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  1. I have tried Roon and loved its functionality so this solution looks very good on paper. However, wouldn't the cost of the Roon subscription and the PC take it over budget? The other consideration is that the DSP in Roon only uses REW, which equates to using the cheaper minidsp 4x2 unit I spoke about. The benefit of using the HD version with Dirac Live is that it uses FIR filters which compensate for time delay differences between speaker drivers, similar to what the modern Linn software does, I believe. The Dirac Live solution also looks much easier to use, less hands-on than REW, which is important to us non-tecchies.
  2. Hi Dave, it was me that started 'the other thread' that you posted on. There are many ways to skin a cat, these days. Many streamers to choose from and more than one minidsp product to choose from too. As you know by now, I use a Minidsp 2x4HD unit but the cheaper non-HD unit would also do the job of creating a x-over between your Adams speakers and subs. Both will also allow speaker and room equalisation but the non-HD is only 48Khz processing whereas the HD version is 96Khz and also allows the use of the Dirac Live correction software. Users on this forum say that Dirac Live is a worthwhile improvement. Costwise, a non-HD 2x4 can be bought for £115 Inc. shipping. The HD version would be £240ish, remote control £10. Dirac live software £155. Minidsp Umik-1 microphone (required for taking speaker/room measurements) £109 Inc. shipping. There are very good notes on the MiniDSP website that explain how to set up and use the Units for your needs. As was mentioned on the other thread, both of these minidsp units have the ability to store 4 seperate configurations, so there would be no problem storing, for example, a flat frequency response in preset 1 and then using preset 2 to store the response that is for low volume listening. With regard to streamers, I only have experience of my Squeezebox Touch. Oher Wammers will hopefully be able to help you on that front.
  3. Gizza

    A laughable improvement

    I think it's laughable that such an improvement can be had for such a small financial outlay and when the rest of the equipment would have cost me £30k+ at full retail price 😱
  4. Gizza

    A laughable improvement

    ... and you can switch to any one of these profiles/configs using an optional £10ish minidsp remote control, or as I have done, program them into a Sony TV remote (from memory, 3 other types also work) to achieve the same thing. In one of my spare configs, I have saved exactly the same settings except that the polarity is reversed on all 4 RCA outputs.
  5. Gizza

    A laughable improvement

    Hi Dave, I was previously going from my Squeezebox Touch streamer to my £4000+ Audio Synthesis Dac , then into my Minidsp unit. I recently tried feeding directly from the toslink in my streamer into the toslink on the minidsp and to my ears, it is an improvement. I can only think that each time A/D or D/A conversion takes place, there is some degradation, so I think you would do best to connect digitally. As for volume control, I just leave the volume on the minidsp set to full and use the digital volume control on the streamer. In my system, the digital volume control of the SB Touch is usually at 45% or higher, so wouldn't really compromise the sound quality. I'm assuming that the volume control of the Bluesound is similarly fine.
  6. Gizza

    A laughable improvement

    Very clever, thanks Tony. That way, all frequencies are being output from the Dirac Live software with time delay correction on , with the sub-110hz signals then being merely routed to the relevant subs. It's going to be interesting to hear the results from Dirac Live.
  7. Gizza

    A laughable improvement

    I definitely will, Tony, once I've become accustomed to the current 'sound' as again, it's quite a cheap upgrade if I can hear that it's another improvement. I am also trying to decide how to best integrate my 2 x Rel subs into the mix as I don't have enough outputs on my 2x4HD. The ouput to my Gradient woofers cuts off sharply at 30Hz, so I can't tap off that to the Rels. I'm thinking I could buy the cheaper minidsp 2x4 which would at least allow me to equalise the sub-30Hz frequencies being produced by the Rels. I just can't see a way of getting the time delay optimised if having to use 2 seperate minidsp units, even if I had two 2x4HD units running Dirac Live. A Dirac Live unit with at least 6 outputs is going to be too expensive for me. At present, I'm going straight from the SB Touch's RCA out to the Rels and using the Rel's internal 30hz cutoff. I may actually try running the output from the minidsp to the Gradients without cutting off at 30hz, thereby allowing the frequencies below this to get through. I can then use a twin rca adaptor to feed the Gradients AND the Rels from that output, run the frequency sweep and thereby equalise right down to 16hz or so. We will see whether the Gradients perform any worse by allowing sub-30hz frequencies to them. If not, then the job should be a good 'un!
  8. Gizza

