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  1. sunbeamgls

    New Kef R Series

    This is a good summary of FoS (nee Indulgence). I've been to both years on the Friday and it was very quiet (although slightly busier the second year), so very easy to get good seats, cover all the rooms without hassle. I would, however, say that Bristol isn't my favourite show. Sure, there is vast coverage of brands, but the venue has small corridors with the rooms, corridors, bars etc., getting uncomfortably crowded. I think the best show is Kegworth, but if you're looking to buy, the best commercial show is North West at Cranage. Decent rooms, good parking, free to get in etc. Here are notes and pictures from the previous FoS shows:
  2. sunbeamgls

    PMC loudspeakers

    You don't need to do any of the stuff I wrote about for bi- or tri-amping, just adjust the vertical connector bars across the terminals.
  3. sunbeamgls

    PMC loudspeakers

    Now using my Twenty.26s active with Linn Exakt. Played them at the Wam Show at Scalford in 2017. Three part post starts here about the experience with converting them for Exakt: And a post about Scalford:
  4. 2x LINN 039/1 Katan / Trikan mid-bass and Espek Mid drivers for sale The drivers are identical in the Katan / Trikan / Espek so suit all of these roles The type used in my Scalford system 2015 which attracted a lot of favourable comments, so these could be the basis of a good standmount DIY project too. 39.99gbp each plus postage at cost 20180829_204025 20180829_204046
  5. sunbeamgls

    CDs for equipment demos

    Just from your post which seems to be asking for a particular list of music to be played, that's all.
  6. sunbeamgls

    CDs for equipment demos

    Well this thread is from 2013 so that would've been Fiio X3 VDAC1 and PSU II Tidsbury passive pre Linn AV5125 Aktiv Linn Katan Ive never exhibited the same system twice, as yet. Im pleased you have a list of tracks to play and look forward to hearing in your room at the show in 2019. In the meantime, you might find that not listening to the same tracks will allow you to hear some new music, one of the greatest aspects of the show, I find.
  7. sunbeamgls

    CDs for equipment demos

    In the last iteration for Kegworth, I changed the category to "approx genre" as not everyone agrees on the categories (including me, if I haven't put the effort into the tagging yet). Not sure what you mean by "trying to demonstrate"? It is just a list of tracks I like, which have good SQ and give a good spread of genres, but I don't have all genres so I can't include music I don't have. Given there is folk, rock, jazz, electronic, dance, classical, blues, electronica, pop and others, that's a pretty decent spread. It really was just a track list to put on shuffle and for people to choose from if they wanted to hear something in particular. It takes time to do the show, and I try my best to offer a good spread of music, but please don't expect perfection.
  8. A pair of LINN Kabers for sale. - A fantastic pair of walnut Kabers in fully functioning order. - Currently they are set up for active (Aktiv) operation, but they come with a full set of passive crossovers so they can be converted back to passive operation. The crossovers are becoming very scarce now as dealers often just binned them after a passive to active conversion - Also included are the upgraded polymer stands (sometimes referred to as "Kustone" stands). These were an upgrade option and improve the bass performance and musicality of the speaker - they have all the correct bolts, washers, spikes and the 8 plastic spike covers - This pair are fitted with the 015/2 tweeter version - The grilles are in perfect condition and have the rubber bands fitted - They come fully boxed in the original Linn packaging and both the inner and outer boxes - The stands come in their original separate box and packaging - The manual, stand fitting instructions and allen key are included - Finished in walnut they are almost mint. Unfortunately there are a couple of water stains on the top of one speaker - fortunately though, they have managed to blend in with the grain rather well - see the photos below. The rest of that speaker and the other speaker are, as far as I can see, unmarked. The stands have some very minor scuffs (probably from vacuuming). The speakers are in the North West of England. I'm happy to ship them wherever at cost, but will only ship with full value insurance. As there are 3x heavy boxes, this could be quite expensive, but will be at cost. They can be collected (can be heard on the end of a Linn Exakt system) or we can possibly arrange a mutual pick up point, particularly in the North West or on the route from North West to the Reading area. Can also leave for pick up at an address in the North East if you can be patient enough. 349GBP for speakers, stands and passive crossovers. All sides of both speakers are shown below. 20180712_164555 20180712_164610 20180712_164629 20180712_164654 20180712_164722 20180712_164736 20180712_164932 20180712_164946 20180712_165002 20180712_165011 20180712_165052 20180712_165102 20180712_165140 20180712_173518 20180712_212608 20180712_212759 20180712_213030
  9. sunbeamgls

    Three Words Daily

  10. sunbeamgls

    Goodwood Festival Of Speed

    Not going this year, been twice before. Make sure you do the following: - The cars to up the hill in batches, collect at the top then get released in a batch to go back down. Go right up to the top of the hill for at least one batch of cars as the drivers hang around in the collection area and often spend time with fans - choose the batch with your favourite drivers - Many of the manufacturer stands have interesting things such as videos, games, give aways. - Make sure you spend some time on the start line straight when the older F1s are running - but do have ear plugs / defenders! - Spend time in the paddock, you can get up very close to cars and drivers - I think Friday is free access to the grandstands (at least it used to be that way), so make use of that, but generally best to get all the "behind the scenes" stuff on the Friday when its less crowded and do more watching on Saturday. But there will be more of the famous drivers there on the Saturday - Watch cars that you might think you're not going to be interested in - there's interest in pretty much everything
  11. sunbeamgls

    Driving at high altitude

    It is PM. Its a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus.
  12. sunbeamgls

    Driving at high altitude

    Individually they're not so high, but a reasonable collection: 6,800ft a few weeks ago on the Gotthard Pass. 6,500ft on the Klausen Pass and 6,396ft on the Lukmanier Pass. The day after the Klausen opened for the first time this year. And the car is 36 years old now
  13. sunbeamgls

    airshows 2018

    Has your search engine seize there nutt? I thought it was great at seeking out shows