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  1. would take £3000 for the fact 8's
  2. PMC Fact 8 fully boxed With all accessories Includes original black magnetic grills Couple of very tiny marks but would say 9/10 for condition £3200 ono
  3. Price drop to £550 cash on collection
  4. HI I took these speakers in as part exchange against a pair i was selling. I have tried these with both a luxman kit valve power amplifier and also nord 500 up monoblock with bent audio tap-x pre and sound wonderful with both
  5. Thanks Hifinut Just managed to figure it out
  6. Sonus Faber Concertino + stands In very good condition With original Manual + Floor spikes (not shown) £675
  7. Just wondered if anyone could help me out with how to sell in the trade section on the wam? Just payed for mega store subscription but still not able to start a thread?
  8. here is a photo of the valev. I actually thought there was no markings on it until i took it out and here is one of the 2 left channel valves
  9. I could only see 4 ots in there but only had a quick look then put the base cover back on. Think i will take your advice and let someone know knows about these things take a look.
  10. Thanks Enrae8 thats very good of you i will pm you now :-) NOt sure i would find a manual with it being a kit amp. I have search lots of photos on google of lux kit amps but cant seem to find one with the same layout
  11. i know nothing about bias but there is 4 pots inside onder each of the valves so i am uessing this is for setting bias? Is this something to leave to someone who knows alot about valve amps or could i check bias myself? really doesnt bother me looks wise with one being different. Can the 6550 valves be switched for diffrent compatible valves to give different characteristics or is it a case of " thats what the amp is built for " ?
  12. Recently bought a Valve power amp with Lux transformer which i am guessing is one of Luxman's kits? It sounds very nice It has 3x svetlana 6550b and one unbranded 6550b which is very slightly smaller,2x brimar12bh7 and 1 mullard ec( something)5 lettering is missing i am guessing ecc85 ? WOuld it be a good idea to stick to the valves that are already in or switch over for new ones? I was thinking with one of the 4 6550b being a different brand it may not be performing as it could?
  13. Yes i was reading about the Melco app or should i say imaginery app! I have just downloaded the Arcam one. It does look the best of the bunch and looks very user friendly although i only seem to be able to play the audio through my ios device from the melco. In settings there is an audio output setting but there is only the option of my iphone, any ideas on how to play through the Melco?
  14. i couldnt even get the cyrus one to find anything at all. Another one "cant remeber which" seem to take for ever to load up. Will definitely try out the Arcan though. quite happy with the Lumin but a few things could be easier so maybe the Arcam will be a good match
  15. turntable is Analogue Alchemy which came with bronze bearing but i added a magnetic bearing, sme IV arm and van den hul Frog cart. SOunds very good to me. Using an ANT audio phono stage with fidelity audio power supply. Only just got the Melco which sounds very nice too