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  1. Jamie, great looking speakers. I’ve long been thinking about a full range project with the 10f units. Did you incorporate a shelving filter to deal with the baffle-step? For example, an inductor with a parallel resistor?
  2. Yes but I'll need some assistance and some equipment donations. Will start a thread in the Kegworth area of the forum at some point this weekend to check interest, probably when I'm a bit less hung over.
  3. Micheal, my point here is here that there have been a series of threads, with largely the same protagonists, making essentially the same arguments over and over with little resolution. Perhaps a practical exploration of the perceived differences between DACs at the forum's annual meeting might offer some practical insight and be of interest to forum members?
  4. I for one would be genuinely interested in an unsighted, level matched comparison between DACs at a variety of price points, overseen by a suitably qualified forum member who would fancy doing it. This topic reoccurs time and time again on the forum and a practical exploration witnessed by the gathered faithful at Kegworth might be informative, if we can make it happen..?
  5. Level matched and unsighted. Would be great if Serge could oversee fair experiment design and implementation, if he’s up for it.
  6. How about a Kegworth challenge - cheapo DAC vs megabucks DAC - can you tell the difference?
  7. bobovox


    Julian, I'm sure this was posted with the very best of intentions but please - millions of people did not survive the wars and besides, I don't want this country to just survive, I want it to thrive.
  8. bobovox


    I think you may have undone your own argument there, Jamie.
  9. Yes. I have done this on a Pi 3B; running Minimserver as the DNLA sever software and gmediarender as the player, albeit as proof of concept with a small number of FLAC files stored locally on the SD card. Neither bits of software are resource hungry so it should be scalable to a "real" music library. If you don't need need the advanced browsing that Minimserver gives you, you can use MPD and a MPD client on a phone.
  10. bobovox

    Pi Streamer

    A relatively simple project this one but hopefully it's of interest to some. I've been using Pi based streamers for some time now and wanted to put it one into a neat looking box, with an internal power adapter and a front panel button to switch on / shut down the Pi gracefully, without risk of corruption of the SD Card. Total build cost was abut £415 -- 70% of that was casework and the RCA connectors. Hardware First step was to desolder the RCA connectors from the top of the Hifiberry DAC+ HAT and solder-on wires to some massively over-engineered WBT RCA connectors. I chose these for aesthetics rather than any particular foo; some more sensibly priced ones would do the job just as well but I like them anyway. I may at sometime swap the DAC+ for a DAC+DSP, which would give the option of integrating room correction and possibly adaptive loudness control. The box is from Metcase's Technomet range. It's intended as an instrument enclosure but it's nicely powder coated and all of the screws heads are hidden, except on the rear panel and the base. There is no heat sink but I think it's adequately ventilated for the Pi+DAC+PSU. Front and rear panels & the carrier plate for the Pi, HAT DAC & made by Schaeffer AG to my design (rear panel on order). I could maybe have attempted these myself at lower cost with some sheet aluminium but wanted a good quality powder coated finish and they've swaged on some earthing pillars blind, which would have been difficult for me to do. A 15W/5V internal SMPS from Meanwell feeds an Audiophonics PI-SPC V2 power management module, controlled by the front panel mounted button. Many of the comparable builds I have seen on line have used regulated linear PSUs. One of these would have be more expensive, physically much larger and generate more heat, necessitating a larger enclosure. Archimango tested a Pi streamer with a wall-wart SMPS and found noise levels well below audible so I struggle to believe a linear power supply would make any meaningful improvement in sound quality. Software All freeware: OS is stock Rapian Lite (Stretch), main streaming software is "Media Player" - a Java based DLNA compliant streamer with Linn's Openhome extensions so it can be controlled by Kinsky; it also includes Airplay. Raspotify makes it Spotify Connect compatible. One of the audio-centric distros like Volumio would have been less work but I like the flexibility & control of choosing packages individually.
  11. Hi Darren, I've not used the DAC+DSP yet - I am thinking about a project with it - but I have used Hifiberry DAC HATs and the Beocreate module, which uses the same DSP chip as the DAC+DSP. The boards are well engineered and I'm of the view that all competently engineered DACs are transparent and therefore sound the same. The DAC+DSP is an inexpensive way of doing room correction. If you are comfortable using REW and the Linux command line (a little) I'm sure you will have no problems setting up the DSP.
  12. Some measurements with and without will be interesting to see.
  13. Not sure about any mathematical genius - the basic mechanics is just A-level physics / engineering dynamics. Adding the masses certainly can't reduce the effective vertical mass, only increase it, for rotation in both the horizontal and vertical planes. When you notice a lack of "vibrancy" do you think that the mid and higher frequencies are affected by the mod?