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  1. Ah yes If I ever manage a trip down again I'll bring the discs round Jerry. She is playing the sonatas and partitas over 2 nights in Oxford on the 3rd and 4th of September, would have loved to have been able to get there for those...
  2. Since my last posting on this topic in 2014(!) I've acquired the Ibragimova set, which I think is fantastic. Sadly I missed Kyung Wha Chung playing Live in Liverpool not long ago, despite having a ticket but I did get a batch of SACDs from HMV Japan which included 2 single layer sacds of her playing live in Suntory Hall - there's a Partita #2 on this one. It's good, but doesn't grip me like the Ibragimova does, I might give it another go tonight though... I think she is also about to release a new disc with solo Bach on it - there's an interview in Gramophone this month.
  3. Another excellent NW Audio Show. This really is a cracking show, and only 30 mins from my house Standouts for me included the 2 rooms with Heco Direkt speakers. If you are after an easy to listen to high WAF speaker these may well be it - my wife said she wanted a pair of the black ones for the lounge as they looked so good. This is is a very good thing as it went with an agreement for a dedicated music room for my As if we do this . She really appreciated the sound as well. I'll be very interested to see / hear the 3 way. Simon's amps in the SJS room were the things of beauty we would expect and sounded wonderful with the Hecos. The Grandinote amp was driving the Tune Audio speakers beautifully in the BD-Audio room. We stayed in Jack's room quite a while and really enjoyed this. Also, I haven't seen Jack since last year but he remembered I liked classical and put some on without me asking - how to win friends and influence customers The horns and Lamipzator kit also sounded great when I was in there. Not sure I can convince the Countess on the aesthetics side though... Slightly disappointing was the Magnepan 20.1s with Mark Levinson amp. Last year the .7s were quite a standout so I was very excited when I spotted these. They were very close to the rear wall and the seating very near field. To me they seemed closed in and the sound a bit lifeless. I can't help but wonder if this was the setup as Maggies are normally right up there in my likes. I don't think I heard the Magicos at their best either as the volume was so deafening when I was in there that the whole room had joined in, the top end was starting to sound shouty and I spent a considerable amount of time trying not to wince. I also wanted to hear some classical but this fell on deaf ears...
  4. +1 Really fancy a GT TT if a good one came up
  5. Been a bit tempted to get one of their new sacd spinners
  6. Totally missed this thread Couple of slightly blurry pics of my Yamaha PX-2: I'm very pleased with this, absolutely mint condition and sounds fantastic. Definitely a keeper
  7. Very interesting. duly repped
  8. Good question... I'm not sure how reliable my memory is as I didn't think about this at the time. My memory now is that they varied but I'm pretty sure some scenes, lparticularly in the first Act were slower but nothing radical. Might be completely wrong though!
  9. Well, I'm back from my jaunt to the big smoke to see the last night of ENO's production of Akhnaten. Front row middle of dress circle, accompanied by a beautiful woman, pockets emptied by price of ticket, trip to London and craving of beautiful woman for champagne. What a great night This was a bucket list event for me, a year in anticipation, and it delivered on expectations Thankfully the threats of the chorus to go on strike during Act I did not come to fruition... Interesting comparisons to my LP box set from CBS Masterworks. For some reason the orchestra sounded smaller and much more of a support to the 'theater', having read Glass' autobiography and his view of himself as a composer of theater music this worked in practice, the performance containing a fair bit of theatre including a juggling theme throughout the opera, Akhnaten getting his kit off (the elderly woman beside the countess got her opera glasses out at this point!) and some fairly stunning visuals. The highlight for us was Act I scene 3 The Window of Appearances which involved some light sabre type things being carried on, initially deep red then brightening through a sunrise while being moved around including into some sun rays patterns around Akhnaten before being linked into a square window around him and becoming bright white - it was jaw droppingly effective, one of the best bits of theatre I've seen and worked perfectly with the music. Another real stand out in this performance was the narrator, a much more dramatic delivery than on my recording, matched by some very effective acting, it really brought the drama out in a number of the scenes and he was a real star of the performance, particuarly in the final Act. Wasn't too sure about some of the costumes, overheard lots of discussions about these in the intervals and these seemed to divide opinion. It was all over far too fast, the final jewel in the crown being an appearance by Glass himself on stage at the end - though he did get a bit near the edge of the stage a few times and I had visions of him tumbling into the orchestra pit Sadly it seems not Jerry, though I noted that a performance from earlier in the week had been recorded and a quick scan of Radio 3 schedules shows it's being aired this Saturday at 6:30. I would have preferred it to be released commercially so I could have a copy of it rather than just getting another listen but oh well
  10. Just down the road I reckon! More wammers in Stockton Heath and surrounding area as well
  11. I vividly remember watching the live broadcast. Unfortunately I'm also still haunted by his pre-amble as well. I hoped he might do a recording but sadly nothing.
  12. A glimpse from the 2011 Proms: [video=youtube;Tj74_vnnFFA]
  13. Ian, press the little "Insert video" icon above the text window that looks like a film strip / short ladder and enter the URL Didn't realise she was going to be in Liverpool, will have a look at that
  14. Video of a live performance of her playing some Vasks on youtoob - can't remember seeing anyone singing and playing the cello before
  15. The Count


    Good post . I was about to say the same For the purpose you describe there can be some additional advantages – you are both looking together rather than taking turns so it is amore shared experience. True, some people say it is not the same as looking at it ‘for real’ but’s still fun, especially with a 10 year old