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  1. I hope you’ll get back to your audio nirvana my friend. Patience is a virtue.
  2. That’s a massive bass driver compare to the BK
  3. As per title. Looking for a Furutech FI-28 or FI-50 iec connector plug. Thanks.
  4. As per title. One is gold plated copper and the other is silver plated copper. Both in excellent condition. £65 for both including postage. UK sale only. Thanks.
  5. I use Swagman lab lpsu for my Auralic mini with good result.
  6. Testing Zoom IQ7 mini microphone for Iphone7
  7. My sound test iphone 7 + Zoom IQ7 mini microphone.
  8. Just don't pair them with Naim and they’ll sound good.
  9. It’s one of the most difficult times when moving house I know. Our garage is full of empty boxes of my hifi. Im glad that my landlord allowed me to put some acoustic panels and bass traps in the living room
  10. That’s a good decent size room which I think is bigger than mine. I know the feeling but sometimes we have no choice
  11. Last time we’re looking for a house to move the first thing I look is where to put my hifi. I don't mind if I sleep in the shed
  12. That’s a bargain. The 9cc evolution tonearm costs more than the asking price. GLWTS