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  1. windybum

    Marantz CD17 ki sig- how good is it?

    My Ki has never been happy with CDR's since new but I don't ever bother with them anyway, I love the sound from mine and find it to be very detailed and as close to a non digital sound as I have heard from a similar price point, although it has been a few years since making the comparisons. Maybe something more recent would give you what you want and give as good a sound as you have now? How about spending some pennies on original CD's and sitting back to enjoy both the sound and skipping to the track you want? My display has gone blank now but at some point it will hopefully be repaired as I really do not want to part with it.
  2. windybum

    CD player no display

    I kind of hoped it may be something along the lines of a failed capacitor, the fact it worked perfectly before being boxed up and was always left switched on made me think it was something that would affect it while powering up. However, they are quite complex looking inside and although I am competent with my soldering iron, I am not sure I would feel confident enough to start taking it to bits.
  3. windybum

    CD player no display

    I have now had the top off to look for obvious loose connections of anything untoward, nothing to report unfortunately so I guess it will have to get looked at by someone with the required skills to find out the cause. I used the tech at Sound Academy in Bloxwich for a repair on the PM17 amp and he did a good job for a reasonable price but they have long since changed hands so I need to find a repairer who comes recommended, anyone?
  4. windybum

    CD player no display

    Thank you gents, I was going to open the top and take a look to see if anything was obvious. I will do so when I have the time and let you know if it was an easy fix which would be a bit of a result. If anyone does know of a reputable repairer please feel free to chime in as I have a feeling that will be the end result...
  5. windybum

    CD player no display

    My hope is that there is nothing wrong with the display, the player was always left switched on and never had a problem, I removed it for several weeks while work on the house was done, the display was non existent when setting it all up again so my hope is something other than a blown display.
  6. windybum

    CD player no display

    I have checked the links, the service manual would be very useful if I really knew what I was looking for, the link to the similarly afflicted player doesn't really lead anywhere. I guess I will have to find a suitable repairer and see what conclusion they come to. A rather expensive one I fear
  7. windybum

    CD player no display

    Thanks to both of you for the links, I will look into it when I get time this evening. It is correct that the default is the brightest setting when powering on. The good thing is it still plays perfectly and I mostly listen to vinyl anyway but it is still bugging me.
  8. windybum

    CD player no display

    I had my system packed away in boxes for a few months while we had an extension built, a good idea I thought! When all was done and dusted, I unpacked and set it all back up only to discover that the display on my Marantz CD 17 had refused to enlighten me with track info. I have lived with it for the last few weeks but it is now starting to grate a little. It worked perfectly before being put away and I don't think it would be the display that has failed. Does anyone know someone I can trust to look into the cause and maybe repair at reasonable cost? Obviously providing it is down to failed caps or similar and not the display which I would think would be a rather expensive purchase
  9. windybum

    WANTED: Audio Technica MM microline cart

    I have a 440mla, genuinely only used on 2 sides so as new as you will find I should think. I have all the original packaging and everything else it came with. I bought it and then found a NOS Ortofon MC 15 super 2 within a day of making the purchase so that is the only reason it has had such little use. I know what I paid for it but not it's value now so feel free to pm me with an offer if you are still on the lookout.
  10. windybum

    Vintage Sony Kit

    They indeed are a great TT, she is packed away in the box until we have the living room carpeted which will be done on the 17th, pics will follow when i'm all set up again whether anyone wants to see it or not!
  11. windybum

    Vintage Sony Kit

    Sorry, wasn't intended as an exercise in bragging (much) I never intended to buy it, just couldn't help myself. I have been without my music for 4 weeks after a flooding incident, we have just ordered new carpet and it will be fitted just in time for Christmas so I can enjoy getting it set up with my MC 15 super ii and kicking back to some rockin' tunes.
  12. windybum

    Vintage Sony Kit

    Ooops, just got myself another PS-6750 and a real good buy it has turned out to be. I took a punt on that auction site with a gent in France who I made contact with to make sure he would be willing to pack it to survive a drop from a great height. He did a brilliant job of doing so and it arrived 3 days later, left on my doorstep in the driving rain by a clown from DPD! Thankfully the box had been entirely sealed with tape and was bone dry inside. Now I can strip my other one and do a full recap, clean and service. This one works perfectly, holds speed bang on and strobe light works (mine only does so when you put your finger on top of the lamp with the cover removed?) It came with 2 SH-150 headshells and the original box for one of them that looks like new, an original Sony Xl-35 cart which unfortunately seems to have a slightly bent cantilever and a Shure M95. I now have 5 original headshells and 2 boxes so cart swapping is almost endless! I am going to have to part with the PS-X 55 as it is no longer required for back up duties now.
  13. windybum

    WANTED MM cartridge on budget

    How about a Stanton 681eee? I have one here and I would say it fits the bill nicely in terms of bass and soundstage. Not that common to buy but comes with lots of accessories in a lovely wooden box. I also have an Audio Technica AT-440 MLa, great fast sounding cart with lovely soundstage but not sure the 440's would have the bass you want.
  14. windybum

    Small speakers for Rotel RA 1062

    Looking through previous sales of Ditton 33's recently, it looks like he could get around £100 for them which is more than I thought they would be worth to be honest. That would give him some decent funds for some smaller boxes. I've seen some Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 speakers that being front ported, should suit being placed nearer to rear walls as they'll probably end up mounted on brackets or shelves. Not ideal but due to space, a necessity.
  15. windybum

    Small speakers for Rotel RA 1062

    The problem is a huge pair of Celestion Ditton speakers sat next to a wall in a tiny room,