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  1. moffer

    The last album i bought was

    Original UK pressing.
  2. moffer

    What are you listening to right now?

    2018 vinyl reissue.
  3. moffer

    Adding a Rega RB330 to a Michell Tecnodec

    I used to own a P3 2000/RB300 with the threaded mounting pillar, but am not familiar with more recent Rega arms with the 3- point fixing. Do all Rega models use self tapping screws to fix the arm to the plinth? Would have thought they would use 3 threaded steel bushes glued in the plinth and threaded bolts to suit, at least in their more expensive models. A poor show indeed if this is not the case, if only for the reason you mention above.
  4. moffer

    The last album i bought was

    Been thinking about replacing my noisy original "More Songs About Buildings And Food" with the Rhino reissue for some time. Glad I finally got around to it as it's a really nice remaster.
  5. moffer

    The last album i bought was

    They worked for Hunky. OK was a surprise. All sound excellent BTW.
  6. moffer

    The last album i bought was

    David Bowie - Hunky Dory gold vinyl remaster. Radiohead - OK Computor OKNOTOK 3X black vinyl remaster. Both were xmas presents off my daughters. The last album I bought was Steve Earle - Trancendental Blues vinyl remaster.
  7. moffer

    turntable for 22 tr old daughter advice please

    That Pro-ject xpression looks nice...gets good reviews to.
  8. moffer

    Turntable speed control

    Early Christmas present in the form of a Pro-ject Speed Box S arrived last tuesday. Managed to position it with just an inch of that stupidly short cable to spare... the result being that it's facing sideways so you can't see those pwetty blue LEDs. No motor noise to report. The SBS has turned out to be a nice little upgrade and well worth the asking price. Cheers uzzy.
  9. moffer

    Turntable speed control

    With Christmas just around the corner..I'm tempted to treat myself and give the Speed Box S a go. Trouble is both leads are too short for the SBS to fit into my set-up. Apparently the mains lead is only 16" long and the SBS to table lead even shorter, which is a bit stupid if you ask me. Think I'll ask on Vinyl Engine or Audio Karma, where there seems to be a lot of Pro-ject owners, about longer cables or whatever fixes can be done.
  10. moffer

    Turntable speed control

    That's a ridiculous price difference! I was thinking about trying the £115 Speed Box S with my Pro-Ject 2Xperience, but after reading about it causing motor noise issues with Pro-Ject tables that were previously quiet has turned me off. Plus I cant hear any speed fluctuations with the Xperience, and am very happy with how my current set-up sounds, so don't see much point.
  11. moffer

    Turntable speed control

    I never realised that until I saw your post and checked. Weird how the cheaper Speed Box S is available and the SE is not?!
  12. That's £96 off the retail price of £384 for the Hana EH...that's pretty good in my books. Many thanks Lurch. I bought my current Hana EH to beat the last price rise of £335 - £384....wish I knew about this exchange deal back then.
  13. Less chance of any language barrier issues with air audio...hopefully anyway! Keep us posted.............
  14. Here's an interesting video of Michael Fremer visiting Excel Sound. If you want to keep the same sound characteristics of your Hana SL and maybe save a few quid, then it "seems" like Excel will re-tip a worn stylus. Prior to seeing this video I recently replaced my original Hana EH (due to stylus wear) with a new one. It might have been more cost effective to have sent the old one off to Japan for a re-tip. I might email Excel to find out the price and check that they will re-tip a worn stylus and not just repair faulty or damaged cartridges. Who knows, it could be that I'll be able to afford a shibata re-tip instead of an elliptical.
  15. moffer

    sepsis/blood poisoning

    Deleted post.