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    Technics SP10/SL-D3
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  1. Rogers speakers

    Like Graham I have owned LS6 and Studio 1's and currently have both Export Monitors and LS7's at home and would never have described any of them as wooly, so I think that unless your LS7's are faulty you have an amp - speakers mismatch. If you live anywhere near me you are always welcome to visit to compare your Rogers with mine as well as to my BC1's and Quad 989's.
  2. Is the WAM becoming less popular?

    Just tried PFM, AOS and AA and none of them are profiled!
  3. They sound great but the paint job is awful and they did not sell at the recent Audiojumble because of it. so it has to go.
  4. I have some Rogers LS7's that have been painted Silver - badly - will it remove the paint and varnish underneath so that I can refinish them and if so what is it?
  5. Jokes, old or new

    My late fathers claim to fame was that he was the official Wombles postman as his round was Wimbledon Common.
  6. New Fleetwood Mac book

    I've got this one, published in 1990.
  7. New date Sat Oct 14th

    A big thanks to Hilary and Graham for opening up their house to us, it was very enjoyable meeting several wammers for the first time as well as renewing old acquaintanceships. Much of the music played was new to me, but all of it all sounding, to my ear, well presented on Grahams' balanced high quality system. I don't remember seeing any cameras in use so probably no photos.
  8. Replacing Capacitors

    What are you accusing Graham of?
  9. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Very nice Brook
  10. Rca or BNC turntable to amp

    Had a Planer 3 and Elys many moons ago and thought it dull and lifeless, changed to a 401, 3009 Series 3 and V15 mark 4, which second hand at the time was not that much more expensive, what a difference.


    THIS SUNDAY (and yes I am shouting)

    He will have to wait until February for those, I'm not giving him any!

    See you in February Fernando.