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  1. tetreb

    Murican hi-fi

    I'll get the speakers first. I was thinking of going with a pair of vintage JBL monitors, but I'm not exactly sure which ones. 4311s can be had for $500-600, however they seem to be a bit of a marmite. Any other suggestions? 4430s? Klipsch would be another easy choice. Has anyone heard Zu Audios? The styling would look odd in my old Victorian place, but I could play with that if the sound is right. What else is there? I'd love to try a Modwright amp, but I don't think I can stretch that much even for a second-hand one. If I do end up buying an expensive amp, how difficult is it to convert it to 230V?
  2. I'd love to try a pair of blue monitors, but I'm not sure where to start. Which model is the sweet spot if I don't want to spend a fortune?
  3. tetreb

    Murican hi-fi

    I've recently moved to the US and I need to build a new system. I have ~3k USD to burn and I'd ideally look at second-hand equipment. I think it makes sense to go for American hi-fi, but I'm not that familiar with the local brands. Must have: sounds good at low levels. Nice to have: I'd like to try some tubes. Not that important: low freq extension. Room is squarish, 5x4m approx and the speakers would sit close to the wall. I mostly listen to jazz and punk/rock, but I also like hip-hop and electronic. Now, in 18 months I'll move to London and I'll either sell the equipment or take it with me. That's why I'd probably avoid exotic components (difficult to sell), but in case it's exempt from import fees (relocation, anyone knows how it works?) I'd consider components that are also popular in the UK. The budget is somewhat flexible, but I'd like to keep it under 3k if possible (including a turntable and a cheap DAC).
  4. Truth be told, Turkey currently hosts 2 million registered refugees from Syria. To put things into perspective, EU countries are willing to let 40 thousand people in. All EU countries in total. Sounds to me that UK doesn't have a problem with the immigrants, but with NHS. Having read about those Asians who were turfed out by Idi Amin, I'd also say there may also be a problem with the education system. Kudos to Serge (*) whose posts on the subject are well-measured (:-), but some messages by other posters are downright scary. It looks to me that Europe has a far greater problem to solve than this refugee crisis. (*) and several others, left out to make the pun work.
  5. tetreb

    RBS Sell-off

    I fail to understand how the moev makes sense - the pension funds will effectively end up with volatile (*) shares with low yields, all that financed from public funds. Shouldn't funds invest in government bonds instead and look elsewhere for higher yield stocks for diversification purposes? On top of that, it's a case of bad signalling esp. dangerous for an economy reliant on the financial services sector. This move effectively creates value for RBS shareholders and destroys value for the budget stakeholders (i.e. public).(*) No company in need of a bailout is a good business. Rather than transfer the money from public to private pockets, I'd go the usual route and employ very tight debt covenants (no bonuses, no dividends etc).
  6. tetreb

    Suit up

    Thanks for the answer, very informative read even if I had to reach for the dictionary more than once. I'm no Nick Cave, he was mentioned just as an example of someone who's been able to effortlessly wear formal clothing in a very informal way. I'd love to be able to do the same and play around the rules a bit. Of course, I'd have to find my own style first... BTW, I found out who his tailor is, he has a very interesting website with musings on various sartorial topics. I'm much shorter than Cave, about 178, but I'm reasonably slim and I suppose that a similar style would suit me well. I've given up on the bespoke rout for the time being as I need to have my suit turned soon. I wasn't aware it took so much time to have a custom suit made. As I only plan to buy one suit for now, it should be durable, less susceptible to wrinkling and able to sustain frequent travels. Does it mean I should focus on cloths in the lower 100s, up to 120s? What color and pattern (if any) do you recommend? Pin stripes out? Is herringbone weaving more durable? Zegna should be a good call, I have a Zegna shirt that fits me perfectly and is a joy to wear. Canali is another brand that sounds interesting, apparently they only make canvassed suits that are supposed to be durable. I think I'll go to an outlet in Italy and try my luck there. Another option is Boggi Milano, they have decent discounts locally at the moment. I will send you a PM as I'm curious to learn more on the supply chain as a matter of personal interest.
  7. tetreb

