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  1. My friend is selling this. Original rrp approx. £4200. He would much prefer collection from Ilford, London.
  2. No, as stated above, this is the latest version, B serial number with latest boards including Gen 5 usb input.
  3. Hi, bought this a little while ago from one careful owner, but have decided to continue using my old Dac and free up some funds. It is just a few months old, in immaculate (like new) condition, fully boxed with manual, mains cable and Schiit Pyst Usb cable. It is the latest version with Gen 5 usb board and serial number beginning with B. Receipt is still in the box, cost new for this was £1120 + delivery. I am asking £795 + delivery.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions so far. I had spotted those Electrocompaniets, they do look nice.
  5. Looking for a replacement power amp as been told mine will be very difficult to fix. Prefer a neutral sound, Class A or A/B would be nice. A healthy input impedance would be required as I use a passive pre. Budget up to £1000. Please get in touch if you have anything that might suit. Might also consider a good integrated. Thanks, Frank
  6. I'd expect to get anything between £350 - £500 for the speakers going on past sales I have seen.
  7. Thanks Phil, I've already been in touch with him, but still looking.
  8. Wondering if anyone has a Theta Dac they are willing to sell? Thanks, Frank
  9. Think that's a bit overpriced personally. I sold mine last year, full upgrade black gates, for about £850. Amp majored on immediacy and detail with quite a forward, bright delivery, I wouldn't call it smooth tbh.