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    Teccy SP10 SL1210
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    OL Encounter/Rohmann
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    Marantz SA-17SI SACD
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    Ming Da 845 Mono's
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  1. wizmax

    WTD Cheapo bookshelf speakers

    I assume you are no longer interested.
  2. wizmax

    Wanted - A valve Power Amplifier

    The seller is Hayden Boardman, an audio journalist of some note and reputation.
  3. wizmax

    Do we know the seller?

    Looking at his other listings and his feedback the only other audio item I can find is a Naim Fraim and bearing in mind that the majority of his offerings are transport related I don't think he belongs to us, nobody could stand the strain of two OCD hobbies.
  4. Everyone can advertise on here.
  5. wizmax

    SME 3009 RCA conversion yes or no?

    Personally I would use one of these kits and then you could use any standard RCA to RCA cables at what ever price you choose. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/phono-RCA-conversion-kit-adapter-for-SME-3009-3012-SERIES-2-LONG-CAN/352537115786?hash=item5214d97c8a:g:L60AAOSwZQRYd4hf:rk:2:pf:0 However if you do not want to modify the arm, he also does a 4 pin to RCA lead with Van Damme cable.
  6. wizmax

    WTD Cheapo bookshelf speakers

    Pair of Rogers LS2's in black in very good condition or Rogers DB101 in opal fully boxed with manual in excellent condition, £80 for either delivered to St Reatham.
  7. wizmax

    Cassette deck

    Brought a ZX-7 about 12 years ago and I thought it was the best sounding cassette deck I had ever heard, decided to get it serviced at B&W and the sound from it was unbelievable after they had worked their magic.
  8. wizmax

    Wanted Keith Monks or Loricraft RCM

    have you not considered Spider's offering Have not got one personally but have seen the results from a mates one and they are very impressive, probably better than my VPI
  9. wizmax

    SOLD Plinius Houtonga Integrated

    Well done Carl!
  10. And the guest list looks very interesting too, with 5 Lurch virgins!
  11. wizmax

    Tribute bands.

    Seen the Bootleg Beatles a couple of times at the Royal Albert Hall including the 50th Anniversary performance of SPLHC and they are excellent. Have also seen Brit Floyd a couple of times and a mate who has seen Pink Floyd on six or seven occasions was heard to comment that "technically they are probably better than Floyd" Thinking of seeing the Illegal Eagles next year, anybody seen them?
  12. Count me in please John, are we having cake? I will bring the SP10/OL Encounter/Rohmann plus the Icon PS3