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  1. wizmax

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    It was great seeing you again Fernando and I enjoyed the latest in our series of chats.
  2. wizmax

    Quad 22

    Quad say that they can service any piece of equipment they have made since 1936. Local independent engineers can also do this work and in my experience are cheaper than Quad, where are you located so that we can recommend someone local.
  3. wizmax

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    It was indeed an excellent day and as always I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although primarily a sale, Audiojumble has become a major social event in the Hi Fi calendar and there must have been at least 15 Wammers that I knew and probably many others in attendance selling, chatting and buying lots of bits they mostly didn't really need. I wheeled two trollys worth of kit into the hall and only put one lot back in the car six and a half hours later so I must have had a great day selling. By taking too long to decide whether or not to purchase a cassette deck and a tuner I managed to avoid buying any kit, only collected the two MoFi half speed mastered LP's that I had pre-ordered from Diverse Vinyl both of which I had been impressed with at Lurch's recent birthday BO. Thanks to all who stopped to say hello, the next event is on Sunday 6 October.
  4. wizmax

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    Sandwiches and cakes are available from the tea bar in the small hall but you will need to purchase early as they usually run short by lunchtime due to the fact that most stall holders start out from home at silly o clock to have their wares ready for sale at 08.30.
  5. wizmax

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    Music First Audio will also be running a demonstration in the Jubilee Room
  6. wizmax

    Amp power switch problem

    Hi Michael The service manual can be downloaded here:- You will need to register with hifi engine but its free and they do not contact you. The schematic of the power board is on page 15 and the parts list on page 23. Using the Polish photos and page 15, yes it is a relay.
  7. wizmax

    Tonbridge Audiojumble Sunday 17 February

    What table number?
  8. Have a look at the Tonbridge thread in the WAM Bake Off thread. Perhaps a mod could move this.
  9. From your first post I read that you did not want to purchase the machine but might be interested in spools, my mistake.
  10. I have lots, 00's, of blank reels of different sizes PM me your need and I am sure we can sort something out, if not as always the 'bay is your friend but avoid Ampex and check for splices.
  11. The short answer is yes, but what type of spools do you mean, pre recorded - blank - empty?
  12. wizmax

    What are you listening to right now?

    What's happened to this thread over the last hour, I actually recognize the vast majority of whats being played, doesn't happen very often.