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  1. tricka

    The Cartridge-Man MusicMaster

  2. tricka

    The Cartridge-Man MusicMaster

    Price reduction - £700 including shipping. Perfect match to Croft MM stage.
  3. tricka

    The Cartridge-Man MusicMaster

    Or swap for Lyra Kleos.
  4. tricka

    The Cartridge-Man MusicMaster

    Price Drop - £990
  5. tricka

    The Cartridge-Man MusicMaster

    Hi everyone I have for sale an almost new Len Gregory "The Cartridgeman" MusicMaster LE cartridge. As many will know this is the replacement cart for the top of the line Music Maker LE. It features a sapphire cantilever and a micro-diamond tip. RRP > £1800. I bought this directly from Len, and is the second one I have owned. It is a superbly musical cartridge that is not even broken in. Estimate 20 hours maximum. Selling as doesn't work with my deck & arm. Withdrawn Spec's are: The Cartridgeman Musicmaster LE + ISO (modded Grado) MI, output 4.5mV Separation >25 db across 10-30kHz range Loading 47kOhms Mounting - standard 1/2 inch 2 hole fixing Weight 6.5g Tracking 1.5-1.6g Capacitance; NA Arm requirement - 13g or less Stylus line profile: proprietary line contact (whatever that means). has an Isolator fitted which requires raised arm height by 5.5mm Photo's: to follow
  6. It is a long shot, but if anyone has Croft Micro RS and 2 x Mono 7R's they wish to sell, please PM me. I am actively canvassing dealers at the moment, and searching for second hand stock, so if you have the above and were thinking of a change please let me know sooner rather than later. For established Wammers who are vouched for (or I know) I'm happy to transfer funds into your account before shipping. Otherwise Paypal, I suppose. Thanks
  7. tricka

    Best used Amp for ESL 57

    I found the little Croft integrated very good with my 57's at modest volume, but you need to get the Mullard NOS Mil spec 12au7's.
  8. tricka

    Wanted - Amr am-77

    Where is your spirit of adventure?
  9. tricka

    Wanted - Amr am-77

    I have heard the CD 77. It is a stunning CDP & dac. There is an AMR 77 amp for sale on Audiogon. USD3.5 k by memory but he has had it a while. Universal voltage so that wouldn't be a problem.
  10. tricka

    Wanted - EAR Dac4

    If you have one to sell please PM me.
  11. Yes. But depends a little on your dac.
  12. tricka

    Benchmark AHB2 £1800

    And SOLD - thanks guys.
  13. tricka

    Benchmark AHB2 £1800

  14. tricka

    Benchmark AHB2 £1800

    Wow - tough crowd. I'm in raising money mode, so slashing the price on this from list. £1450 shipped to you door, tracked and insured. Can't say fairer than that. Now well less than 1/2 rrp and only 6 months old.
  15. tricka

    Benchmark AHB2 £1800

    Sure thing - understand entirely. Thanks for posting