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  1. In the past I have used ..skylan stands to good effect , currently use black hifi racks stands, very nice indeed , but a change of plans to a bedroom layout , room change etc . has been scuppered, so my harbeth shl5 anniversary and stands will be up for sale soon,...… long term floorstanders will stay in the lounge...… not a happy bunny at the moment as the harbies are utterly divine as music producers , …….oh well .
  2. Sure is don't need hifi to groove along with him...…….just brill …...
  3. Hendrix next …… I was eighteen then , ...would have loved to have been there.
  4. Phil is so right on that little valve jolida , …...still got mine from years ago and is lovely .
  5. I see he's lost his rag again ...........who has ...............the window cleaner .
  6. Sarah Sarah Vaughan ...........Sarah plus two .