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  1. Surplus to requirements from a recent recap of an an Arcam A5 CD player. Bought from RS. Don't need to keep them, don't want to throw them away...£5 delivered? Rubycon 1000μF 35V dc Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor, Through Hole 12.5 (Dia.) x 20mm +105°C 12.5mm 5mm Stock no.:703-7563 Qty:2 ZLH series Rubycon 470μF 35V dc Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor, Through Hole 10 (Dia.) x 16mm +105°C 10mm 5mm Stock no.:749-7202 Qty:4 YXJ series Rubycon 3300μF 25V dc Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor, Through Hole 16 (Dia.) x 31.5mm +105°C 16mm 7.5mm Stock no.:191-7814 Qty:4 YXF series
  2. I'll take the Chord Cobra 3 DIN5 and the Naim DIN5 to RCA interconnects, please.
  3. What Nopiano said. Virtually all modern music is digitally processed and has been for years if not decades. It would take considerable deliberation, cost and inconvenience to produce music entirely in analogue form.
  4. I fear this thread shows a slight lack of understanding of how the record industry works in real life. You might be lucky in that some exceptional releases, ie re-releases of classic albums by very popular artists, are handled with great care and to the highest possible standards. Other than that, it's organised chaos. Masters for music that's being released now, on any format, might be several generations old through different standards/technologies and the people working on it might not necessarily know what all the previous sources were. And even if they do, it's likely that at some point optimal quality was compromised. One major digital distributor requires delivery of masters in 16 bit/44.1khz format (the default standard), so however it was recorded and mastered, that's where it's ending up. And I bet none or almost none of you will ever know the difference, especially if you're over 50!
  5. Update: I got a pair of PMC Twenty 24 as that's what came up at an attractive price first. First impressions - definitely a step up, sound staging, separation and clarity all much improved, bass maybe not much deeper but certainly tighter. Next will be a 250/2 to replace the 180 shortly followed by a 52/Supercap. The acquisition meant a pair of Castle Severn got the bump, it was between them and the Royds for system #2, and I'm a bit more attached to the Royds. Close call sonically though, the Severns sounded pretty good swapped in for the 24s. Not sure how the amp stuff happened as all I wanted to begin with was a new pair of speakers.
  6. The player needs to be wired to the pre-amp and it's not practical to wire it to the router, so that connection needs to be wireless.
  7. I dont know if you would still be interested in the HDX as I have one for sale , its the more recent version with the SSD 2TB drive.

    Where are you located ? I am in Peterborough.

    It will be less than the current ebay prices.



  8. Ideally my HD player would connect wirelessly, so looks as though the HDX isn't ideal. MF Encore is out as I don't want a unit with a pre-amp. Nova Fidelity looks interesting, but not sure from reading the blurb whether it needs a DAC.
  9. That's easy: because you're a) trying to pull a fast one, and b) not very bright.
  10. Thanks both, looks like I need to gen up on the Innuous options.
  11. Yes, looking for used. HDX doesn't need a DAC, a plus for me.
  12. Mulling over acquiring one of these as a new source and can't seem to find any like for like alternatives. Any suggestions? I want the CD ripping facility and network capability but don't need web streaming.
  13. Slighly off-beam comparison maybe, but any thoughts on how the Twenty 5 24 shapes up next to a Twenty 26?
  14. A pair of AE's mini/bookshelf speakers in the beech finish (not veneer). In full, fault-free working order and well looked after, at least an 8/10 - there are a few minor marks to the front edges and that's about it. I have the grilles, one is near perfect, the other has a few minor snags. They were used, not very often, for a few years and have been in storage for at least the last five years. I've just replaced the original connections with new posts (supplied by AE) that will accept bananas, spades or bare wire. More photos available on request. Dimensions: 14.5" (362mm) H by 7.6" (192mm) W by 9.25" (235mm) D. Weight: 15.4 lbs (7kg) each. £60. Collection from London NW10 preferred, or via Hermes for around a tenner (subject to postcode).