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  1. Iceman 16

    Amp for MA Gold 300 series4?

    Not sure about other brands or manufacturer of usb cable but my Curious usb recommend 80cm as ideal. Or just get a streaming bridge from Auralic (mini) or Innuos entry level to your dac which also does'nt take too much space on your rack.
  2. Iceman 16

    Wanted to buy

    Im looking for a vinyl record copy of Totti Bergh (I Hear A Rhapsody) album. Thanks Iceman16
  3. Iceman 16

    Amp for MA Gold 300 series4?

    The amps you’ve mentioned like Cambridge, Cyrus and Audiolab are IMO on the “bright” side of “neutral” presentation when paired with Monitor Audio. Why not try something that gives you both fun and less fatiguing for longer listening. You can try brands like Arcam, Sugden, Pathos, Musical Fidelity, Hegel, Electrocompaniet, Accuphase and Luxman if within your budget.
  4. Iceman 16

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    @Nopiano Nick are also from Wales? If you happen to go near here in Swansea you’re more than welcome to visit and have a listen to my humble system.
  5. Iceman 16

    PMC expensive - worth it >?>

    Try to listen to KEF Ref. 3 aswell
  6. Iceman 16

    Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    @CnoEvil Have you already found the amp for your Harbs?
  7. Iceman 16

    What to upgrade first?

    The Focal Aria series are not as bright as the Chorus imo.
  8. Iceman 16

    Impressions of KEF LS50?

    I think he’s the taller guy
  9. Iceman 16

    What to upgrade first?

    Imo Arcam is easier to partner with many diff. brands of speakers with upfront or more forward presentation. I used to have an A29 amp with Focal 906 and they work really well.
  10. Iceman 16

    PMC expensive - worth it >?>

    I have owned the LS50’s for about 3 yrs and ATC 40 mk1(2 yrs).Home demo the PMC 20.24 for about a week. Shop demo the PMC Fact 8/ 25.23/ OB1i on diff. occasions and also Spendor A6. They all have their own strength and weaknesses. Imo and experience the Ls50 can sound really good if driven by a “capable” amp with plenty of power and current, giving some space around them with dedicated solid stands. They can sound better as you go up the amp ladder. Once you get the right amp that can hold the LS50’s on their neck you will be rewarded with great sound. I always found the PMC’s 20 and 25 series a bit lean for my liking. They are detailed and “fast” but vocals seem narrow. I thought I prefer the older “i” series warmer and fuller sound. Ymmv.
  11. Iceman 16

    TT clamp and mats

    I dont use any mat on my RPM5 Carbon (acrylic platter) as suggested by Pro-Ject. It came with felt mat but I guess its only for protection from dust.
  12. Iceman 16

    PMC expensive - worth it >?>

    I also like the “i” series from PMC when I heard them at my local retailer few years ago (OB1i).
  13. Iceman 16

    Speaker binding posts confusion..Please help

    @newlash09 Try some of these if you are bored
  14. Iceman 16

    What to upgrade!

    Can't say as they or may not work well in your room. Spending that amount money you really need to demo or try them in your room.
  15. Iceman 16

    What to upgrade!

    Imo you need a realistically capable amp to drive those B&W and Sonus Fabers. Both excellent speakers but will limit your budget for an amp/source etc.