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  1. KCT = Klimax Chakra Twin (not plural) KCT/D = Klimax Chakra Twin with Dynamik PSU I find KCT/D to be a slightly more powerful, more relaxed version of Akurate/D. The jump is not huge. However, Klimax Solo/D = heaven
  2. sunbeamgls

    2020 Spreadsheet Now Live

    This is a great idea. I remember it was suggested once at Scalford but it failed miserably the year of the Monster Horny System where they were having trouble hearing themselves talk at the Tesco in Melton Mowbray...
  3. sunbeamgls

    Upgrade opinion / Advice

    By using ears to listen to it. If you did this with Naim gear, you'd know what was meant by that post. Naim needs speakers that don't emphasise this quality, hence their incompatibility with Focal.
  4. I'm not keen on the show becoming competitive. Its not been part of the ethos in the past and its much better that way. You only have to look at the preferred systems lists of visitors to see that everyone considers different things to be good. The point of the show is not competitive, its just to hear different ways of doing things.
  5. There were quite a few LP12s about, and your Axis / Akito doing a great job. I was running Akurate EDSM and Exaktbox/1. I think I've had Linn in my Scalford / Kegworth systems every year I've exhibited, and the first year I had a complete Linn streamer system. 2 years ago the Linn Technical Director, Lead Speaker Designer and some of the software guys took a trade room at Scalford and demonstrated Exakt.Design. They really joined in the ethos of the show with Philbo borrowing some paving stones from the garden and the team helping other exhibitors pack gear into cars at the end of the show. As usual, Philbo was great value in the bar Some relevant stuff (apologies for photos in the older posts, a consequence of an image hosting service being withdrawn): First year exhibiting with full Linn system: The year we did the Yello thing: The year of the amazing little system: The year with the big speakers and the REAL benefit of SO: Despite all that, it would be great to get more Linn playing next year. Get your names down folks!
  6. Awww, thanks David. Perhaps some gentle teasing falls on stoney ground
  7. Its fascinating to watch all this catching up going on ...enjoying Isoplats since 1996.
  8. That would not be good - even if the gain was the same (which it probably isn't) the different amp characters would not work well together.
  9. Nope, I think you might be taking the Krate too seriously
  10. I found bi-amping Keilidhs with 2x RB850s sounded better than 2x bridged RB850s in mono.
  11. Just do a Google image search for both. RoomAmp is chunky, RoomAmp 2 is slim.
  12. I find local NAS copies better than Tidal, almost without fail, and never the other way around. There seems to be less life in them and quite often a graininess to the vocals (I suspect this is the watermarking). Tidal is good, but not as good as a local copy.
  13. RoomAmp, yes. RoomAmp 2 or later, no. Here's the post 'troll referred to:
  14. sunbeamgls

    2020 Spreadsheet Now Live

    Not editable for me too.