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  1. flak monkey

    Random image of the day 3

    Taken on my phone a couple of nights ago
  2. I've been a bit absent recently. After this years Scalford things all went a bit to pot, summer was a write off and things have been piling up in front of me more and more. Work has been mental and I've not had a lot of time to indulge in any hobbies at all, let alone hi-fi. However.... things are looking up! Anyway... normal service in. 3....2....1....
  3. flak monkey

    NAD 3140 - fixed it!

    Hiya, I don't have a list I'm afraid. Many I had in my 'stock' as they are all pretty standard ones.
  4. All done... unveiled it on the 24th to mark the 10th anniversary of her death. The family have seen it and are very pleased with the result Lots more pics on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2028609920693796.1073741841.1817701885117935&type=1&l=ff02b915c9
  5. flak monkey

    Random image of the day 3

    Got up close and personal with some cute little critters while we were in the USA for the past 2 weeks, including this nice little cuttlefish! Taken on my Sony A57 at Monterey Aquarium
  6. flak monkey

    What are you listening to right now?

    Tonight's light entertainment on Blu-ray
  7. Harleys have been belt drive since the early 90's They are more or less maintenance free and as strong as chain width for width. If kept in check and well maintained they will last around 50k miles, or 10x longer than a chain. A new belt and rear pulley is around 3x the cost of a chain. They are also clean. Chains throw lube everywhere over the course of a few 100 miles, but belts are obviously run dry, so no issues with that either. They also do away with the need for a cush drive, as they have a little bit of 'give' which helps smooth power transfer.
  8. AirFX in Norwich. I only had the tank, air cleaner cover and rear mudguard done and it was just over £500
  9. flak monkey

    30th April - Norfolk/Cambs April bakeoff

    Thanks for coming everyone, it was a pleasure to have you all here. Nice to actually meet a few more people outside of Scalford and have a bit of a chat and listen to some different music and kit. I think that's the most vinyl I've played in a very long time. Very impressed with edd9000 and mmichbam's pre power combo - and surprised how well the 15(?) WPC power amp drove the AE2's. SCDIB's Django passive pre was also a pleasant surprise and appeared to pair well with my power amps. maybaza's budget valve phono amp worked well too, paired with the Django pre. All very different to my own amps, but not in a bad way at all, just different. But the most enjoyable bit for me was listening to some tunes that everyone brought along - mostly stuff I had never heard before, and now quite a few on my 'to buy' list. Thanks guys! Hopefully see you again soon!
  10. flak monkey

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    All set up for a session... For scale the speakers are around 8' apart and 18" from the rear wall. DIY valve pre-amp DIY power amps Acoustic Energy AE2 speakers and reference stands BK Electronics XXLS400 Sub Roksan Radius TT with modded RB250 arm Roksan K2 CD player Sonos Connect streamer/WD NAS Xmos DAC
  11. flak monkey

    30th April - Norfolk/Cambs April bakeoff

    All set guys... I'd like it to be noted that I actually tidied up this morning, normally there is no floor to be seen!
  12. flak monkey

    30th April - Norfolk/Cambs April bakeoff

    I'll add you to the PM group which has the details.
  13. flak monkey

    30th April - Norfolk/Cambs April bakeoff

    Any other takers for this Sunday?
  14. flak monkey

    one word daily