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    linn lp 12
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    ittok karma
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    T dino
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    jolida fx glass 111
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    lavardin is ref
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    mowgan mabon
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    akg 702

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  1. Yep a no brainer, if its anywhere near my unico 90, as its a similar set up it would be on the way here,.......but cant have two otherwise I would here the cutlery draw rattling aswell, also simon is great to deal with, well respected on the wam. glwtsale simon.
  2. deggie

    Three Words Daily

    Poop a scoop
  3. deggie

    Car for sale

    Nor me ….
  4. deggie

    Three Words Daily

    Theres no difference
  5. deggie

    Three Words Daily

    anything the same
  6. deggie

    Three Words Daily

    You can't afford
  7. deggie

    Accuphase Owners Club

    Hope its a good un for you,.....should be no doubt.
  8. deggie

    Cold Callers

    Had an accident ……. yes I have , ive just cacked me pants ….. no more calls.
  9. deggie

    Favourite female singers

    …..Two to look out for ………….Ida Sand ,......and ...Inger Marie Gundersen.
  10. deggie

    What are you listening to right now?

    ……...Keb Mo ……….Oklahoma .
  11. deggie

    one word daily