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  1. Just be thankful it was A duvet not THE Duvet!
  2. Can someone who contributed some CDs to the bring and buy please PM me? I owe someone for a CD. If I get no PMs by the end of next weekend, I'll make a donation to MacMillan in lieu. Thanks
  3. Thanks to the organisers, fellow exhibitors, the hotel, visitors and my family for a great weekend. Special thanks to room co-host Kathryn (nope-dragon) for her enthusiasm, hard work and getting into the spirit that is The Wam Show.
  4. I handful more pictures with apologies for the poor photography:
  5. That's cool! A large part of our playlist is here on Tidal: And the full list here:
  6. From all practical perspectives Kegworth was a better venue. The loss of the big rooms is a shame - but they're not representative of most homes and the really big rooms were as bad as the far too small bedrooms in terms of getting a decent sound. If there was a way to free up the dining room (s) and have breakfast in the bar area then that might open up a couple of extra spaces. The exhibitor bedrooms are much more solidly constructed and this makes a big big difference. The venue doesn't have the charm, but for the majority of exhibitors and visitors, it looks like a big step forward. Room 203 again for me next year please We dismantled the beds twice - once to set up and host on Saturday night (we ran until just after 11pm), rebuilt them and dismantled again on Sunday morning. Then re-built them again on Sunday evening before leaving! The double mattrass went along one wall of the en-suite, the double bed then split into 2 parts - one on the floor of the en-suite, one in the towel-lined bath, the single bed mattrass folded up into the wardrobe and the single bed frame lay across the front of the wardrobe, nicely keeping the back row of seats a sensible distance from the back "wall" of the room.
  7. Well, in our room it was fixed on arrival and fixed when we left. In between times though...
  8. Really enjoyed your room, the Shahinans have a different approach that's very easy to listen to But the atmosphere for listening to music is so much more important
  9. 2018-03-17_05-54-48 by Neil Hallworth, on Flickr
  10. accordimg to the BBC, Saturday 20% chance of light snow showers around lunchtime. Sunday sunny intervals and cold. Not exactly scarey!
  11. I see the clock on says we kick off in 16 hours! Eeek, system still not in boxes!
  12. Good news, thanks. Will stay in Saturday night to maximise drinking and listening time!
  13. There's a few things that have become more "relaxed" this year and I'm not sure what fits into that approach and what doesn't.
  14. Will there be badges and lanyards this year? (again, apologies if I missed this, but there's too much to trawl back through) Thanks