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  1. News Flash. A steam train enthusiast was accidently repeatedly run over at a station whilst train spotting this morning. His wife said he would be greatly missed by his beloved family but he would have died happy ....... he would have been chuffed to bits !!!
  2. Bought the wife a new fridge for her birthday. When she opened the door you should have seen her face light up.
  3. Thanks for the memory. My father told me that joke more than 50 years ago.
  4. My grandfather died in a prisoner of war camp. He fell out of the watch tower.
  5. What, no 5G yet !!!
  6. What about Jack ...... a legend !! Probably the only player in history to sleep on a mates sofa on the night they win the World Cup. Read his autobiography ..... it's a belter ..... but coming from Ashington I might be biased.
  7. Thousands ! Or if my wife reads this, Hundreds ! Haven't bought anything new for years. I try to sell stuff, then get what I want at the price I can afford. So don't buy much now. My ears are knackered now anyway. Life in heavy industry !!!!!!
  8. All of his mates and their mates are spending a fortune too. It (and ALL of the other games) are getting out of hand. It's not enough to just buy a game and play it, it's BUY THIS , BUY THAT !!! When I was a kid you got something for Christmas and played with it until it was f**ked . My parents didn't spend a fortune throughout the year adding to it.
  9. I'm an old fart who has a 13 year old son playing the game constantly ! I work away from home and found out by accident that my wife has allowed him to spend over 200 quid on better guns and other shit to make him a better play than his mates. I went ape-shit and threatened to take a hammer to his xbox !!!!! I believe it IS an addiction for present and future generations of kids. They download the game for free then get sucked in to spend more and more money. I understand companies need to make money ...... but not turn in to parasitic bastards !!!!
  10. A mate of mine has just told me he’s shagging his girlfriend and her twin. I said "How can you tell them apart ?" He said "Her brother’s got a moustache!".
  11. I saw it too, but copied and pasted to save time.
  12. I put a map of the world on the living room wall and told the wife to throw a dart, and where ever it land that's where we'll go for our Silver Wedding Anniversary. So we are spending 2 weeks ......... behind the sofa !!!!!!