    Suit up

    Sorry for that, just not my cup of coffee Hugo Boss is also too boxy for me, I prefer slimmer cuts. I appreciate brand naming as it gives me a reference for further exploration. A lot of names have been dropped so far, it will help everyone in need of a suit to know what to look for. Thanks for that. I found this page with a lot of brand recommendations and house style descriptions, some of which mentioned in this thread as well. Certainly makes for an interesting read. Perhaps, but I only have enough money for one suit, one pair of shoes and a couple of shirts. I need to extend my funds until the end of the year when I'll hopefully start earning again. The idea is to buy one decent, versatile suit to get me through the interview process with the corporate c*nts (not to be confused with dealer cn*ts). Depending on the industry and type of job I land, I will know whether I'll have to wear a suit every day. I understand that I need to have a rotation of several suits and, if need be, I'll buy several more when the cash starts flowing again. Those of you who wear suits every day, how many do you have in your wardrobe? I've seen some advise to have 5, one for each day of the work week, but that sounds excessive to me. What about shoes? Can I get away with less than very formal shoes or is it a no-no? Can I wear brown shoes with charcoal and black suits?
  8. Only for pesto? No processor comes close to mortar and pestle.
  9. tetreb

    Suit up

    OK, some background. I'm entering the final stage of my MBA program and I'll start interviewing like crazy in September. Not interested in banking and consulting and I'll be looking at positions in tech industry, which should give me some leeway with the dress code. Suits are still a must, but I suppose I don't have to conform to the strict black/navy and a tie norm. I'd like to get one nice suit that gets me through the interviews and some weddings and buy another when I start working again. I'm based near Paris, but I'm currently in Frankfurt and I'll travel to Italy soon. Location is not a problem, I'm on the move during the summer.
  10. tetreb

    Suit up

    The time has come to start wearing a corporate uniform thus I have to buy a suit. Ideally, I'd like to get something suitable for business meetings, but that bears at least some basic level of distinction. Budget up to 1K, preferrably less. As I've never had to think about formal dressing, I don't know where to start. I know what I want to avoid - boring, classic fits. I wouldn't mind visiting Nick Cave's tailor, but I can't afford it. I suppose bespoke suits are off the limits. Where do I start looking, is there a difference in the cut among the Italian, British, French suits? Hopefully this thread catches Haywards attention
  11. I live in France now, Fontainebleau near Paris. I'm looking for online retailers, can't be bothered to go to a shop. Do you remember the brand?
  12. Any ideas for cheap whiskey tasting glasses? I'm organizing a whiskey tasting for charity and I need a lot of glasses, so I'd like to keep the costs low. Suggestions on whiskey welcome as well. I was thinking of one Islay, one Speyside and a bottle of Japanese.
  13. tetreb

    Klipsch heresy

    I like them. Excellent at low volume, great with rock music.Two things to note: harshness in treble mentioned by other posters appears when they are paired with SS amps. On the other hand, even though they are quite sensitive, Heresys do not present the easiest load, so SET amps are not the best choice. Just get some nice push-pull amplifier and you'll be more than happy. Second thing is that they are designed to be positioned against the wall. Don't play around with stands as the bass tends to lose definition. The best model by far is the latest revision, Heresy III. Klipsch used to sell an upgrade kit for Heresy IIs to bring them to level III, though I'm not sure if that offer still stands. So if you can find a cheap pair of Heresy IIs, that's also a viable option. Heresys are, for some reason, very expensive in UK. Either buy them in Germany (shipping from Germany to UK is not expensive) or find some nice used pair in US. If you decide to go with the latter option, good source (cheap) is Klipsch's forum.
  14. I remember that some members had their largish speakers shipped from the States, but I can't find the related threads.. Anyway, I'm thinking of importing some big and heavy monsters from the US to Germany, but I'm struggling to find a reliable quote for full service. Ideally, I' d like to get a company pick up the speakers from the seller, pack/crate and deliver them to my home address or /worse case/ I' d pick them up from the airport. I know this is a UK forum, but I'm sure same companies will operate both in London and Frankfurt... so, I'm looking for a recommendation for a reliable company and a ballpark figure of the price for the service. I'm thinking of buying some big Klipsch or Snells.