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  1. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    Why do you think so ? Which amps do you suggest ?
  2. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    I have heard many Accuphase amps. I dont like their signature. They sound muddy and a bit slow.
  3. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    I am actually also considering Naim Supernait 2. But it is my last choice after the quads.
  4. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    Where will a Quad Elite QMP monoblocks stand in this company ?
  5. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    Thanks. This is exactly why I have listed 3 different amps from Quad. I have myself tried the Turnberry with a 10 watt Wavac EC-300b (exotic sound but ultimately lacked power when you go loud), a 18 watt Audio Note Conquest SS (more power so more stable into higher volumes, less magic though, ultimately still not enough power and crunch for Michael JAckson). These were SETs, very musically coherent but power and dynamics not enough. I have heard from people that Tannoy needs push-pull amps for a stable and confident sound at high volumes so now I am choosing among push-pulls. I have tried a few SS amps (ATC integrated, Pass XA 30.8, Naim XS). They all did a fine job of driving the speakers but they sounded grayish. I believe Quad SS amps are harmonically not bleached so I am still considering them. I dont intend to blast at 110db but still a solid 100db performance with Michael Jackson type of music should be happily performed. I dont listen to MJ a lot but I keep it as a reference for punch and dynamics. So will the Quad II forty do it ? I want to keep it Quad else there are other options like the Rogue Stereo 100
  6. Pani

    Which Quad amp for Tannoy Turnberry SE ?

    Thanks guys. Where does that leave the quad qmp elite ?
  7. Hello folks, I am thinking of getting a Quad amplifier for my Tannoy Turnberry SE speakers. I am choosing between: 1. Quad II forty 2. Quad II Eighty 3. Quad Elite QMP My room size is approximately 200 sqft and I listen to all kinds of music (except electronica, hip-hop). My preamp is Linear Tube Audio (Berning) Micro ZOTL-2. Has anyone heard these amps to give me some first hand inputs ?
  8. Selling this legendary Technics SP-10 Mk3 fully done up by Steve Dobbins. The plinth has been designed to be extremely heavy, rigid and neutral using combinations of materials that eliminates resonance and voicing. The TT is directly coupled to the plinth which, as per Dobbins philosophy, is very essential for the very high torque motor used in the Mk3. This also eliminates any residual dryness that is associated with these direct drives. It is like listening to a reel to reel system, very dynamic and direct sound with no coloration and no dryness. This comes complete with Stillpoint Ultra footers. This is what Dobbins had to say about this TT: "It has had all of its capacitors replaced with high quality Panasonic units. All other needed parts have been replaced and proper adjustments made for optimal durability, speed accuracy and stability. The power supply was originally a 100v unit but has been internally changed to now accept only 110-125v. The power supply is in above average condition both inside and out. By placing the MK3 motor unit in direct contact with the proper materials, the standard MK3 "dryness" is almost completely eliminated. Leading edge impacts are significantly improved. Textures and image definition improve(a result of great speed control). Background noise is essentially gone. The sound quality is up there with the very best in the world. An FYI, my plinths contain different materials for each motor unit. So my Garrards use a completely different formula than the SP10 MKII which is completely different from my Commonwealth plinths and so on. The MK 3 is a unique beast and I have spent years finding the right balance of materials to tame its few shortcomings. I have a good supply of spare parts for these and will be able to service this TT if the need should arise. I have to say, once the caps have been updated, these have motor units have been solid performers with basically no problems. Of all the serviced MK3's I have sold over the years, only one speed chip has had to be changed. They are over built for dependability. " I have compared the new Technics 1200G and Sp10-R to the older Sp-10 Mk2 and Mk3 extensively. The older ones are still much much better when it comes to conveying the life and dynamics of real music. The new ones sound more like typical modern TTs, very audiophile-like but without that life and presence. The torque of the Mk3 gives it that speed and grandeur which none of the other Technics (new or old) can match. With the Dobbins mod it competes with the best out there. Asking GBP 5800. I will ship worldwide by Fedex and accept paypal (add 4.5%). Here is a pic of the TT:
  9. Pani

    STST Motus II

    How is the prat ? Especially on dance music and stuff?
  10. Hi, The unit is really in excellent condition. No scratches, no repairs, plays absolutely flawlessly. I don’t have the original box but I will ship it very well packed. I have done it many times. I can handle it well. All I can say is, it is rare to find this TT in such pristine condition these days. Regards Pani
  11. Selling an Audio Note AN-S4 SUT (version LM) suitable for typical low output MC cartridges like Ortofon, Lyra, Dynavector etc. This is a Level 4 fully silver wired version and is considered to be the sweet spot in the line-up. The only better ones are S8. Asking GBP 1990 Will ship worldwide and accept paypal (add 4.5%)
  12. I am selling a near near-mint condition Technics Sp-10 Mk2 turntable. It is very rare to find this legendary deck in such condition these days. It comes with a rare Technics PSU which can handle all voltages from 110 to 220 volts (50 or 60hz). It is in flawless condition operationally. All it needs is a good birch ply plinth to get going unless you would like to use it in the naked form (which is also a tested recipe). I will also provide an upgraded Oyaide BR-12 TT mat which is considered to be a great match for this TT. Asking GBP 1600. I can ship worldwide and accept paypal (add 4.5%). Here are some pictures:
  13. Hi, I am selling my Audio Note Conquest Silver Signature monoblocks amplifier. It is a parallel single ended 300B amplifier, producing 18 watts per channel. It comes with the (recently discontinued) copper chassis cover which was discontinued due to the high cost. Internally it uses the Audio Note Super HiB output transformers, black gate capacitors and tantalum resistors. The monoblocks are in mint condition and comes with highest quality NOS tubes for the input and rectifier stage (all recommended by Peter Qvortrup). The 300B tubes are still the original Audio Note ones. Asking GBP 7.5k I will ship worldwide and accept paypal (add 4%). Here is a picture of the amp: