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  1. Ideally a P90 but would consider other DIVA or FMJ 2ch in black.
  2. Passive crossover design isn't that difficult; I needed to do a fair bit of reading but as a part of my motivation for building some DIY speakers was to learn a bit more about audio this was all part of the experience. You can knock-together a functioning impedance measurement rig with a few quids worth of bits. There is freely available software for frequency response and impedance measurements (eg REW) and free-form crossover simulation (XSim) so it needn't cost thousands.
  3. I'll be interested to see what Linn unveil. An integrated amplifier with digital crossover hardware and four / six channels of power amplification might persuade me to convert exinging passive speakers - the increased box count puts me off at present.
  4. My entire library is encoded in FLAC at the maximum compression level. You take the performance hit once only, when the file is encoded; there is little or no increase in processing required for the decoding. The reduction in file size verses minimum compression level is small (about 15%) but worth the extra encoding time in my view especially when reproduced across multiple copies and back-ups; especially if you do the encoding as an overnight batch job.
  5. Simon, you are of course correct. However, de facto our politics has become semi-presidential and the 2015 election campaign was probably the most presidential in history; with the Tories campaign repeatedly reducing the election to a choice between Cameron or Miliband, playing on the unpopularity of the Labour leader. Recent events have shown that the current administration are wilfully oblivious to constitutional convention, with the Minister for Exiting the European Union apparently labouring under the misapprehension that "the people are sovereign" and the Justice Minister publicly castigated by senior law professionals for failing in her constitutional duty to defend the rule of law. I don't think ignorance is an excuse for either; Truss is spineless and out of her depth. Davis has the resources of state to inform him it's just that he would prefer to imagine himself as some sort of buccaneering hero business-man about to cut the biggest deals in history and doesn't want head office looking over his shoulder (in case he bankrupts the company in the process). If any good can come of the present mess, perhaps it underlines the need for a written constitution in this country. One written in language accessible to all; that way we can all understand of how politics and the judicial system are required to work.
  6. The last LibDem manefesto proposed Single Transferable Vote. I believe Sarah Lucas' private member's bill proposed an Additional Member system. Sadly it was defeated in the Commons today. I'm looking forward to seeing who voted for and against and who could be bothered to stay on after PMQs. Politicians have inflicted all manor of institutional change on the country over the last 30 years and yet remain bizarrely resistant to any sort of change on their own 19th century institutions. I'm not particularly wedded to any system of PR but anything is better than FPTP; in all of the places I've lived in the UK my GE vote has been devalued to the point of pointlessness as all have been Labour or Tory safe seats. I've always voted though, on point of principal. For the avoidance of doubt, the Alternative Vote (AV) system is nothing to do with proportional representation; it's a system for electing a single person to one office and can produce a result more representative of the overall will of the electorate where there are more than two candidates. Where there are only two candidates, AV reduces to FPTP. Therefore the boxing match analogy used by the "No" campaign avert in the 2011 AV referendum was bollocks. Pure referendum demagogery. Some information on PR here:
  7. Avole, Good luck with your ride tomorrow. I feel sure everyone here will condemn this senseless and cowardly act.
  8. No cheating now the results are out: I took part in the original survey and couldn't reliably discern any difference between the samples, nor could anyone else. I would be interested in people's thoughts on the methodology used. Loudspeaker design and placement, room treatments and recording quality all effect the quality of reproduction of recorded music. Sorry if it's joyless but increased bit depths / sample rates beyond 16/44.1 are a bit silly if you can't hear any difference.
  9. @lostintranslation I don't think that is true of the scientific community at all; scientific principles are revised as new evidence comes to light eg Netwonian mechanics had been around for 200+ years then was discovered not to work at sub-atomic level and quantum mechanics was born. It's certainly not been my experience in engineering either.
  10. Engineering is the application of scientific knowledge to solve real word problems. Surprising to read near contempt for engineers and scientists on a hifi forum. Without engineering and the science that underpins it there wouldn't be any hifi - or a lot of other things.
  11. Anecdotal evidence only, in no way scientific, from the other end of the price spectrum; £249 end of line Pioneer N50 vs £299 end of line Arcam CD player vs £230 Cambridge DacMagic; I couldn’t reliably tell which one was playing. Bought a turntable to give myself something to complain about.
  12. Please explain further. My understanding is that jitter has no audible effects. Willing to be convinced by evidence based arguments, though.
  13. Who are these superhuman beings and do they live in anechoic chamber, perhaps?
  14. The timing error from jitter is in the order of tens of picoseconds; again, surely this is beyond the limits of human perception and therefore inaudible? I'd say my kit list is pretty modest by wam standards and I'm not convinced that there is any significant difference between digital sources.
  15. Radamel, Do you have any proof that jitter does audibly degrade a hifi signal? Correct me if I'm wrong but jitter creates low level noise, typically 100dB below the signal. Surely at this level it is inaudible?