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  1. Yet more clever work here:
  2. Yet another perfect example of how you believe and then promulgate any old crap without investigating the facts.
  3. So a party proposes an infrastructure project for £20bn that benefits every citizen of the UK. Let's call it £50bn to be on the safe side. Benefits everyone. And hence the whole economy. A different party ploughs £100s bn into a railway infrastructure project that will benefit a small number of people and allow an even smaller number of people to profitably run trains along the route. Yet you ridicule one whilst ignoring the other.
  4. That's reasonable. Exaktlink as a concept in the processing rather than as a physical thing, or even a completely new fork of the software to combine send / receive functions in one step or eliminate that step altogether, if that's possible.
  5. I don't think this is the case. The Exakt engine is in the Selekt chassis and will be receiving the same input signal as the one that appears at the Exaktlink output on the back of the unit - it is a receiver in the same way as the Exakt engine in an Exaktbox - this outputs digital audio to feed multiple DACs. If it was done the other way, the DAC in each power amp module would have to contain its own Exakt engine. This looks not to be the case
  6. Oh come on Tune! You must know by now that a quick RF sweep and a THD figure using a 1kHz sine wave tells you 100% of everything you need to know about how a system will sound?
  7. Useful links, thanks FoM. The diagram of how to connect Exakt to Majik 109 provided in Linndocs does suggest that Linn think there is a use case / market for this.
  8. Somehow missed this one - this is confirming that the Exakt engine feeds a pair of DACs in each amp module. Any comment on the pricing please linnman? Is it £1,800 per pair of Kat DAC channels plus the £1,500 for an amp module? So, as others have speculated, 3x £3,300 to go 6 channel Exakt?
  9. DAC module: And amp kartridge looks like it has this fitted part way along, near to the internal connection end, maybe?
  10. This picture is captioned "Red: power amplifier module, here with Katalyst." Back "
  11. Given that the Exakt engine (which receives an Exaktlink, it doesn't create one) is in the Selekt chassis, then something in the kartridge must be receiving a digital signal from the Exakt engine, that can be processed by a DAC? Maybe.
  12. There are 4 elements required: - A streamer that can output an Exaktlink signal - An Exakt engine that can decode that signal and send it to multiple DACs (one per driver) - A DAC per driver - A power amp per driver As I understand it: - Selekt has a streamer that can output an Exaktlink signal (but seems to do so either internally or externally) - PeteLinn has explained that Selekt has an Exakt engine on board - so the question is, where are the multiple DACs it feeds? When in stereo, where are the DACs for 2 full range channels to then feed the power amps for left and right? Are they onboard with the Selekt, or are they in the stereo power amp kartridge? If they're in the kartridge then it makes sense that the Exakt engine can feed its output to 4 or 6 DACs in the power amp modules. But, if that's the case, then why is the DAC listed in the price list as a separate item to the power amp modules? Why not just have standard DAC power amp and Kat DAC power amp module prices? As it stands the price list talks to the DAC being at Selekt DSM level, not at power amp kartridge level.
  13. Nope. It does not remove the ability to compare. That's hyperbole. It changes the ability to compare.
  14. Interesting. The price list shows Selekt with or without Katalyst but no amp. Then the amp is independent of those options. There's nothing that clearly lists a power amp kartridge vs a power amp kartridge with Kat DACs to support an Exakt config.