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  1. sunbeamgls

    Three Words Daily

  2. sunbeamgls

    Goodwood Festival Of Speed

    Not going this year, been twice before. Make sure you do the following: - The cars to up the hill in batches, collect at the top then get released in a batch to go back down. Go right up to the top of the hill for at least one batch of cars as the drivers hang around in the collection area and often spend time with fans - choose the batch with your favourite drivers - Many of the manufacturer stands have interesting things such as videos, games, give aways. - Make sure you spend some time on the start line straight when the older F1s are running - but do have ear plugs / defenders! - Spend time in the paddock, you can get up very close to cars and drivers - I think Friday is free access to the grandstands (at least it used to be that way), so make use of that, but generally best to get all the "behind the scenes" stuff on the Friday when its less crowded and do more watching on Saturday. But there will be more of the famous drivers there on the Saturday - Watch cars that you might think you're not going to be interested in - there's interest in pretty much everything
  3. sunbeamgls

    Driving at high altitude

    It is PM. Its a Talbot Sunbeam Lotus.
  4. sunbeamgls

    Driving at high altitude

    Individually they're not so high, but a reasonable collection: 6,800ft a few weeks ago on the Gotthard Pass. 6,500ft on the Klausen Pass and 6,396ft on the Lukmanier Pass. The day after the Klausen opened for the first time this year. And the car is 36 years old now
  5. sunbeamgls

    airshows 2018

    Has your search engine seize there nutt? I thought it was great at seeking out shows
  6. sunbeamgls

    airshows 2018

    Eastbourne is brilliant - 4 days (including 2 with the Red Arrows in 2017), beach or hilltop viewing, night display and an amazing fireworks show to end on. Recommended.
  7. We've always shied away from the show being "competitive" and long may it continue that way. Competition will drive away exhibitors who don't want to be involved in "willy waving" or just don't like pressure. There's also the issue that "value" is very much a personal judgement - one person's idea of VFM is very much different to another's. And SQ isn't always related to price anyway. How would you judge an "excellent" sounding £1000 system against an "excellent" sounding £10,000 system anyway? Is it excellent per se or is it excellent for the price? The existing subjective views are all of interest, I would say leave it as it is.
  8. sunbeamgls

    Give me some slam!

    Before you spend any money... How old are your new speakers? Are they fresh out of the box? Apart from the following ideas, I wouldn't make a conclusion on their performance until they've had at least a month of pretty constant use. Some speakers seem to take a while to "break in" as the materials get some use - perhaps the Focals are such a design. You can do a lot for little further cost by making sure you've spent a lot of time positioning your speakers relative to your listening position - move them in big movements first then gradually move in the preferred direction in smaller increments. Even 5mm can make a difference. Also make sure, once you've found the best position, that the speakers are stable and level and there's no rocking. Do you have a suspended floor? If so, try paving stones under each speaker and if that helps then you can go and find something more attractive like marble slabs. Make sure your deck is well isolated from the floor. I would also suggest borrowing a good quality CD player from a friend or dealer to try and narrow down if there is a source issue or if its the amps / speakers. if the CDP helps then you should consider what to do with the turntable to improve things. If it doesn't, then look further down the chain.
  9. No no no, it sounds terrible. Not much to do with the electronics though.
  10. sunbeamgls

    What is a good alternative to a Rega arm

    Not necessarily. A 1300 might be the same block as a 1600. Or, as you say a 1600 could have the same block as a 2000 but assuming the only difference is in stroke is far too simplistic. And if you think a 1600 conrod should be the same materials and thickness as a 2000 then I'm glad you didn't engineer my car. A I wouldn't be holding up the cost cutting exercises of BMC engineering as an example to prove a point! But far too many assumptions being made, even by a subjectivist!
  11. sunbeamgls

    What is a good alternative to a Rega arm

    So the larger engine block costs no more in terms of materials, machining time, energy consumed? And a 2000cc engine can get away with the same thinner rods, crank and smaller bearings as a 1600cc engine? And the gearbox strength and materials, prop shafts, axle, engine mounts etc.? And a twin turbo 1600cc engine producing the same power as a single turbo 2000cc engine doesn't contain more expensive components and materials? Your analogy doesn't stand scrutiny.
  12. I have two tickets available due to a change in priorities. Roundhouse, 17th May 2018, Main Space standing £19.50 each which is just recovering the face value and you avoid booking fees. Please PM me if you're interested.
  13. sunbeamgls

    acoustica hi fi show 14-15th april

    Well, for me, I've heard them many times at a number of shows - Bristol, Chester, Munich, and every time they've been shouty, harsh, hard, overblown and lacking any kind of naturalness or musical flow. Enough for you?
  14. sunbeamgls

    acoustica hi fi show 14-15th april

    Photos of each room at the Chester Show and the usual guff that I write here: