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  1. Please can anyone tell me what this is?

    Same idea as AKG1000,different execution. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Stylus cleaning Gel .. any problems?

    For me onslow zerodust and mr. Proper magic eraser if it is very dirty. Works every time. The magic eraser will remove everything till bare metal. No damage possible if you are gentle. Use original magic eraser not the new improved one.
  3. Rotel Michi pre/power (?)

    Heard them many years ago very musical sound . They lacked detail but were very easy to listen . Thatwas one of the first expensive sytems i have heard.
  4. WANTED Jelco Tonearm wanted to buy

    I might be parting with Jelco 750E (10") black recabled by Mario Grötzinger including tonarm collar that will help with VTA.
  5. Stuff that dreams are made of...

    Why such a high price because it is 927?
  6. kimber 16 lpc might be cheap

    Wrongly described by the seller this is kimber 16 lpc fantastic cable that had been my reference for solid 5 years.
  7. Auralic Vega - any good?

    Not sure about Primare but Accustic Arts was for long time better than Sabre sounding to me. In fact was better than all dacs i've tried or listen to in other systems. What is really important in my opinion matching the rest of the system. My system is build around the idea of max emotions you can get from the music hence slight warmth was always welcomed at the cost of maximum resolution but funnily enough my setup has it all at this moment. Anybody has settings preeference in Vega? Also have Harmonix dx2 power cable to try if better than soundstring power cord.
  8. Auralic Vega - any good?

    To put it in the Context my system. Raysonic cd128 heavy modded as transport, Berning Zh270 sonus Faber guarneri homage nordost heimdall soundstring power cord
  9. Auralic Vega - any good?

    Fantastic dac. Some might argue is too dry but that is not my experience. Bought it to be my computer rig part in the office but now still in the main system. Trying to advocate to keep my current acoustic arts dac1mk4. Space is really impressive. Vocals are tad less warm than AA dac but more timbre in the voice. Low frequencies definitely more but still controlled. Best dac I had in my system with AA close second / first depending on the mood / music.
  10. any d.p.a fans ?

    The point is that this dac and higher models were simply fantastic. I've always wanted to hear 1024 or 512 but they were very very rare. I think the company was actually reborn last year but i' m not sure whether sound still lingers around the same principles. Price is always very subjective but in this case a bit high.
  11. any d.p.a fans ?

    Dpa dx1024 was sold for 936 eur on ebay 3-4 months ago. This is 64 model below 128,256 and below 512. Originally if i'm not mistaken 1024 was like 6000pounds . So price is not great. Plus those dacs have parts that might not be possible to repair.