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  1. I've not heard the Z3's, in fact none of their conventional coned speakers, but the reviews of these are excellent. They look to be very good vfm. Glad you're happy with them!
  2. I've just had a quick look on the web at Google Play and using that, you can use something called 'Music Manager' to upload up to 50,000 songs from a computer to Google Play. Providing your computer can see your NAS, this is something you could do, then presumably if you had a Google Home device, you'd then be able to play your uploaded music through the Google Home. A lot of uploading,though, obviously. If what you're actually wanting to do though, is to issue a command to a Google Home or an Amazon Echo, telling it to play your ripped CD's through your SBT, I would be very doubtful. If you had a Sonos box, it might be a possibility, as the Sonus device that I used to own had a pair of 'phono in' sockets, to which you could attach a cd player. Presumably, this would also allow connection of a Google Home or Amazon Echo, providing they have phonos out or even a 3.5mm jack output.
  3. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. I'd forgotten how good this track was - The Dance of Life by Narada Michael Walden. Jazz fusion at its finest
  5. Some thoughts on matching amplifiers...
  6. Could it be more about the amp's ability to handle the low impedance swings of the '57's (1.8 ohms in the treble region) than sheer power?
  7. Well John, just had a listen to this and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed most tracks and in the main, they were sufficiently different to the original versions to warrant merit on their own, rather than being just a karaoke version. Playing it via Roon, it also sent me off in side-way directions to explore some of the artists, which was a great thing as I have to admit to not really bothering with metal/rock groups that came after the 80's. It was also enlightening to learn about the line up of Chickenshack and discover artists such as Jimmy Barnes and read of his musical journey, etc. I agree with your comments in a later post regarding the Metallica track here. I enjoyed it very much. I think it captures the feel of the original but definitely has the Metallica stamp on it. Listening to this album now has me listening to this excellent new discovery:-
  8. Thanks John, I'm looking forward to listening to this album.
  9. Love 'Machine Head'. Gotta have a listen to this album on my next session, especially Chad Smith's drumming on 'Maybe I'm a Leo' 😃 Can't imagine Metallica doing 'When a Blind Man Cries' though, so that'll be interesting too!
  10. Here you go - the TNT Audio review
  11. Brilliant! Repped.
  12. Words fail me too.
  13. Did anyone see the BBC debate recently, where a man in the audience had brought some paperwork that had been given to him at the Mosque attended by the Manchester bomber? Mosques that are funded by Saudi appear to be teaching the extremist ideology.
  14. Now listening to this, another excellent album by her. A grittier, rockier offering.
  15. That's on my list to play, Colin 👍. I came across her on The Transatlantic Sessions albums. Those Sessions are are a great place to hear some excellent artists.