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  1. Unfortunately the owners manual shown on Vinyl Engine does not give a weight, or much at all actually.
  2. I have just pre ordered the single LP from Diverse Vinyl and was asked which version I wanted, the British or US. Apparently the US version is being pressed by QRP and having had good experiences with some of their other pressings I have ordered that version.
  3. Well the OP's budget of £60 somewhat limits the choice of a new or recent second hand amp, i am currently using 2 amps in my systems that are 40 years old and they are superb driving my Quad ESL2905s and Rogers LS5/9s so why not vintage amps?
  4. As per the Forum rules, you need to state the location of the speakers which of course will help anyone contemplating collecting them. GLWTS
  5. I think you will find that it was Norman Hunter who gave the ball away!
  6. Happy Birthday Dave, look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
  7. What you think is a SUT on the rack is in fact a passive pre.
  8. Yes, I also have the VHS tape recorded on the day plus the DVD box set purchased many years later.
  9. 34 years ago today, on Saturday 13th July 1984, was Live Aid.
  10. Hi Richard, I have a collection of 17 machines here on Hayling Island, why don't you bring your tapes to mine to check their condition, speed and playability before buying a machine. Robin
  11. How about Henry, @Toprepairman, of this parish, he is located just off the M25 in Leatherhead and has vast experience of valve circuits. I have used him several times and he always comes up trumps.
  12. Please can you put John and I down for this august gathering Joolz?