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  1. Audience 70's finally sold. Found a dealer with a pair of beech Contour 1.8's and they're taking the 70's in part exchange. Happy days.
  2. Try
  3. The Dynaudio Audience 70's are still available for sale. I'm also still looking for a pair of Dynaudio Contour floor standing speakers (1.8, 3.0 etc.) only in beech finish, if anyone has some they'd considering selling.
  4. <bump> Heard nothing further from SL10 so the Audience 70's are still available @ £300 collected, or arrange your own courier for collection.
  5. No problem. Yes, still available. Would you like to have a demo and collect them yourself or arrange a courier? Thanks,
  6. Still looking for a pair of Dynaudio Contour 1.8 (Mk. 1 or 2) in beech, just in case anyone is thinking of upgrading. Thanks.
  7. Sorry, hadn't checked back here for a while. Yes, they're still available.
  8. Audience 70's still available. Will try Ebay soon and hope it's better than my experience trying to sell these on Gumtree, which was literally a long line of time wasters and scammers.
  9. Audience 40's now sold. Audience 70's are still available and now asking £300 collected, or arrange your own courier collection as they're double boxed ready to go.
  10. Or not, as PM isn't working for me... just keeps dropping me back to "Compose new" when I click "Send". Maybe you could try to PM me and I'll see if I can reply? Thanks. (tried with Chrome and Opera, same result, not working in either)
  11. <bump> Open to offers over £300.
  12. And some pics of the Audience 40's. I have the grilles and original boxes, but not the foam port bungs. There are a couple of small marks on top of one of them (see pic) and the usual spike marks on the bottom side of both speakers from when they were stand mounted. Asking £100 collected for the Audience 40's, or £80 if bought with the Audience 70's.
  13. <bump> and price reduction to £350. Also have a boxed pair of black ash Dynaudio Audience 40's (the small stand mount speakers) that could be included for an extra £80 if you needed matching surround speakers.
  14. It's extremely unlikely you'll be able to source this now, unless someone is breaking a 381i for parts. I managed to get what was probably the last digital input board supplied by Wadia for my 830 back in 2011 , but it took me about 6 months of chasing various Wadia dealers here and in the US. None of them including Wadia themselves had a clue about that stuff even back then as the company had already been bought over. I eventually got the input board from the US dealer (now closed) but it didn't come with the firmware chip required to make it work and they eventually just stopped replying to my messages about it. I managed to get a new firmware chip from the UK dealer (also now closed) but it hadn't been programmed correctly and didn't work! Luckily I know about that stuff and was able to work out what they'd done wrong when writing the chip and program another one myself that worked OK, but first I had to buy a specialist chip programmer to do it as they were using a quite unusual type of chip for the firmware.