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  1. toprepairman

    A Single Valve OTL

    In order to get the most out of this system, would I be right to assume the speakers are 15 ohm?
  2. toprepairman

    I'm getting the hump...

    Haha Adam, that's most amusing but you won't be able to part with the nice ones so they'll be gathering dust for some time to come. I have fewer decks, SL1210, SL1700, GL75 and recent addition G88, but no time to listen to any of those either. Stacks of nice amps gathering dust also.
  3. toprepairman

    FS = Leben CS300x

    These are lovely, sort of like a Leak stereo 20 all dressed up to go to a wedding.
  4. toprepairman

    Taking a break from the hifi...

    Lovely place is Collioure. Remember sleeping off a big night on the plonk underneath an upturned boat on the beach in '71.
  5. toprepairman

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    I'm somewhere around 101/102. Have valve tester with me so can test on the spot.
  6. toprepairman

    Valve info

    Could EB be for Extra Bull****?
  7. toprepairman

    Tonbridge Audiojumble - my Radfords, Accuphase, Hadcocks etc

    I'll be there too, usual spot against the wall across the big hall from the entrance.
  8. toprepairman

    Leak Stereo 30 Plus

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if a company was making all that stuff in this country for comparable prices. One suspects they may fall foul of patent laws.
  9. toprepairman

    Amp power switch problem

    Hi Robin. No doubt see you Sunday?
  10. toprepairman


    Could you post a picture of the insides?
  11. toprepairman


    It's usually fairly straightforward to be able to workout the circuit diagram from the amp itself. I assume it uses 6SN7's or 6J5's in the input/driver stages.
  12. toprepairman

    Almost bought a Leben

    Very minor problem, a rectifier had died, bad luck really. Servicing amounts to checking valves are ok, little more.
  13. toprepairman

    Almost bought a Leben

    Had a '600 in for repair couple of years back. Very impressed, one of the best built valve amps around, couldn't recommend it highly enough. Very tempted by the one currently on t'bay.
  14. toprepairman

    Quad ll power amps

    It does make sense, so next is to actually test it. Another consideration are the QII's. There are many moans about flabby bass and other performance claims of these fine amps. The factory setting for these is 15 Ohms, when people are driving modern speakers closer to 4 Ohms. Do make sure they are set for 8 or 4 ohms, whichever is appropriate.
  15. toprepairman

    Quad ll power amps

    According to the service manual for the SU8080, the rated output for the pre out is 1v, but the max output is 9V, so should do comfortably.