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  1. There have only been four constants at the 5 bake offs that John has generously hosted over the last year and in order of importance they are chips, John the venue and me, ALL of John's kit has changed, wammers have come and gone and come back again but Maris Piper chips have reigned supreme. Yesterdays anniversary bash was undoubtedly the best and largest gathering yet with 12 wammers spread over 2 rooms listening to some exceptional kit using a variety of analogue and digital sources over a period of more than 10 hours, John got up at 04.30 to do his early morning paper round and was just about awake when Jason and I left sometime after 21.00, great effort John. Those that brought kit along are to be commended, in no particular order they are Chris(GLB) - Jason(Blackmetalboon)- Ian(Baggawire) - Brook(Speedracer) and Jamie(Batteredhaggis), we really should club together and buy Jamie his own forklift to make transporting his Wilson Watt Puppies, Plinius power amp and Modwright pre easier top wamming Jamie. I had never heard Wilson speakers before and was very impressed with the sounds coming from them and the kit feeding them, spending most of my day in the playroom listening to them producing epic renditions of music I would not have remotely considered playing at home, such are the effects of bake offs. Special mention must go to Brook's new Goldring Lenco GL75 (See "Whats your bits and bobs" from Friday) which did not disgrace itself in front of a Vida phonostage, Modwright pre, Plinius power amp running in Class A and the aforementioned Wilsons, approximately £40k's of kit, great choice Brook. Re-reading what I have written above I realize that there is an additional constant at these gatherings, the relaxed and highly enjoyable atmosphere that permeates the whole day and that is purely down to John and the people he attracts, thanks mate.
  2. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Really looking forward to hearing it tomorrow Brook, and I'll have something with me you might like for your next project.
  3. Pioneer

    Try The Vintage Knob http://www.thevintageknob.org/ Click on Pioneer and then Pioneer Vaults, also check out 20 Series and Z1. Should be enough in there to get the juices flowing.
  4. Jason wished he had Chord pre and power. I can bring anything needed, even my Spendor BC1's so it does not sound rude. Ditching the second room is not an option as I would have to be in the same room as everyone else, and I might not like everyone else!
  5. The Ultimate Motor Car?

    New Company car?
  6. quad Z3 ribbon speakers

    Sorry, I followed the Hi Fi News link not realizing it was for the Z4
  7. quad Z3 ribbon speakers

  8. As its a mini DSP perhaps the speakers will turn into LS3/5a's .
  9. Jokes, old or new

    And you can't find anything better to do!!!