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  1. mountain biker

    My £5 Upgrade

    You must have got the full kit with alignment protractor, strobe etc. I just wanted the oil best contact the man direct as I did with your requirements
  2. mountain biker

    My £5 Upgrade

    I got just the oil and nothing else except the suckers an buds. I contacted J7 direct via his web site and sent the money via paypal it came first class next day.
  3. mountain biker

    My £5 Upgrade

    I was going to put this in the LP12 thread but it seems it applies to many turntables. What I am referring to is Audio Origami turntable bearing oil it costs £5 + £2 P&P. I contacted J7 at AO who assured me it is safe to use in a Linn and many others. When it arrived with 2 suckers and long cotton buds to clean out the housing, I installed it, I keep check of my oil level and know it was not low. I didn't expect much if anything in improvement especially in an LP12 at top spec. how wrong can you be, the first thing I notice was a smoother sound and increased high treble detail, the midrange is also better hence the extra smoothness I guess. Surface noise is even less and clips and pops (scratches) lower in level, the image also seems wider and on some records outside the speakers, something that has always alluded me in my system. The bass doesn't seem any different but I maybe (hope) I'm wrong, will try some of my bass strong records soon eg INXS Kick. I know this seems a bit much but its all true, changes and improvements are easy to hear on my system. Also the switch light does not go dim/ bright as much I assume because the bearing is slicker and is finding and holding speed easier. It's worth a try and for £5 if you are not convinced you can always go back to your TT makers oil.
  4. mountain biker

    What are you listening to right now?

    Steely Dan Aja, followed by a bike ride as it 'aint going to rain today. The joys of retirement
  5. Mine just sits on the clip without being pushed home and is way clear of the platter so no fear of stylus damage when changing records, the lift lower is level with it so I don't see your problem. maybe your arm is not in the correct position in the keel clamp it should be facing forward if you see what I mean, or the lift lower can easily be adjusted up or down. Hope that maybe helps
  6. mountain biker

    Proac 1SC - dead tweeter or crossover problem?

    Please don't use the one you have linked to, yes its the same tweeter but the sound is different to the ones made for Proac they are modified. I did that and soon changed to the ones supplied by Proac. The ones you have linked to killed the sound in my Response 2.5. Pay the premium you wont regret it. The mid bass in the 2.5's are also modified. Talk to Proac they will explain the mods to you.
  7. mountain biker

    Exceptional value audio: new/used (but not DIY*)

    A couple of things bought second hand and am enjoying:- Mission 770 original model, you will not get that quality sound for £130 new. Hafler DH 200 power amp, I wanted to try a mosfet and am very impressed for less than £1/ watt (£120). Both items were delivered for these prices. Also some Mission 737R for £60, I wanted these for the mid/bass drivers but they are also quite good especially for the money. There must be loads of really good used bargains out there it is really worth the effort looking. Great thread we may all learn from it.
  8. mountain biker

    one word daily

  9. mountain biker

    one word daily

  10. mountain biker

    Cool day in Kendal

    Excellent, I've got two systems here running side by side makes for an interesting comparison. Anyone else interested let me know. Don't think I'm being ignorant if I don't reply quickly as I am busy with other things but I will generally get back eventually. Cheers.
  11. mountain biker

    Cool day in Kendal

    Hi Nigel. No worries, I haven't been around here for a while, anyway, if you want me at any time to bring some kit up let me know what, its all mainly old gear, a recent purchase of a Hafler DH 200 has surprised me at £1/ watt delivered it seems like a real bargain. If you ever want to call in here let me know the kettles always on and the discs a spinning. All the best. John.
  12. mountain biker

    Cool day in Kendal

    Sounds like a good day wish I had known about it as I'm only down the road and could have added some interesting vintage speakers to the mix and amps if required.
  13. mountain biker

    What are you listening to right now?

    Why does it say I can only upload 10.24kb?
  14. mountain biker

    What are you listening to right now?

    First album