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  1. Looking for an Intel NUC to run Roon Rock ideally 7th Gen i5 or i7 processor complete with SSD, RAM and operating system installed ideally ready to go (at a reasonable price..!). Also any advice on best options and setup would be very much appreciated as this is all rather new to me !
  2. No worries Ian and many thanks for making the long journey to collect!
  3. Hi Richard, thank you for your helpful comments. I would be very dissapointed indeed if I had just purchased an SIA 025 for £18,500 new to find it was not an improvement over my SS-010 for sale at £3995! What I can say having listened to the SS-010 side by side with the current RI-100 is that the SS-010 does improve on the RI-100 offering greater refinement and naturalness to the sound particularly when operating in Class A mode which the RI-100 does not offer. You would however expect this to be the case seeing as the SS-010 is part of the Signature range, a level up from the Reference range that the RI-100 falls within (I think i'be got the names of the ranges the right way round but forgive me if not!). The only area the RI-100 surpassed the SS-010 was in terms of outright slam courtesy of its 300 watts on tap however I would say the SS-010 also has bags of power in reserve and there would be few speakers it could not drive fully.
  4. Yes, the mains is switchable to US 120v and happy to ship to USA. Please send me a PM.