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  1. No, it is for 110 to 120 volts. So you would need a Step down transformer of 150-200 watt capacity (as per Dobbins specification)
  2. Thanks guys. I have owned the regular Sp-10 Mk2, 1200G and now this Mk3. Yes, Mk3 is suppose to be more dynamic and resolved but the main difference with this implementation is the utter clarity, neutrality (without losing the harmonics) and the disappearing act. The plinth and TT integration is like one heavy monolithic rock. It gives amazing stability to the sound. I dont think there is a shortcut to it.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion
  4. Selling my First watt F6 amplifier. Built by Nelson Pass factory (not a DIY build). F6 is the best First Watt push-pull amplifier ever built! 25 watts into 8 ohms 50 watts into 4 ohms Just 2 gain stages for a no non-sense super fast and refined amplification. It will drive any speakers from 89db and above with ease. In my system the F7 and XA30.8 sounded boring in comparison to the F6. Asking GBP 1700. Will ship worldwide and accept paypal. Item is at Singapore
  5. Selling an Audiospecials Phonolab 1.0 phonostage. It is a 2 box dual mono phonostage, made in Germany. It has both MM and MC inputs via separate circuits. The MM supports 4 gain choices 38db, 42db, 45db and 48db. The MC input supports 4 gains choices 58db, 62db, 65db and 68db (Refer to the images for complete list of loading and gain options). It comes with a very special Recompizer circuit which is similar to various EQ curves but it can do more than that especially while dealing with cartridges which are difficult to tame. Mine includes both RCA and XLR outputs. The PSU is quite special as it has the ability to support another phonostage module if you want to use 4 tonearms feeding 4 independent phonostages. All in all, a very sophisticated top level design from Germany. The features list: - MM and MC inputs - gain and input-loading switchable independent for each input. - unbalanced and transformer-coupled balanced outputs - `Recompizer´, stepless control means to improve non-optimal recorded discs. - external Power supply, capable to supply for two Phonolabs at the same Here are some details: Comes with original flight case. I will ship worldwide and accept paypal. Asking GBP 2950 Here are some pics:
  6. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    Why do you think so ? Which amps do you suggest ?
  7. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    I have heard many Accuphase amps. I dont like their signature. They sound muddy and a bit slow.
  8. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    I am actually also considering Naim Supernait 2. But it is my last choice after the quads.
  9. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    Where will a Quad Elite QMP monoblocks stand in this company ?
  10. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    Thanks. This is exactly why I have listed 3 different amps from Quad. I have myself tried the Turnberry with a 10 watt Wavac EC-300b (exotic sound but ultimately lacked power when you go loud), a 18 watt Audio Note Conquest SS (more power so more stable into higher volumes, less magic though, ultimately still not enough power and crunch for Michael JAckson). These were SETs, very musically coherent but power and dynamics not enough. I have heard from people that Tannoy needs push-pull amps for a stable and confident sound at high volumes so now I am choosing among push-pulls. I have tried a few SS amps (ATC integrated, Pass XA 30.8, Naim XS). They all did a fine job of driving the speakers but they sounded grayish. I believe Quad SS amps are harmonically not bleached so I am still considering them. I dont intend to blast at 110db but still a solid 100db performance with Michael Jackson type of music should be happily performed. I dont listen to MJ a lot but I keep it as a reference for punch and dynamics. So will the Quad II forty do it ? I want to keep it Quad else there are other options like the Rogue Stereo 100
  11. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    Thanks guys. Where does that leave the quad qmp elite ?
  12. Hello folks, I am thinking of getting a Quad amplifier for my Tannoy Turnberry SE speakers. I am choosing between: 1. Quad II forty 2. Quad II Eighty 3. Quad Elite QMP My room size is approximately 200 sqft and I listen to all kinds of music (except electronica, hip-hop). My preamp is Linear Tube Audio (Berning) Micro ZOTL-2. Has anyone heard these amps to give me some first hand inputs ?