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  1. Your lying ears

    Some people try talking from the sidelines as if they were a commentator because they have nothing to add to the discussion
  2. Your lying ears

    Yes, Pete (I-Should_coco?) said "all" the specifications by which I presume he meant that the amplifier was "fully characterised"? Once you have that then you can start to tease out what measurements might actually correlate to what we hear from such an amplifier in a replay system with real music as the signal.
  3. Your lying ears

    I_should_coco started the same thread over on PFM & somebody mentioned it was also here. I'll post some of what I posted on PFM & add some more The demonstration isn't flawed - the conclusions are - it is an example of people generalising from a specific. The brain has specific centres for analysing speech which uses both visual cues & auditory cues. The processing done with speech is perhaps different to our generalised processing of audio. So is speech a special case for the senses or do you know enough about psychoacoustics to make this generalisation "Your lying ears" based on this video? The second issue that is raised is - is this always happening in our interactions with the world or is it an unusual event? It's easy to check this - examine your everyday interactions with the world & determine how often you have been "lied to" by your senses. I doubt it will show you any reason to gravely distrust your senses. What I think is more accurate to say is that we should be careful of our initial impressions of any product - not that sighted listening can't be trusted We all have a psychological propensity for liking something new - we know this occurs with any product - it doesn't have to be audio - a new car is all perfect (we gloss over any small issues) but after living with it & using it for a time, the newness is no longer a strong factor sweetening our thoughts & we are more likely to have a balanced view of it's pros & cons. Even after owning it for a while, are we still influenced in our feeling about the product when it is newly washed & shiny - yes, of course we are but does it blind us to it's flaws or make us think it goes faster? Fact is that perception is not a simple black & white affair - it's not two microphones on the side of our heads or two cameras on the front of our heads feeding fully formed auditory or visual scenes to our brain. Perception is mainly the brain using a best guess fit of the signals it's receiving to our models of the world - it's doing this on a continual basis moment-by-moment so it has to come to these perceptual decisions very fast. Now the signals that just come from the ear are not enough to do this unambiguously so it looks for as much help as it can find & this means combining the visual signals into the picture as well as the knowledge about how objects sound & behave in the world (based on our experiences). In fact auditory & visual perception also break down the signals into parallel but different representations of the signal & what we know of as perception is the brain using different aspects from the parallel streams to form a cogent auditory or visual object & scene. So if you are really discussing this issue & not trying to score points for one side Vs another then it can be said that perception does not provide us with a perfect facsimile of the world - it is a filter of certain parts attributes of the physical world which are reconstructed by our brains to provide us with a model of the world which evolution has honed to being useful for our survival & reproduction - which explains why understanding speech (communication) has an excessive amount of brain processing - we need to be able to find a mate
  4. John Kerry JKDAC32

    Thanks for your thoughts, Chris & glad you are liking the JKDAC32 (I believe that's the model you have?) Just to throw another option at you to confuse you - the latest model, the Ciunas, is another step up in sound to what you have as it locates the audio clocks right at the DAC inputs & reclocks all the digital signals entering the DAC. It also uses an Amanero USB board rather than a Hiface board so native UNIX & Mac support without the need for downloading drivers. Anyway, enjoy the music, whichever choice you make
  5. John Kerry JKDAC32

    Oops! Just in case it's the DAC - Chris, are you keeping the DAC on charge to ensure it is always ready to play?
  6. John Kerry JKDAC32

    Chris, Glad to see you got this working - any impressions of the sound?
  7. DAC bake off 26/1/13 London

    Haha, yes, I guess I should have qualified this - what I mean is that when "extra" detail is heard in digital, it is often the result of distortion, in my opinion. So what I'm talking about is detail without digititus - that tiring feeling we often get over a long listening session with digital audio (sometimes not too long a session is needed before we want to turn it off). Anyway some more detail that might be of interest: It doesn't require proprietary USB drivers & therefore will work on Windows(driver needed for >96KHz), Mac (should support Audirvana + direct mode & integer mode). Linux/Unix which opens the door to a number of devices - iPad, Android, SB Touch with EDO software applet, Media Tanks & other devices based on Linux OS.
  8. DAC bake off 26/1/13 London

    John, thanks for posting this - hope you can get a few interested parties? John was one of the first on my 2012 DAC tour but couldn't get it working & sent it onwards but persevered (& called in help) with finding out what the problem was. When he was ready he became the last in the tour to receive it & keep it over Christmas. So perseverance pays . Yes, the new DAC uses a different USB front-end to the Hiface. It still uses 3 clocks - a 12MHz one for asynchronous USB operation & two audio clocks to deal with the two speed families in audio. Still using isolated battery power supplies. More details will be released in time but feel free to ask any questions & I'll try to answer them. It will work on all operating systems natively as it uses the standard USB drivers already in the OS. Windows, of course, does not support speeds above 192KHz, AFAIK so a Win driver is provided for downloading for these higher speeds.
  9. John Kenny's JKDAC32

    Thanks Ian - - - Updated - - - Thanks Nick
  10. John Kenny's JKDAC32

    I have to apologise to Ian for my impatience & for incorrectly stating that he had it for 2 weeks. As he pointed out it wasn't two weeks that he had it but a week. Running these tours (4 of them) has been a lot of administration work & answering technical issues. I asked at the start of the tour & was hoping that someone would volunteer to administer the logistics & I would answer technical questions but no volunteers on this or any other forum. I also had a guy hold onto it for 3 months & never posted anything or answered my PMs - it kinda pissed me off. So, again, sorry to Ian for being testy!
  11. John Kenny's JKDAC32

    Thank you, Ian Much appreciated.
  12. John Kenny's JKDAC32

    I'm still hoping that Irb & IanS1 (& the attendees at his audition) might consider posting their impressions here. It's been a couple of weeks since the devices were sent on!! The deal with getting a listen to these devices was so that you might post your impressions What about it guys, any impressions of the sound??
  13. John Kenny's JKDAC32

    Sorry, the tour is finished - no point in PMing me. It would be good to get some feedback/impressions posted from IanS1 & Irb!
  14. John Kenny's JKDAC32

    DAC are now finished touring HifiWigwam members. Hopefully IanS1 & the people at his get-to-gether from a couple of weeks ago & who auditioned the DAcs can post their impressions? Ian(Irb) had the USB to SPDIF converter for a couple of weeks & it is now sent onwards. Hopefully he can post his impressions also?
  15. John Kenny's JKDAC32

    Thanks for your impressions, Wayne & glad you liked it