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  1. Reduced £1800 with standard BAM, collection only from Aldermaston Berkshire
  2. Many thanks very usefull
  3. Looking for around 1tb ssd and preferably silent Punch looks promising
  4. Hi I'm looking for a mini windows server which is quiet and can run both roon core and hqplayer upsampling to dsd512 Budget is flexible up to £1300
  5. I truely believe you would have to spend in excess of 5-6K to better these speakers
  6. Drivers are a Dynaudio D330 Esotar tweeter and proprietary high mass edition of ScanSpeak carbon fibre woofer I purchased these from a fellow wammer around 2011, they were around 3 years old I think, they are the Merlin-VSM MM model
  7. Merlin VSM Floorstanding Speakers in standard black finish for sale with battery BAM in very good condition £2000 ono Can be purchased with optional David Berning valve BAM (only 4-5 made) for an extra £500 ono Can be demoed in Aldermaston Berkshire Prefer collection, but can be delivered at cost. Great speakers, but I no longer have the room to do them justice
  8. Well, I did have a Wadia 830 some time ago and from memory that had great "oomph", of course its all to do with system synergy and for me the streamer + hugo did not work, but I have a feeling streaming's not for me
  9. Actually I tried a Hugo with my streamer and to my ears it was no real improvement, great detail but lacking in what I would term "oomph" in terms of dynamics in my system, compared with my departed Mark Levinson Dac and Transport etc, so sold again.
  10. No sold unfortunately to fund streaming replacement solution
  11. I've tried Streaming and not really impressed with the sound compared to even old very good CD player (Philips CD880), so am considering options, to use CD player as transport with DAC I read somewhere that it's not worth spending more than 1K on a DAC as they are nearly all the same when you reach this price point