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  1. Hi, bought this a little while ago from one careful owner, but have decided to continue using my old Dac and free up some funds. It is just a few months old, in immaculate (like new) condition, fully boxed with manual, mains cable and Schiit Pyst Usb cable. It is the latest version with Gen 5 usb board and serial number beginning with B. Receipt is still in the box, cost new for this was £1120 + delivery. I am asking £795 + delivery.
  2. minimido

    Wtd: Power Amplifier

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. I had spotted those Electrocompaniets, they do look nice.
  3. Looking for a replacement power amp as been told mine will be very difficult to fix. Prefer a neutral sound, Class A or A/B would be nice. A healthy input impedance would be required as I use a passive pre. Budget up to £1000. Please get in touch if you have anything that might suit. Might also consider a good integrated. Thanks, Frank
  4. minimido

    Monitor Audio GR20 walnut (pair)

    I'd expect to get anything between £350 - £500 for the speakers going on past sales I have seen.
  5. minimido

    Wanted: Theta Dac

    Thanks Phil, I've already been in touch with him, but still looking.
  6. minimido

    Wanted: Theta Dac

    Wondering if anyone has a Theta Dac they are willing to sell? Thanks, Frank
  7. minimido

    Audio Synthesis Desire Power Amplifier

    Think that's a bit overpriced personally. I sold mine last year, full upgrade black gates, for about £850. Amp majored on immediacy and detail with quite a forward, bright delivery, I wouldn't call it smooth tbh.
  8. minimido

    Question for Benchmark dac owners/users.

    Thanks, yeah, it makes sense, it's just that most other DACs I've had to date will see the Transport and light up whether it is streaming or not. Anyway, very pleased to hear that this is nothing out of the ordinary.
  9. minimido

    Question for Benchmark dac owners/users.

    Thanks guys. I did wonder if it was, in fact, normal and I guess I was just looking for confirmation of that. So, thanks for putting my mind at rest. Since I posted this earlier I have spoken to a couple of other people who have told me that they have experienced similar with their non-Benchmark Dacs so it's obviously more common than I thought. Thanks again.
  10. Hello everyone, I got hold of a Benchmark dac and just wanted to ask other users if what I am experiencing is normal. I have my PC connected via the USB input which results in a constant blue led light when that input is selected. Likewise, I connected my Youview box via the Toslink/Optical input in order to test that. Again, the blue led light is constant. However, when I connect a CD transport or player to one of the Spdif/Coaxial inputs, I get a rapid flashing of the blue light before it goes off completely. When I press play on the transport the light flashes rapidly before remaining constantly on and I hear the music playing. There is no interference or delay so I don't ever miss any of the tune. I have noticed that when I skip forwards a track or two the light will sometimes go off and flash rapidly again before staying on when the music starts. I have tried 2 transports and 3 different coaxial cables and I get the same result. So, is this normal? On every other Dac I have owned the 'locked on' light stays on whether I have a CD spinning or not. Thanks in advance, Frank
  11. minimido

    WANTED Wanted phonostage up to £1500

    I have an ANT Kora Ltd edition available for less than a third of your budget.
  12. minimido

    Second Hand Prices Gone Mad?

    Totally agree. I was gobsmaked when I saw one of these fetch over £600, but....
  13. minimido

    pre-amp suggestions

    Very nice. I have the Passion (vishay) and also owned a Passion Ultimate, but just like Martin Colloms (below), I rated the original Passion higher despite no remote, it was just punchier, livelier and a tad cleaner.
  14. minimido

    pre-amp suggestions

    Agree. Think you will struggle to get better. I have an Audio Synthesis Passion pre which I don't think I'll ever part with. The Audio Synthesis power amp and phono stage that I owned did not impress me as much, but the passive preamps were definitely the brand's forte. Their Dacs are well liked as well, of course, but I haven't heard one yet. This is on ebay at the moment, but it seems a bit overpriced, I think you should be able to get a Passion or Baby passion for similar money tbh.