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  1. jamster

    Madness......on the BBC

    Oh yes, he's certainly a great musician, and he's not bad presenter really; you're right it's the format that doesn't feel very fresh. Not surprising really since it's been going since 1993. Yola Carter? https://soundcloud.com/yola-carter
  2. jamster

    Madness......on the BBC

    I mostly quite enjoyed the music but have to say that Jools Holland is looking a bit doddery these days. TV and Radio is fast becoming the exclusive domain of baby boomers and Gen X.
  3. jamster

    Neat Motives - Opinions please

    By way of update, I did what I should have done in the first place and went down to visit my dealer. I realised that the common denominator in the speakers that I disliked were metal dome tweeters. The SX1 held its own again price equivalent speakers with metal domes: Focal 936. I felt it was comprehensively bettered by the Q Audio Concept 500s - which at current street prices are approx twice the price. I still prefer the Dali house sound - the Opticon but especially the Rubicon. Both softer and more detailed than the SX1. I almost came away with a set of Rubicons but have decided to be patient. This was all on NAIM kit.
  4. jamster

    Dali Menuets

    Despite their limitations - they are sublime at what they do - have bettered Proac Tablettes, Monitor Audio golds and now Neats in my setup... Note these pair are not mine, just sharing them as I came across the link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dali-mentor-Menuet-Speakers-Gloss-Black/113519023728?hash=item1a6e42d670:g:~5UAAOSwLNxcLjm9:rk:1:pf:0
  5. jamster

    Neat Motives - Opinions please

    90s EQ is a good way of describing it. I actually don't dislike it but not sure I want to sink the asking price of the Neats on it. FWIW - I would have agreed the Neat's sounded terrible but that was when they were positioned just a fraction wider than they are now (they are now 7ft apart). Bringing them in to 7ft did dramatically improve them. In fact, if I bring them in even further so they are almost touching the cabinet they sound even better but they look silly. Now I come to think of it I did put the Dalis adjacent to the cabinet... perhaps I need to go back to standmounters so I can have them directly next to the cabinet. Room mode issues maybe. Thanks for your help @The Chronicals - it has been tremendously useful to compare notes.
  6. jamster

    Neat Motives - Opinions please

    Interesting - yes I am a cynic and rather assumed that the R5 were the R500 with better design (i.e. that ugly black logo notch on the top of the 500s...what were they thinking!) Interesting to know they are a different beast entirely. The Motives are down on 'floaty' compared to my Dalis, but my that tweeter is resolving some interesting detail even listening now at -50db on the audiolab!
  7. jamster

    Neat Motives - Opinions please

    Interesting - thanks! By 'floaty' do you mean in the top end treble (aka 'sparkle') or in terms of 'air' or 'holography' (hopefully you know what I mean )
  8. jamster

    Neat Motives - Opinions please

    I see you have the Kef R5s now - how do they compare? I listened to the R500s in the dealer's listening room and they sounded pretty decent but the mids were similarly recessed - do the R5s remedy this?
  9. jamster

    Neat Motives - Opinions please

    Brighter than the Dali's - just about on the right side of too bright. Nice to finally have a bit of bass response in this room cf. the Dalis. Gives the impression of a V curve response. I can't decide whether midrange detail is missing or it's just my ears getting used to hearing the extremes again, after the Dalis. Not at all unpleasant but tbc as to whether these are keepers. They do look rather nice - see attachment.
  10. jamster

    Neat Motives - Opinions please

    I have a pair of Neat Motive SX1's on kind demo from my dealer. Neat seem to be having a sell-off of cosmetic seconds at the moment (new model incoming...?) I'm still forming my opinions but thought I'd take the temperature of the forum. Anyone got a view? Will share mine in this thread later.
  11. Thanks mate. I came from a terrace in London so the Menuets were perfect. Similar to the Proac Tablette's (I borrowed a fellow wammer's 8 Signature for a whole), not quite as airy but with a more rounded sound. My previous room had a deadening effect; i tried several other similarly priced speakers over the years but the menuets are special. This one is a lounge diner, lots of hard surfaces, as has an enlivening effect. Now I've got space for them, I think I'd like to try some floorstanders, but not dogmatic about it. The way the room is laid out, firing longways makes most sense. I take what people are saying about perhaps my amp doesn't have quite enough grunt for this. Having played with a few different amps over the years, I think the neutrality of the audiolab works for me. I also know that if I get new speakers and they are just a fraction too lively, I can move back on the amp side to something a bit warmer. I had a cheap tube amp for a while, which actually sounded pretty damn good once I'd tube rolled - so maybe I'll do that again. Won't fix the power issue though, so with that ambition in mind I'm keen to see if I can find a reasonably sensitive pair of speakers. In fact that may be what the Dali's are missing - they are only 86db (and tiny ) Good advice re. keeping options open. I might take a while to decide, and will likely do as you suggest; either that or I'll do some box swapping and keep the local UPS guy busy
  12. I actually like the Yamaha, vintage and walnut stuff too. Uzzy's links were great, but so were your suggestions. Not a zero sum game here. Appreciate both of your help.
  13. I'm super grateful to you uzzy - I'm only about half way through the list of links so far but none I wouldn't at least consider. Sorry you're coming in for flack ... hope it doesn't put you off helping other wammers in the same way!
  14. Thanks guys - all great suggestions, but yes cherry is out! Plenty for me to start researching and several that I've not come across before, thanks for the advice!
  15. Hello Wammers... wondered if I could pick your brains? I have Dali Mentor Menuets and I love the sound of them. I've recently moved house and they sound even better here than they did in my previous - I think because the room has a lot of reflective surfaces (tiles, windows, lantern roof). The previously slightly 'papery' treble has come alive. However, given that the room is much bigger than the one they came from, I'd like something with a bigger, more enveloping sound. The Menuets do a respectable job with simple material, but because of their size don't quite have the scale to do more complex arrangements justice in this room. Can you recommend a speaker to replace them? Standmount or floorstanders fine. I don't like booming bass - my bias is towards detail, air and great mid-range. The room is 34' 0'' x 11' 6'' (~ 10.4m x 3.5m). The speakers need to live along the 3.5m wall, can be up to about 60 cm in from back wall and the same from side walls. Typical listening position (sofa!) is also about 3.5m back from speakers, facing them. Amp is an Audiolab M-One. It's known to be slightly bright but seems to pair well with the Menuet, perhaps on account of them having only a soft dome tweeter and not one of Dali's ribbons. From a review of the M-One: "Both pairs of speakers I have used with the Audiolab are possessed of smooth and controlled top ends and I get the impression that if you partnered it with a speaker prone to brightness, you might have a bit too much of a good thing but sensible device partnering should be able to avoid this happening. ( https://www.avforums.com/review/audiolab-m-one-integrated-stereo-amplifier-review.13158 ) So I think I need a larger pair of speakers with a detailed but not aggressive top end, and equally great midrange, but with a little more (controlled!) bass. Does the collective Wam-brain have any recommendations? Budget is ~ £1k, with a little bit of flex in either direction. Aesthetics are important. That Danish minimalism is part of the appeal of the Menuets. Best Chris