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  1. Iceman 16

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    Have you got any of those watchmaker mini screwdriver or the like which you might be able to insert bet. the binding post and plug?
  2. Iceman 16

    Bi Wire V Jumpers ?

    I’ve found many company using gold plated copper for banana plugs and speaker binding posts to prevent oxidation. If that makes sense.
  3. Iceman 16

    Bi Wire V Jumpers ?

    I would also suggest that if you’re using bare wire connection, invest a can of Deoxit. I know it’s a bit expensive but well worth the money and will last for years. Bare copper oxidised very quickly as silver plated copper and looks really nasty. Banana plugs are good option and for convenience imo
  4. Iceman 16

    Bi Wire V Jumpers ?

    A decent single wire cable and a cut off from same cable to use as jumpers will do imo.
  5. Iceman 16

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    I was thinking as the op is using banana z plugs, those jagged edges might be dragging the speaker terminal when pulling out.
  6. Iceman 16

    Chord powerchord (upgraded) plugs

    reduced to £85
  7. Iceman 16

    To treat or not to treat

    You’re welcome mate. I think there’s 6 pcs spot panels available in black for £190 atm. Just be quick and make them an offer. Sorry @newlash09 for derailing your thread.
  8. Iceman 16

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    +1 I’ve used WD40 a few times and it’s safe if use correctly. The oily residue can be cleaned with a bit of isopropyl alcohol
  9. Iceman 16

    Banana plug stuck in amp speaker post

    A little spray of wd40 might help
  10. Iceman 16

    To treat or not to treat

    Hi Nativebon, Just search gik acoustics on ebay and the username is gikukacoustics. They only sell products (b-stock) or with some minor scuffs or flaws but still bargain compared to new. The 242's I bought were listed for £90 and made an offer of £80 when I contacted Lindsay(seller) and immediately accepted it. Very helpful seller imo. Btw I think the rrp for the 242's is £74 each. Hope this helps
  11. I have for sale a Chord Company powerchord (orange) shielded with upgraded mains plug and iec. The mains plug is MS hd copper and iec is Sonarquest gold plated copper (new). It’s 1.2 metre in length and very good condition. The plugs and pins were Deoxit treated. Perfect for source components like cd player etc. Looking for £95 ono including postage (UK only). Thanks
  12. Iceman 16

    Wtd : Trichord Dino Mk 1

    There’s one on ebay for £179
  13. Iceman 16

    To treat or not to treat

    I bought the 242’s Belize (bright red) which could match our wall and move the off white behind listening sofa. £80 for a pair delivered is a bargain imo.
  14. Iceman 16

    To treat or not to treat

    Pp..your OH and daughter might consider those art panels from GIK which they can choose own print or pics.
  15. Iceman 16

    To treat or not to treat

    @newlash09 I just bought another pair of GIK acoustics 242 panel (b-stock) from their ebay account for £80 including delivery.