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  1. It reminds me of this with free microphone
  2. I think Rob Watts is Chord Electronics lead engineer. How about that guy Amir?
  3. Ime in replacing a wallwart to plsu was that it took some of the edginess or hardness in the high freq. while maintaining the overall clarity. Some may think that the sound become less forward, bright and exciting but it just takes some noise which is more noticeable when the volume is turned up. It will go loud but not tiring to listen to imo.
  4. If it can be improve even without any problems why not.
  5. I don’t find the Qutest like what you described in my system. YMMV
  6. I also have the Orea Indigo under my Qutest. It looks really odd but they made a difference than when under my cdp.
  7. Mac
  8. I have for sale my Focal Aria 906 (gloss black)/ Elac A4 (atmos add-on) speakers/ Atacama Nexus 6i stands filled with atabites and Atacama mass loading plates. All bought from Peter Tyson couple of years ago and very little use ( probably just run-in) The stands may have some very minor marks. All in excellent condition and perfect working order. Looking for £750 all in. Collection only from Swansea. I would include a 2.5m of QED silver plated speaker cable for free. The Focal Aria 906 (gloss black)cost £899 on their own. Thanks.
  9. As per title. Looking for a Furutech iec connector preferably FI-28G (gold) /FI-28R (rhodium). Also consider FI-50 or 52 but depends on price. Please let me know if you have any spare lying on your cupboard. Thanks
  10. Very good cart for the money. I used to have one on my previous Gyro-se. Bargain at that price.
  11. I have not done serious a/b comparison but I upgraded the power cord (diy)/usb (Curious usb)/ interconnect (MIT AVt MA rca) and imo it took into another level.
  12. The Auralic Aries mini + Qutest + Sbooster mkII sounds really good with the rest of my humble system.