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  1. The UKhi-fi show is being held at the Ascot Race course on the weekend of 26-27 October, this event is the described as the only dedicated high-end show in the UK and is sponsored by, among others, Hi Fi News and Hi Fi Choice, details of the nearly 180 exhibitors can be found at www.hifishowlive.com I am attending on Saturday along with GLB(Chris), Lurch(John) and Speedracer(Brook), anybody else going?
  2. Send a PM to toprepairman
  3. There is also Henry, toprepairman of this parish, he has a fully equipped workshop in Fetcham, close to Leatherhead.
  4. Does 17 large Reel to Reel machines capable of taking 10&1/2 inch spools count?
  5. wizmax

    Advice please

    You have set the loading at 100 ohms which is correct, you have the gain set at 70dB which is what I use with my Ortofon Rohmann which has an output of 0.2mV so similar to your ZYX and you have not set the filter. As the filter operates at 10Hz it is a rumble/warp filter and you only need to set it if you are having trouble with sub sonic frequencies getting through to your speakers (excessive cone flap). The fast and slow setting alter the rate at which the subsonic frequencies are attenuated if it is necessary.
  6. Hi Henry, You know me, did it take the number of machines I own to convince you that I am bonkers!
  7. I see that you have now filled out your Info and that you are in Dorset, I am not too far from you on Hayling Island and retired so if you would like to visit I have several machines that you could try your tapes on.
  8. The short answer is yes. You do not mention tape speeds, so i am assuming the twin track tapes were recorded at either 3&3/4 or 7&1/2 IPS as they are the only two speeds that the Teac can play, if this is not the case you have problems. Assuming the tape speeds are correct, if you play the twin track tapes on the Teac you will get one track playing correctly on the left channel and the other track playing backwards on the right channel at the same time. All you need to do is turn the output volume control down to zero on the right channel and listen to that side and then turn the tape over and play the second side which will now also be on the left channel. If you have a mono switch on your amplifier you can press this and listen to the mono track on both speakers or alternately use a Y splitter cable to listen to the mono track on both speakers. Because you are using a 4 track playback head to listen to a two track tape there will be a small loss of volume due to the head only reading part of the mono track. Obviously for best results you need to play the twin track tape on a 2 track machine.
  9. Hi Dickie, Glad to hear that you and your wife enjoyed the audition and that you are now seeking a pair of 2905's, make sure that the ones you purchase come complete with the base weights ( if they don't then the current 2912 weights are available from Quad and are the same), I found that they make a big difference. Have not tried the Townsend stands so can't help there I am afraid.
  10. I think the Rosewood ones were £300, they were boxed and had had new tweeters fitted by KEF in February, the Walnut pair were £375 at the start of the day but I do not now if they were reduced towards the end.
  11. There were 2 pairs of Reference 2's at the Audiojumble in Tonbridge on Sunday, one pair in Walnut and the other in Rosewood, although they are floor standers they don't take up any more space than Reference 1's with stands.
  12. The first picture of yesterdays event loaded on their Facebook page, how many Wammers can you spot?
  13. I will have a couple of passive Pre's with me tomorrow Graham, an Icon Audio and an Audio Zone with Stevens and Billington TX102 transformers.