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  1. A roughly labelled dump of the photos I took can be found here: My all out favourite room of the show was the Kodo setup from The Gryphon. I was lucky to get into one of the closed demos (they weren't playing at other times) and I've never heard anything like it. A phenomenal level of organ rearranging bass without it for a moment being anything other than incredibly clean and tight. They would have benefitted from either a somewhat bigger room or some treatment in there (they were making the ceiling and lighting fixtures shake), but utterly faultless. If memory serves the chap talking us through the demo (sadly not Fleming Rasmussen, he'd been doing them earlier in the day), and the Kodo goes down to around the 16Hz mark, and I can well believe that. In the "price brackets I might actually be able to afford this side of a Euromillions win", the standout for me was the Viva + Wilson Benesch setup. Partnered with the wrong thing the WB speakers can sound very hard, but they worked an absolute treat with the Vivas, a really good balance of detail without being harsh, and incredibly tight down at the bottom end to (the Discovery IIs were playing along with the Torus sub, but the sub was only set to kick in below 36Hz). Currently the leading contender in my upgrade plans now. Other highlights in no particular order: Avid. Stunning looking and phenomenally heavy speakers (the standmounts are 100Kg and the smaller floorstanders are 220Kg!). Effortless presentation, didn't seem to be troubled by anything thrown at it. Heco. Prototypes for the big brother to the Direkt. Extremely good value for money. They're still tweaking with the sound etc. and they're not scheduled for release until the end of the year. If they can bring a touch more clarity to the top end they'll be something really special. Rosso Fiorentino, Thraz and North Star. Lovely looking kit all round, and despite the generally classical focus of the speaker manufacturer, they managed to shift some serious air when required. WLM, over at the Deluxe show. Really great sounding setup, and they get serious kudos points for allowing me to play Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, The Prodigy and Frank Zappa as loud as I wanted. More of this for hifi shows please! Rockna, Trafomatic and Tune. I'm slightly biased here not least because Jack is a good friend, but some great sounds here, especially on the second day after the horns had time to loosen up. A willingness to play ACDC also went down incredibly well. I really need to get a proper demo of the Rockna kit. Discovering that the rack the kit was on cost more than a pair of Tune Animas did make me wondering just how far the law of diminishing returns can be pushed until it just breaks outright though.
  2. Or Anthony just wrote a streaming pile of shit. I think it's fairly clear that the line "Due to time constraints, business and family commitments I have decided to move on from HiFi Wigwam" is at best stretching the truth to breaking point, and he was just fed up to the back teeth with the place.
  3. And the HIGH END mobile app now has data in it etc. so you can plan where you are going.
  4. Yeah, it was right underneath a closed window in that photo. Got it open, it proceeded to fall into the washing basket and then after a big of moving it finally flew out of the window. It originally flew into the kitchen and I have a rather comical (but utterly terrible) iphone photo of it sat on the edge of a saucepan that was on the hob (not turned on).
  5. I know this thread is normally completely foreign territory for me, but I've just had a sparrow hawk come in through an open window and settle on the washing basket about 4 feet from my desk:
  6. Minor point, but Sanders is a Senator not a Governor. I'd vote for him in a heartbeat if I was able to vote there. And I'd definitely take Clinton over any of the insane raving lunatics of the GOP.
  7. I have no idea who this is, but thought the picture merited repeating
  8. And Ferrari getting an arbitrary 70m extra just for having been around a long time is frankly insane to me as an outsider.
  9. Bloody hell, those Cellos didn't last long! Did you not get on with them in the end?
  10. List of exhibitors now up:
  11. Banshee's final series has started. I am phenomenally excited about this.
  12. No it doesn't, it just insignificantly reduces the chances of the jackpot being split.
  13. I've just seen that Blink 182 album being prominently displayed! Wonder if that's the finest hifi it's ever been played on.
  14. Just did quite a large sex wee at that lot.