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    Teccy SP10 & SL1210
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  1. wizmax

    DIY record weight

    Love the plain Black one Tim.
  2. Especially as the postcode on page 1 is for Petersfield Railway Station not Barry's house. No doubt John and I will arrive together between 12.30 and 13.00 As far as food goes, as long as you are melting any cheese I should be alright plus I don'y do spicey. I can climb ladders and am not averse to visiting record shops.
  3. Why not try using right angled phono adapters with the Rothwells to limit the space needed behind integrated.
  4. They look great Dickie, so much like the picture you posted in your Quad 2805 thread, but without the Trolls in the background - obviously. Be interested in your observations regarding SQ with and without the bases. ps welcome to the club
  5. I think that's more like 35 years ago!