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  1. toprepairman

    Define a "Classic"?

    A classic would be sought after and not sort after. Norton 650SS rather more of a classic than the Enfield (IMHO). Somehow couldn't include the NAD as it's a right untidy mess inside.
  2. toprepairman

    Nytech Audio CPA402 Stereo Power Amplifier

    Repaired a few over the years, certainly nothing special, just a bit above Amstrad for build quality.
  3. toprepairman

    On the bench today.......

    Looks more Revox than Sony.
  4. toprepairman

    Capacitor porn

    Ears change.
  5. toprepairman

    Can anyone help me source 5.5mm copper rods?

    No reply from Naveen yet, time to come clean....
  6. toprepairman

    the nu-vista sound ?

    As far as I know, Nuvista tubes were only made in the USA and Japan. Done some repairs to MF Nuvista amps and can say they are beautifully engineered, but... had real problems sourcing replacement tubes. One reputable supplier had some and the one they sent was faulty, as was the next one, and the next one. They sent me their entire stock and all were faulty, just the same as was in the amp. There was one passable one that went in Ok but had no confidence in its' longevity. Apparently the seal fails, (resin to metal) and they go gassy and I dare say there won't be any good ones around for much longer.
  7. toprepairman

    Whom the Gods would destroy

    Very good advice.
  8. toprepairman

    A Single Valve OTL

    In order to get the most out of this system, would I be right to assume the speakers are 15 ohm?
  9. toprepairman

    I'm getting the hump...

    Haha Adam, that's most amusing but you won't be able to part with the nice ones so they'll be gathering dust for some time to come. I have fewer decks, SL1210, SL1700, GL75 and recent addition G88, but no time to listen to any of those either. Stacks of nice amps gathering dust also.
  10. toprepairman

    FS = Leben CS300x

    These are lovely, sort of like a Leak stereo 20 all dressed up to go to a wedding.
  11. toprepairman

    Taking a break from the hifi...

    Lovely place is Collioure. Remember sleeping off a big night on the plonk underneath an upturned boat on the beach in '71.
  12. toprepairman

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    I'm somewhere around 101/102. Have valve tester with me so can test on the spot.
  13. toprepairman

    Valve info

    Could EB be for Extra Bull****?
  14. toprepairman

    Tonbridge Audiojumble - my Radfords, Accuphase, Hadcocks etc

    I'll be there too, usual spot against the wall across the big hall from the entrance.
  15. toprepairman

    Leak Stereo 30 Plus

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if a company was making all that stuff in this country for comparable prices. One suspects they may fall foul of patent laws.