold can be too dear!!
  6. I would like to stay with chord but a used blu and qbd76hd will cost 4-5k for somewhat outdated technology in view of the hugo/ TT/DAVE. A used Rega isis will cost 2.5k , I am starting to wonder if there is method in my madness. Do you mind me asking what route did you end up going down?
  7. That is an interesting point regarding the single BNC of the one , very confusing. There are a couple of Blu's on the preloved market but 2.5-3k, probably better to wait and get a Blu 2 and get a dave in the distant future...... Alternatively the hard reality is that the qbd76HD at 18 thousand taps is now outdated compared to the newer products from chord, better to invest in Hugo / uoscalers perhaps!!
  8. Chord do excellent service, when I upgraded my qbd76 to HD, they had my unit returned for a software upgrade covering postage and associated works. Most chord blu's are ten years old, my concern is paying huge money for such a classic. is there much difference between the dual BNC and a sindle digital out BNC player?
  9. I have never seen a Coda for sale, there was many comments about the number of buttons on the Blu so I can see the requirement. I know the Blu has the up sampling function using the dual BNC'S, there was some article recommending using the chord one cd players digital out as a cheaper solution to the blu and again less buttons, however I thought this did away with the upsampling feature of the blu ( hence the price large price difference). Chord blu's are rare on the used market, I thought a few might come available with the Blu2 but it looks like streaming has taken over.
  10. Has anyone any advice for a CD transport to a Chord Dac I have a qbd76HD which I would like to connect with a aes/ebu connection? any chord blu / choral one users or alternatives by other manufacturers (cost under 2k).
  11. No retailers over here so I would be at the mercy of a distributor, I could only manage a second hand unit due to price and as we all know CD Players / transports do require maintenance and repair. From what I can see the best sound from the direct stream dac is through the i2s connection from the cd memory player, the inbuilt streamer while good is not as good, at this price point ( 10k) this would make me very cautious. I would love to be able to afford a chord dave / blu 2 transport, perhaps this would be a better alternative sound wise. The innuos Zenith appear to be a safer bet as a dual cd / memory player and streamer!!
  12. John Darko has a review of sorts on the DAC / CD Memory player on youtube against Hegal cd , have a look. I also hace active atc's with a chord qbd76HD dac, I was considering a ps audio transport to go with it, may be a different option ( didnt like the comment regarding poor service though).
  13. I have seen positive reviews of the CXC and Chord Qutest so I assumed a good synergy between the two brands, I was considering a cxc with my Chord qbd76HD, I will watch with interest....
  14. I hope you like the opus 21, I have had one for years and love it, to get the best out of it you can get a cable to bypass the inbuilt pre. Also set the volume on the CDP to 1 (0-50) and control the,volume from your pre, try it to believe it.