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  1. But do either of these support Exaktbox fronts and pass through centre and surrounds?
  2. sunbeamgls


    When we're done with this we need to move to a written constitution to remove ambiguities and stupid things such as proroguing parliament being possible without parliamentary consent.
  3. Thanks BB1. Your observations on power supplies in the Akurate amps could well explain why they sound better than Majik, even when still running at low volumes only on the monolithics
  4. ^ great post BB1, thank you for the insight. I think your analysis is broadly correct, but interested in the non-power device parts of Majik vs Akurate amps. They do look quite different in terms of IC types and component count (eg the small brown cuboid devices which I assume are caps) on a per channel basis. Or I might be being far too superficial, which is entirely probable!
  5. I think it could be system context as I've definitely enjoyed other systems containing KEB/1. My dealer thinks its because the AEDSM isn't good enough and the KEB/1 needs a KEDSM. Its possible I suppose and whilst the KEDSM sounds better than AEDSM, I don't think its enough of a change to explain this one. Just for clarity the comparison was made using Akurate power amps, not my current Lejonklous.
  6. sunbeamgls


    I think we largely agree. What I'm saying is, if every side of the political spectrum is calling the BBC biased, then it can't be biased can it?
  7. I've had KEB/1 in my system and currently use AEB6/1. The level of detail extracted the the KEB/1 is extraordinary, but I found that distracted from the music. For me, in my system, the AEB/1 is the more musical box.
  8. sunbeamgls


    Both (all?) sides believe the BBC is biased against them. That's because they only want to hear what they believe.
  9. sunbeamgls


    But many in the country default to "us and them" and problems are always the fault of "them". Who "them" is doesn't matter too much, as long as it isn't "us".
  10. sunbeamgls


    You know people who would cut off their leg to get rid of an in-growing toe nail?
  11. sunbeamgls


    Looking at the trend of polls on the topic since 2016, parliament is partially with the current will of the people, now that the people know much more about the topic.
  12. sunbeamgls


    You need to remember that this was about proroguing parliament, which is a much bigger issue than Brexit, so really should be divorced from Brexit. That was the problem with the petition wording, it wrongly tied proroguing parliament to a Brexit outcome. Bad petition. I suspect it would have garnered much more support had it dealt with the importance of democracy and detached it from Brexit.
  13. sunbeamgls


    The third highest number in the history of parliamentary petitions.