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  1. No. Just for safety reasons as I found acrylic more durable than glass. I ordered them online custom size and thickness with diff. colours or tint to choose from. I’ve also put some sorbothane under each corner to reduce vibration.
  2. Or you can also replace the the glass shelf with custom cut Perspex/acrylic sheet. That’s what I did with my Sound Organisation rack when the glass shelves broke into pieces during house move.
  3. +1 for Auralic Aries mini. Just use the digital out (usb) to connect to your dac.
  4. You can try this @CnoEvil
  5. I always put the supplied protective cloth when not in use. The piano gloss I have are really dust and fingerprint magnet.
  6. Afaik speakers from Ref. series to Muon are “made to order” so they are not on usual “production line”. I’ve waited 8 weeks for my Ref.3’s since I placed my order but its worth it
  7. Most transparent and revealing speakers
  8. Im not a fan of RME “dancing lights” as well though you can turn the display off.
  9. Those granite under the Gaias are really good option and can save you ££ than buying Gaia carpet spikes (£49/set of 4).Well done!
  10. How about this
  11. There are lots of very well recorded music tracks and albums on Qobuz. IMO hi-res does’nt guarantee better sound. Currently listening to David Roth (Will You Come Home) album and it sounds really good
  12. I believe that some but not all fuses makes a difference (in my system) sound. Tried a few from AMR, HiFi Tuning and Synergistic Research.