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  1. When I plug it in, I'll find out Perhaps Jail or Paulssurround might comment.
  2. I have acquired a Majik Exaktbox-i so that I can work on Exakt filters without having to take the main system apart - although I will still finalise designs using an Akurate Katalyst Exaktbox. As usual, I'm not a fan of the searingly bright front panel LED so I took off the lid and front panel to paint the LED with a Sharpie and then fit it with a light dim. Whilst I was in there I took some photos. Its a pre-Katalyst version. The photos are at the link:
  3. Well, I've had Klimax passive driven Super 20s and Akurate Exakt driven Super 20A in my room. The Exakt driven version are astonishingly better. Also Titan 606 comparison between analogue and Exakt. All Klimax. Again, Exakt was far superior. Titan 808 also benefits from Exaktification.
  4. ^ I haven't yet worked with SO v2, but perhpas the above references to shelves are for SO v1 only?
  5. Have you been to Cymbiosis for a listen Timster? I would suggest that's the best way forward if you haven't done so yet. Don't for get that going for only 4x amp channels opens up lots of other options, such as Sweden and Salisbury...
  6. Pair of 20" tall Atacama SE20 stands in black. A few light marks but will be very presentable after a clean. No spikes. Near Chester but Im sure we could work something out via a Wam taxi or a bit of patience. PM your email address for a picture.
  7. My room is not dissimilar in terms of size - its 6.5m x 4m but it doesn't have a stairwell. I found the Super 20 a bit bass light with analogue Klimax Twin/D but fine with Akurate Exakt. (other then the need to turn down the tweeter by around 2-3dB in both scenarios which offers a much better balance).
  8. This, from Hifi+: The Super 20 is quite flat down to 50Hz or so, tailing off below to -6dB in room at around 40-45Hz. Bass output does not peak, so there is no unnatural emphasis (as in some reflex designs). Port output is centred on 40Hz and is broad and well damped. The overall effect is more like a sealed box speaker, with only minor port assistance, so bass timing should be good (more like a sealed speaker than a ported one). I'm not sure how they measured this, but it would seem to be more realistic based (no pun intended) on my experience with these speakers. On a slightly different note, their bass quality is very good in terms of tunefulness and timing.
  9. Well, AIRR doesn't seem to be a well defined term. Basically it means putting a microphone at multiple points in a room, taking the measurements at those points, then averaging them out. So it will be measuring direct sound, reflected sound and room reverberation (modes). By using multiple points, perhaps the idea is that some of these will null each other out and produce a sensible averaged result. Hmmm. I couldn't find out if there are any standards for this, perhaps others will know, but it all sounds very room dependent to me, so not sure how helpful that's suppose to be. And without any clarity about the point at which the 30Hz is being declared (back to my point earlier, are they reporting -3dB, -6dB, -12dB, -60dB?) its a rather spurious bit of data really.
  10. With or with SO? If with, are SO calcs at default?
  11. Interesting experiment. 2 of the ports can be reconfigured as Exakt inputs, I wonder if this is linked?
  12. 30Hz for the Super 20A seems somewhat optimistic to me. Did they say at what level below nominal output over the rest of the range? -3dB, -6dB, -12dB? The Exaktbox Sub is disappointingly simple - its nominal roll-off is centred on 75Hz regardless of what the main speakers are doing, the slope is fixed too. I therefore think it's designed with smaller standmounts in mind, rather than decently equipped floorstanders. When I experimented with the Twenty.Sub with my Twenty.26s and Exakt, I still used the sub's internal filters (50Hz IIRC) as the 75Hz of the Exaktbox sub was way too high. The sub was eventually rejected as I couldn't get it to extend the bass at all. All I got was more of what I already had. After making this decision I looked at the specs and found that PMC's data shows the 26 as having a lower roll-on frequency than the sub... When trying the Super 20A in my system, the bass was far more substantial and room-filling with Exakt & Akurate amps than they were passive with Klimax Twin/D. 2 or 3 things I think - Exakt knows how the speaker behaves in the cabinet so can give it a more appropriate feed and there's no passive crossover sapping the power and reducing the amp's ability to fully control the driver's activities.
  13. Its a OK plan for movies, but not for surround music as the time delay will be a pain. I think the upgrade will be clearly worth it, but that's just an opinion, not a fact. I've compared active to Exakt with Katans and Ninkas and its a very obvious change. Plenty of Exakt systems with Keilidhs too. If your dealer doesn't have an Exaktbox for you to try, go find another dealer...a good dealer far away should be willing to courier one to you with the appropriate deposit.
  14. Agreed, I was just considering VFM on a like for like technology basis
  15. There are some different PMC filters available from (which I design) which you can try free of charge to see if you like them. I can do the PMC physical conversion too.