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    Teccy SP10 SL1210
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    Audio Reaserch LS26
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    Ming Da 845 Mono's
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  1. 100 volt power supply.
  2. How do Barrington and Glen count as one person?
  3. By the way, you have exceeded the limit for guests you set in the first post.
  4. wizmax

    Rogers speakers

    Hi Charlie and welcome to the Wam. I have owned 9 different pairs of Rogers speakers over the last 45 years, I am currently typing this listening to a pair of LS5/9s', I have not heard of this model. Some pictures might help.
  5. wizmax

    MP3 Download with Vinyl (Records)

    Your contract is with HMV, talk to them.
  6. wizmax

    Quad 909 power amp £450

    I refer you to post 12 where Indus has dropped the price to £390.
  7. wizmax

    What are you listening to right now?

    That's a lot of Euros for a floppy disc!
  8. wizmax

    Triangle Antal mk1 speakers for sale

    And being sold by a really great guy who looks after his equipment. I have heard these speakers on several occasions and have always been impressed with their clarity and coherence over a wide range of musical styles.
  9. wizmax

    Newbie Intro's

    Are becoming!!! Since November 2016 Lurch has hosted 10 major Bake Offs with 28 different Wammers attending, plus Lurch , John. In addition to that many mini BOs have taken place in and around the area so I think we can say that the South Coast is now the hot spot for BOs and gatherings on the Wam. In addition to that 10% of the rooms at this years Kegworth event were provided by the South Coast Bake Off Crew, all of whom had to travel 200 miles to get there.
  10. Ah yes, but Chris has been very clever and has passed all of the domestic headaches on to the pub where he is hosting the BO, so his "only" real worry is the guest list, the kit and the repertoire. Sorry I can't be with you but I have a reserved seat on Horse Guards Parade and they would not change their date so that I could attend the BO. Have a great day guys and gal.
  11. wizmax

    WANTED: 13A Power Cable Plug

    Presumably , you want a 13A 3 pin plug?
  12. wizmax

    What's yer bits'n'bobs ?

    At last a decent photo from John.