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  1. Team GCR

    High End 80’s Kit - ‘Barn Find’

    You need to speak to Reality Audio about the Diva. My guess is they would need rebuilding by now even if they had been stored in ideal conditions but I used to have Duetta Signatures and Apogee are wonderful sounding things
  2. Team GCR

    £2k Turntable.

    What is the difference between the SME Model 10a you are selling and the newer one you have bought? Thanks in advance.
  3. Team GCR

    Voyd owners club

    Just seen this on eBay nothing to do with me just a heads up
  4. Team GCR

    Voyd owners club

    I have the Alphason HR100s on my Voyd fitted with a Koetsu Black K Goldline cartridge and it always sounded lovely, having said that it is not the turntable I am currently using.
  5. I have a gloss black pair of Duetta Signatures for sale in the Classified Advert threads section at the moment if you are looking for a pair.
  6. Team GCR

    I had an idea

    better still if there was a restaurant and B&B too?
  7. Team GCR

    Voyd -v- Pink Triangle Anniversary

    South Northamptonshire on the Warwickshire/Oxfordshire borders.
  8. Team GCR

    Voyd -v- Pink Triangle Anniversary

    Thanks for that all sensible advice and interesting to know the Alphason is desirable - I bought it when I was still at school so had no idea what it would be worth now. I should really contact Arthur K as my dad gave him a lot of feedback about the FXR and he promised to implement some changes and swap my dad's arm for the one with his suggested improvements, then my dad became ill and it was never chased up. I wonder if he did anything about it or if he will remember!
  9. Team GCR

    Voyd -v- Pink Triangle Anniversary

    Yes that's a very good idea. I will get the funeral out of the way and then I open my new business on the 3rd and will then try and organise something. Thanks
  10. Team GCR

    Voyd -v- Pink Triangle Anniversary

    Hi Gino, My dad originally tried the Alphason on his PTA but then chose an SME V which I have to admit I think sounded better. The Funk arm when it was fitted (admittedly with the turntable was rebuilt at the same time) seemed to be a further improvement but never the less worth considering.
  11. Team GCR

    Voyd -v- Pink Triangle Anniversary

    Yes it is a nice problem to have if only I had acquired the kit under other circumstances which probably clouded my judgement a bit. Posting here has cleared my mind and I will wait till I can make a sensible decision and listen to both decks side by side and choose which I prefer. Thank You.
  12. Team GCR

    Voyd -v- Pink Triangle Anniversary

    Thanks again for the reply everyone, much appreciated.
  13. Team GCR

    Voyd -v- Pink Triangle Anniversary

    That's god to know as judging by the reaction when I went for it, it was quite an unusual combination at the time but I couldn't afford the 'default' Helius Cyalene back then. A friend in the trade at the time recommended the Alphason as being of similar quality but more affordable.
  14. Team GCR

    Voyd -v- Pink Triangle Anniversary

    Thank you for that reply. I think already the answers here are confirming my initial thought that I shouldn't rush into a decision.
  15. Team GCR

    Voyd -v- Pink Triangle Anniversary

    Yes agreed that is the best scenario in an ideal world.