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  1. minimido

    Poor Avalon

    I see. This model must pre-date their decision to keep a good stock of drivers.
  2. minimido

    Poor Avalon

    These speakers are in poor shape, no doubt. Not saying these would be worth a punt, but, I was told that Avalon have kept plentiful stocks of all drivers used in their speakers. Having had issues with speakers where drivers were getting rare or unavailable it was an important question for me. It amazes me how many high end, expensive brands and products, not just speakers, do not keep plentiful spares. I've heard horror stories of people spending thousands on speakers, CD players etc that have essentially been unfixable when a fault has occurred within a few years. I was very pleased to hear that Avalon took this approach as many of the culprits seemed to be, although not exclusively, from across the Atlantic.
  3. I emailed David Heaton a couple of months ago and he responded within a day or two. Since then I've tried to make contact again via email and by phone and don't get an answer. Perhaps he is away.
  4. It's not about his money, it's about mine or any other poor wammer who parts with theirs as a result of a scam seller. I had suspicions and now have strong evidence to suggest that that is what it is.
  5. Thanks. I did note that this poster had only just joined the wam today and answered 2 wanted ads, both for somewhat rare items. He has also told me that he is based in Spain. I will approach with caution.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm on the look out for a Theta CD Transport. Preferably a later model such as Pearl, Jade, David etc rather than one of the earlier Basic models. Please get in touch if you have one lying around doing nothing or see one advertised for sale. Thanks.
  7. Hi Stephen, I believe this one is being sold by a trusted forum member. You can contact him through this or other Hifi forums. Have dealt with him, he's a nice guy.
  8. Yeah, the remote is as solidly built as the amp. Despite some interest, it's still available.
  9. My friend is selling this. Original rrp approx. £4200. He would much prefer collection from Ilford, London.