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  1. I really like my P3 Anniversaries and had the P3ESR prior to the upgrade. I am finding they hook me into the music. What stands are using?
  2. This is very sad news. I advised him on a couple of purchases. RIP
  3. I read on the Harbeth forum that clear kitchen door buffers can be used effectively. These are the clear ones that cushion the door when it closes. This is what I use now rather than blu tack. Regards stands, this is to manage the physical movement of the drivers and to manage energy coming through the cabinets. This energy can pass down the stand and into the floor it is coupled too. Metal can ‘ring’ which is why I prefer wooden stands. So I think there is a bit more than getting the tweeter at ear height to take into account. There is also a need to manage energy passing back into the speaker that can cause smearing. Hope this helps. Cyclopse
  4. The risk here is that you can drain all the life out of a turntable doing this. Most dedicated turntable stands are rigid and light.
  5. I think the horn loading works well with the soft dome tweeter. Very sweet and extended and I am using a solid state integrated. I also like the speed of the speaker that defies its physical size. Regards Cyclopse
  6. I think a fairly neutral cable is best. I am using a pure silver Litz into my SIA-025 from Yannis Tome. Speaker cable is Audience AU24SE. I am deploying chassis rather than input grounding. Class A is where the magic is with Vitus but I understand it is a step up from the RI 100. I enjoy the richness of tone that brought me back to solid state.
  7. The high efficiency suits the lower powered Vitus amps. Very nice with the SIA-025 in class A.
  8. I use my Pi with a NFS file share. I believe Samba is another option. Use the USB port and do away with an I2S dac or Digi+. Add an AQ Jitterbug, Linear power supply direct to GPIO connector. It's just made my Nagra transport redundant.
  9. It says in the description it was previously owned by an ex Vitus employee. I think it may be dual rca inputs as described. Shame we cannot see the rear.
  10. If you want the ultimate in precision I recommend this option;- Regards Cyclopse
  11. What about Chasing the Dragon?
  12. I think this is a disappointing way to treat the companies loyal customers. Good luck my friend with your refund and don't forget Trading Standards may be an option to resolve.
  13. No longer required by me. Made by DH Labs in the USA this digital interconnect. AES/EBU balanced digital connection. In mint condition. Length of this Silver Sonic cable is 1.5 metres. Any questions please ask. Price £55.