    A laughable improvement

    Well, despite reading comments on here about the benefits of in-room EQ, room measurements, etc. it has taken until now for me to shell out on the Minidsp Umik-1 digital microphone, necessary for making the required measurements. For many months, I had already been using a Minidsp 4x2HD, configured as a crossover for my 4 x EAR 509 II monoblocs, Quad ESL63/ Gradient SW63 woofer system but I wasn't doing any further equalization to correct for any in-room anomalies, as I thought my system sounded very good and that the room was probably good, too. Well, as I'd built up a little extra money in my bank account, I thought I'd take a punt and spend the £109 for the microphone. A quick install of the free REW software on the laptop, a handful of room frequency sweeps , some reading to get some understanding of what REW was doing and the processing of the correction file into my Minidsp 2x4HD and I am pretty gobsmacked. The sweeps highlighted, amongst other things, quite a lift in the 200-300hz region and dips in the sub-110hz region(from memory, anyway). With the correction applied, it's so much better to listen to. Bass is tighter, easier to follow and as a result, detail in the mids and highs is now easier to hear. I'm just simply getting more enjoyment from the music. I didn't spend a great deal of time with the sweeps etc. and fully intend to do some more but putting more time and effort into it. However, for now, I just want to sit and play my music and enjoy the new experience. Once I'm used to the new sound I will find sone time to do further work, including trying out the trial version of Dirac Live. For anyone that has a minidsp unit and hasn't yet got hold of a mic to run some room measurements/correction, I unreservedly recommend that you do so. As has been stated many times by people that have done this, the interaction between the loudspeakers and the room is key and you can obtain a big improvement for a relatively small expenditure by working in this area.
  9. Gizza

    CD mats- WTFoo?

    Carpet gripper rods - they have to be correctly aligned, using a compass, don't you know...[emoji16] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. Gizza

    CD mats- WTFoo?

    Hey, don't forget the gripper rods!
  11. Gizza

    Valentine's Day songs to woo the wife, girlfriend...

    Deep Purple - Living Wreck The lyrics go like this.... You came along for a weekend But you only stayed for one night You took off your hair, you pulled out your teeth Oh I almost died of fright You'd better do something for your own sake Yes it's a shame Ah you know you're a living wreck You said you were a virgin Full of promise and mystery But I knew that you would bring me down 'Cos everyone calls you big G You'd better do something for your own sake Yes it's a shame Ah you know you're a living wreck You said you're gonna love me You said you're gonna set me free But I knew that you would bring me down And cause me misery You'd better do something for your own sake Yes it's a shame Ah you know you're a living wreck.
  12. Gizza

    Amp recommendations for up to £3k for magnepans

    How about an Innersounds Electrostatics amplifier? May not be easy to find one here in the UK but they are designed specifically to drive stats and have brilliant reviews.
  13. He certainly did that. A superb frontman! Couldn't resist putting on their live album. 😊
  14. Firstly, a warm welcome to the 'Wam, Jeffrey. It really is great to hear that you're so pleased with your system when we see so many people that find it hard to get to that point. It's also very encouraging for us older folks to hear how hearing aids have brought improvements too.
  15. Andrew, I am with you all the way when it comes to the audibility of swapping phase. I have said this more than once and have also wondered whether it is more audible on electrostatics and other dipoles. At the risk of making you obsessive about it, I actually find that some recordings will sound better with the phase as is, wheras others will sound better with it reversed, depending on how the recording equipment was wired in the studio, etc. The good news is that in the settings of my standard MiniDsp 4x2hd software, I was able to reverse the phase. I have therefore been able to save my settings into one preset with positive phase, then reverse the phase and save it in preset 2. It is now easy to quickly switch from one to the other from my remote.