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  1. Out of that lot of words, I would assemble active Ninkas with a 4100 and the MDSM as the best option. Having had AV5140s active with AV5125 level amps, I would say they were not in the same league as active Ninkas with AV5125s. Or Exaktbox-i.
  2. A thread to make members aware of Linness at the show. I'll be running an AEDSM and Akurate Exaktbox6/1 into Lejonklou power amps and some speakers. Either Gauder Akustiks, or some very tasteful red Ninkas Any others?
  3. Looks like there are still rooms at Kegworth for the annual Wigwam show. As a 6 time exhibitor, I very much remember the first time, full of nerves and concerns, but with careful planning and advice from other members, it went very well indeed. I went with a streaming only all Linn system into the heart of a community heavily in the vinyl and anti-Linn camps. I believe a few people enjoyed the noise we made. However, most importantly, it was hard work but very much a fun time and a great way to get involved and meet exhibitors and members alike. So whatever you've got, I would encourage participation in this fantastic weekend - come and blend in, or bring something different to shake it up a bit - there's one thing for sure - your efforts will be appreciated by all.
  4. Yes, Exaktbox-i in 4100, 6100 and 8100 flavours would make great sense, and was mentioned on the old forum, so don't hold your breath
  5. What would make a whole lot more sense is for Linn to start buying up speakers from other manufacturers, then creating conversion kits and Exakt filters for them. One of the new jobs could be dedicated to such activity. Get the Exakt electronics to a wider audience. The number of people who continue to think Exakt is a Linn only thing is testimony to how much more work needs to be done to get the word out.
  6. Centre and (standmount) rear versions of the Series 5 would make some sense, if they've actually sold any Series 5 at all.
  7. But Amazon (and I assume Netflex) stream 5.1 all the time, along with HD images.
  8. I use a mix of Exakt L&R and analogue surround for c, rears and sub. Its fine for tv and films, but doesn't work at all for music. My Linn Akurate/0/D processor is set to the max delay possible, but it just doesn't work for music.
  9. Having experienced some of Paul's and Neale's discs, I have to say that I found the experience very disc / mix dependent. Some sound sublime and enhance the experience. Others, to me, just sound false - creating a perspective that you'd never experience in real life (unless you were sat on the stage with half the musicians in front of you and half behind, and no PA system involved. Sometimes the band is the wrong way around too, like you're looking out from the stage. But there's some very well mixed stuff too.
  10. Good to see the above resolution. You might also like trying the digital output from your CD player to a digital input on the DSM, to see which has the better DAC.
  11. Its a good find, but even if it is possible, I wouldn't be trying to login - who knows who would be capturing your credentials?
  12. I didn't accuse Mr Colloms of anything Philbo, just stated a fact about my blog.
  13. sunbeamgls

    Hi-Fi Society Blog

    This is a good initiative. I think it will be worth checking with bake-off organisers before publishing to a wider audience - they might deliberately want to restrict the invitation to one community of forum members.