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  1. Right at the beginning there is a Dulci, basically a 5/10 Mullard circuit, one of which I have awaiting restoration. Now if I could only find another....
  2. That KT66 amp should be repairable.
  3. 'Socialism just creates big armies to keep their populace under control not to defend their borders.. ' This is completely wrong, the countries that do this, (China, Russia etc.), cannot in any way be described as socialist. Totalinariast, communist, etc yes, but not socialist. If you'd like examples of the most socialist countries then look to Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
  4. These are the guys to ask, Anti Alias Smith and Jones.
  5. Hi Neighbour. Personally wouldn't go for the whole cooker thing. you really want it at waist/eye level otherwise all that bending down will eventually drive you nuts. I have a Neff double electric thing which was in the old house and is going into the new one. For the hob I was always adamant about it being gas. However I have been using an induction hob recently and rather like it more than I thought I would so am in a bit of a quandary as to which to have in the new kitchen.
  6. Andrew, you're a star. I haven't been to Kegworth yet but David and I have it on our bucket list, maybe 2020. Henry
  7. After further discussion with said pal David, I owe a massive apology to Andrew as his reputation is impeccable. I'll get my coat....
  8. Thanks David, I'll be working on your punishment, Lol. Andrew as you say we don't know one another so cannot assume your intentions are honourable, though now stylesound has stepped in to confirm that. Of course I could not know that and as we all know there are all sorts of people out there, and to be honest a line of yours ' if there are any I can use I will keep and all of the rest can be claimed ' did rather ring alarm bells. Henry
  9. Not trying to imply any sense of mistrust, just makes sense to send them to someone who can test them.
  10. Probably best to send them to someone who can test them, and distribute impartially, send proceeds to Julian who can decide what to do with them. Rabski or Ampregen would be my suggestions (I can test them but rather remain impartial).
  11. Ooh, some nice ones there. The big ones look like, KT88, PT15, 807 and others.
  12. Ah now turntables, yes, not quite as bad as Adam, but 2x GL78, G88, 401, SL1210, SL1700, QLA45 (JVC) and most recently SP10 MkII.
  13. Hi Robin. 17 Machines is clearly bonkers, I only have 3, well 4 if you count a funny little old valve Philips, oh and a Ferrograph er ah yes there is also.... I'll get my hat. Henry