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    Technics SP10/SL-D3
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    OL Encounter/Rohmann
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    Marantz SA-17SI SACD
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    Marantz DR17
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    Cambridge DacMagic
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    Audio Reaserch LS26
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    Ming Da 845 Mono's
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    ESL989 BC1's, LS7,
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    Stax Lamba Sig/SRMT1
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. wizmax

    Where would you sit.RAH.

    Have been to over 30 concerts in the hall and for the best sound I always sit in either the Arena, the Stalls or the Loggia boxes . As you go higher up the quality of sound becomes variable.
  2. wizmax

    Captain Pugwash

    Sounds like Master Mate to me.
  3. My 2013 C4 1.6HDi, hatchback not Picasso, has just had its annual service and MOT at 112,000 miles and everything went well. I have owned it for 2 years and it has been faultless with the exception of a blown lamp, which the dashboard display told me was faulty. I have done about 30,000 miles in it and have enjoyed the experience as it is very comfortable and reasonably quick. Road Tax is £20 a year and I have managed 64.1 miles per gallon during my ownership so it has been cheap to own. The local independent garage I use for servicing has two ancient KA's that it loans out to customers and they find them very reliable but I find them very uncomfortable.
  4. wizmax

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    No Chris, same old same old.
  5. wizmax

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Very nice Chris.
  6. wizmax

    Speakers - Best Performing Speakers sub £750

    There are a pair of KEF 104/2's in the classifieds which would work well with you Quad amps, I used to my 104/2's with a 34 and 405 and they sounded sublime, only broke up the combo when I went for Electrostatics.
  7. wizmax

    Technics SP10 mkII

    Not bad.
  8. wizmax

    Just to say hi

    Check out:- https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/forum/76-wam-shows-archive/
  9. wizmax

    Rip Off Audio

    You don't have to think about a thread Richard - start one.
  10. wizmax

    KEF 104/2 Raymond Cooke - £550

    Your Personal Info says West Sussex so why demo near Peterborough?
  11. wizmax

    Just to say hi

    Hi Axe and welcome. The is a very strong and active Southcoast Bake off posse, see Lurch's bake off thread , in the bake off sub forum. My place is always open for an informal session of you fancy, as are quite a few other locally. I live on Hayling and am retired so available most of the time (unless I am stick waving as Lurch calls it).
  12. wizmax

    Hifi Clearout

    PM sent
  13. wizmax

    Converting older AM/FM tuner to receive DAB radio stations

    Why, it's only in mono!
  14. wizmax

    Free tix to Audio Show 2018 Sep 22-23

    I have my Wam polo shirt and by September will probably need my matching Wam fleece.
  15. wizmax

    Free tix to Audio Show 2018 Sep 22-23

    Thanks for that Graham, just ordered and printed 2 tickets.