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  1. Gone. To that great gymnasium in the sky.................
  2. On the subject of aluminium cables. Some years ago (it must have been prior to 1972 because that's when I left that company) the installer of an under floor mains system decided to use aluminium cable. The mains system was for the supply of a prestigious computer system that my company was installing. It wasn't too long before trouble occurred.The aluminium cable had it's many terminations and connections made into the standard brass connectors that had always been used prior. Some sort of electrolytic action had taken place between the aluminium and the brass and the terminations became insecure and unsafe. All of the aluminium cable had to be stripped out and was replaced by copper.
  3. I'll leave it on here until the end of the month, it will then have to go elsewhere.I need the space. Pete.
  4. Having reached physical perfection I feel that it is time to pass on my Health Rider.It is in excellent condition and the gizmo that reads exercise time,calories burnt and repetition rate works fine. You will probably need it after the extra Christmas food and you could always listen to your favourite music while getting fit. It is collection only due to size but would fit without trouble into a hatch-back. Plenty of info on the Tube showing people using them. Pete.
  5. Me....Got a PM14S1. Just can't imagine anything better! Pete.
  6. It's the position of the belt on the motor pulley that alters the turntable speed.Once you have removed the belt all that is happening is that the motor is running.It makes no difference whether you are switched to 33 or 45 the motor is running at the same speed.If you get a noise with the belt removed then the noise has to be coming from the motor itself.Could be it needs lubricating or there may be a capacitor associated with the supply voltage. Hopefully an expert will be along soon.
  7. Originally Posted by sunbeamgls as the load draws power from these capacitors they are only getting topped up at mains frequency, 50 or 60 times a second depending on the local mains supply, so as the load increases the capacitors are unable to keep up with large demands at higher frequencies than 50 or 60Hz. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Don't most linear power supplies used in Hi Fi equipment use a bridge at the front end? In which case the refresh rate is double the mains frequency,i.e. 100 or 120 times a second. Pete.
  8. Brilliant. Let me see if I've got this right.I compare what I can't hear with what I can't hear and note the difference. I shall run this idea past my wife the next time I change some equipment.She is always telling me I'm deaf simply because I can't hear what she says. Thank you.I feel a swap coming on.
  9. The main advantage of keeping any kit for 30 or 40 years is that by the time you've had it that long your ears have deteriorated to the point that you wont know the difference anyhow.
  10. I must admit I took the easy way out.I bought a secondhand Sony CD recorder.Just play the record through the normal system,switch the sony to record and the job is done while you enjoy your record.No software needed,no messing about and you get a recording that sounds the same as you had when playing the record. If you wanted to then I guess that you could put this on to a computer but why bother.The Sony is perfectly capable of playing the disc back in very acceptable quality . Pete.
  11. listener

    Vinyl Vs CD

    To me the most important thing to remember about CDs is who they are made for.They are certainly not produced for people with £1000 worth of one bit of kit plugged into £2000 worth of other kit and connected to £3000 worth of something else.They are slid into the slots in cars and complete home systems that probably cost less than some peoples speaker cables.The best current example of this fact that I can think of is 21 by Adele.I think the engineer must have had cramp.Having adjusted the compression amp to maximum he was then unable to move. Take a crappy sounding CD from your home system and play it in you car. When mixed with all the engine and road noise it will sound perfect. However,having said that ,there are plenty of good sounding CDs.If you actually like the music that's on them rather than listening to the hi-fi they can give lots of pleasure. Pete.
  12. I have a TV upstairs that uses Freeview and one downstairs that runs on Freesat.There is a time delay ,echo like, between the two systems.Is there any possibility that both of these systems are present in your TV.Maybe one from a freeview tuner within the TV and another feed perhaps from a Freesat recorder connected to the TV.If so then the output you have connected to on the TV may be from a different source than the one driving the TV speaker. Just a thought,if it's not that then I give up. Pete.
  13. Information received,thanks for looking. Pete.
  14. listener

    Tannoy Berkeley

    Many thanks for the info,just what I wanted. I appreciate you taking the trouble to measure them for me. Pete.