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  1. It's extremely unlikely you'll be able to source this now, unless someone is breaking a 381i for parts. I managed to get what was probably the last digital input board supplied by Wadia for my 830 back in 2011 , but it took me about 6 months of chasing various Wadia dealers here and in the US. None of them including Wadia themselves had a clue about that stuff even back then as the company had already been bought over. I eventually got the input board from the US dealer (now closed) but it didn't come with the firmware chip required to make it work and they eventually just stopped replying to my messages about it. I managed to get a new firmware chip from the UK dealer (also now closed) but it hadn't been programmed correctly and didn't work! Luckily I know about that stuff and was able to work out what they'd done wrong when writing the chip and program another one myself that worked OK, but first I had to buy a specialist chip programmer to do it as they were using a quite unusual type of chip for the firmware.
  2. Black ash Dynaudio Audience 70 speakers for sale. Bought new by me in January 2000 for £1100, still have original receipt which will be supplied with speakers. These were quickly replaced with Dynaudio Contours for my front pair and these were used as surround speakers in the same system, so not used that often or driven hard. Still in great condition and working perfectly. Supplied with spikes, foam bungs for rear ports, also have original boxes + outer boxes for shipping. There are a few very small marks on bottom right corner of one speaker (pictured). Asking £400 collected from Glasgow or can meet/deliver locally. I still have original (double) boxes so alternatively buyer can arrange courier collection at their own expense and risk.
  3. cynix

    WTD floor standing speakers

    Have a pair of black Dynaudio Audience 70's for sale. Bought new by me in January 2000 for £1100 (still have receipt!). Asking £400. They were originally my main stereo pair but were quickly moved to be rear surround speakers, so not driven hard and in great condition. I may have the original boxes, still need to check in the loft, otherwise collection or meet near Glasgow.
  4. cynix

    Wanted : Dynaudio Contour speakers

    Very nice, thanks for the pic. I think they do look nicer than my beech Contours, but I've already got front + centre so was looking for rears to be the same or similar. I've settled for these, hopefully picking up this week, they're maple but look fairly close to the Dynaudio beech.
  5. cynix

    Wanted : Dynaudio Contour speakers

    I could possibly be talked into a set of maple 1.8's if you decide to move them on. Just out of general interest do you have any better pics showing a close up of the wood? Thanks.
  6. Looking for a pair of Dynaudio contours, standmount (1.1 or 1.3) in Beech, Maple or Black, or the smaller floorstanding (1.8) in Beech only. Thanks.
  7. cynix

    Halt and Catch Fire

    Really enjoyed this series for the 80's computer nostalgia and geek talk. Some of the technical stuff is far from realistic but I can forgive it that. Hope there's a second series but don't think it's been confirmed either way yet.
  8. cynix

    DVD Recommendations

    Blue Ruin. Brilliant revenge thriller. Not out on DVD/Blu-ray yet but is available from streaming sites etc.
  9. Delayed 'til next Sunday to avoid clashing with the Superbowl.
  10. cynix

    wadia/teac spares

    There's a good list of players and their mech's here: it shows quite a few using the "VRDS CMK-4" but the 850 is the only one using the "VRDS CMK-4-a - KSS-240A". Maybe you'd be able to take the part from one of the other players using one of the similar "VRDS CMK-4" systems though.
  11. Just to update this... City Link paid out on the claim and that covered the replacement of the 2 broken drivers, so I've been listening to the 52SE's for a week now and they seem to match up OK. I can't say that I noticed any difference between the old and new drivers even from day 1. However, it's now apparent that the 52SE's are just too big and bass too deep for where they have to be positioned, on a desk with backs against a wall. On some tracks the bass is booming and dominating everything else, even with the ports plugged. My Audience 40's were fine in this regard, in the same position. So I suspect I'll be moving the 52SE's on shortly and looking for something smaller, maybe Contour 1.1's or Focus 110's.
  12. cynix

    Jungson JA-88D alternatives?

    I had a Plinius SA-100 Mk. II before my JA-88D and they sounded identical to me. Obviously the SA-100 is no more efficient than the JA-88D but you might try some of the more efficient Plinius amps.
  13. cynix

    Dynaudio bookshelf size speakers - advice please

    Pair of Dynaudio BM6P's on ebay starting at £200. Worth considering.
  14. Thanks all for the comments. The cabinets are OK and I've swapped the 2 good drivers around to test the crossovers and they seem fine too. For now I think I'll continue looking for another pair of 52SE's and if no luck will consider replacing the 2 drivers and see how they sound.
  15. Thanks to City Link I have a pair of Dynaudio 52SE's with one broken drive unit in each, so one dead tweeter and one dead bass driver. The magnet has moved in the bass driver, twisting and jamming the cone fully back and the magnet has completely broken off on the tweeter, causing the fluid to leak out. A claim against the courier is still being pursued but I'm still not sure whether to repair them by replacing both dead drivers or just to write them off and look for another pair or something similar. I've had mixed advice on whether drivers should be replaced in pairs to ensure a 100% match, or if it's OK to replace only the damaged ones. I've never had to replace any speaker drivers before so have no personal experience. Cost of the 2 replacement drivers is almost the same as the insured value, so obviously no way all 4 will be replaced by the courier. Another option is to wait for another used pair of 52SE's to appear (in any colour, as I'm happy with the cabinets on these ones) and just swap all 4 drive units. That would not be much (if any) more expensive than the 2 new ones from Dynaudio and would at least give a matching set of drivers. Has anyone replaced a single driver before? Did it sound OK long term? Would be grateful for any advice. Thanks.