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  1. sunbeamgls

    JBL K2 9800

    It would be very cool if you could get a local Linn dealer to demo these with Klimax Exaktboxes and 4x Solos. There are Exakt filters for these speakers, due to their popularity in Japan.
  2. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but why does the 8 channel Exaktbox-i Katalyst upgrade cost 2250gbp but the 10 channel Akurate Exaktbox upgrade cost 1600gbp? Does the Exaktbox-i come back in an Akurate case when it was once a Majik case?
  3. You can create a custom filter in SO v1 at pretty much any frequency. I used this with the Kudos Super 20A, with a very high width value to create a treble dip from 3.5k to 17k using an 8.5k centre point. A treble shelf was then added from 17k. This effectively created a 3.5k upwards treble shelf. This was arrived at through listening but turned out to be the tweeter's range.
  4. Yes. I tried Zenith 2 vs Melco N1ZH vs silent QNAP NAS, all running Minim. Melco best, then Zenith then QNAP. But the Melco and Innuos products have been revised since then. At Cranage this year, the benefit of Innuos Statement over Zenith 3 was quite a surprise. Big money though.
  5. Yep. And DC motors are rubbish, CD is a lemon etc. etc. Linn were using Audioquest streaming cables at Bristol. It might be warming us up for Linn Silver Streaming cables when the above statement will disappear just like the ones about DC motors and lemons did.
  6. There are views across the debate in this thread from Linn owners. The idea that all Linn owners have a single view on this subject, or any other, is strange.
  7. A large hammer? Be careful to only break one of the panes though :D
  8. sunbeamgls

    New UK Speaker Manufacturer

    It would be good to see the in cabinet responses. But it does look like 20kHz is some where between -10dB and -20dB down (depending if you're comparing with up to 2kHz or over 2kHz).
  9. sunbeamgls

    New UK Speaker Manufacturer

    Interesting. At what point is the 20kHz measured? -3dB? -6dB? -9dB?
  10. I think the idea of using an Exaktbox as a DAC with channels that produce a full range output for front left and right makes a lot of sense. Say you have a (non-Kat) DSM with Exakt outputs, a 2 channel amp and a pair of speakers that can be used with Exakt. If you eventually want to go Exakt, doesn't it make sense to buy a Kat equipped Exaktbox and run it as a DAC upgrade until you can afford the extra amp channels to go full Exakt?
  11. Pass through of full range is possible for some channels in surround mode. Not sure if that can be used for front left and right stereo speakers without a surround module. If its not possible then I can write the filters if required. It does make some sense to use an Exaktbox as a high quality DAC.
  12. Ah. Collander! Here, at the Yello gig in Berlin with my daughter - miniMusings
  13. For a change, "lost in translation" is going in the opposite direction this time!