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  1. A few years old but vgc and in original box Drivers and foam headband replaced with Sennheiser original parts a couple of years ago All in perfect working order, just not getting used now kids older and we live in a bigger house Top notch headphones, very comfortable and amazing sound review here: Price £185 inc RMSD (due to £127 in parts spent!) I could do a deal on a headphone amp if you don't have one - custom made Neco Soundlab Bossfet v3 Pics if needed....they are headphones! Simon
  2. 250 sold on ebay, 82 and Hicap remain
  3. 250 now on eBay 82 and Hicap to follow unless someone is quick!
  4. simon-c

    Wilson Benesch Arcs

    Provisionally sold pending deposit
  5. simon-c

    Wilson Benesch Arcs

    Edit to add serial numbers G86RG07B G86RG07A
  6. Few nibbles no bites Last bump before the 'bay
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    Wilson Benesch Arcs

    Cheers Alex
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    Wilson Benesch Arcs

  9. To complement the WB arcs perfectly (see other thread), This makes a fantastic system and I must admit having spent a couple of hours listening to it this afternoon, I'm having second thoughts....but professor sensible had told me I've got too much 'stuff" Olive NAP 250, works perfectly, few very minor marks, last serviced at Naim 2003 (evidence available) inc power lead and lead plus box 900 pounds Olive NAC 82, works perfectly, no marks, never serviced as far as I'm aware, inc NAPSC, power lead, remote control but not in original box 850 pounds Olive Hicap, works perfectly, good condition, not sure if ever serviced, with me for 12 years, power lead and original box 325 pounds All fired up for testing this afternoon and sound glorious with the arcs and a SB touch, please note SBtouch, and speaker cables not included! As the light on the NAP250 isn't clear
  10. simon-c

    Wilson Benesch Arcs

    Thread updated with photos Still available new as part of the WB Odyssey range for £3450 SPECIFICATION: Description: 2 way, true linear phase, free space, ported enclosure, stand-mounted monitor Drive units: 1 x 170mm (7 in) Wilson Benesch Tactic bass / mid-range unit; 1 x 25mm (1 in) Soft dome, hand painted silk, ultra linear Wilson Benesch specification tweeter Frequency range: -6dB at 42Hz and 30kHz; -3dB at 45Hz and 25kHz Sensitivity: 88dB spl at 1metre on axis. 2.83V input Impedance 6 Ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum Crossover: first order mid-range crossover; second order tweeter crossover. Selected polypropylene capacitors and air cored inductors are used throughout Internal wiring: multi stranded, silver plated copper, PTFE jacketed cable harnesses. Soldered connections throughout. Shortpath P.C.B. design. Links supplied for single or bi-wire applications Input connections: Bi-wireable, in-house machined gold plated copper alloy terminals Power handling: 200W peak unclipped programme Maximum SPL: 111dB at 1 metre Height: 950mm on stand Width: 230mm Depth: 370mm Internal volume: 10.5 litres Weight 10kg or 20kg with stand
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    Wilson Benesch Arcs

    Sorry msg box emptied
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    Wilson Benesch Arcs

    Thanks Neil, appreciated I agree they are splendid speakers, lots of pm's from pink fishers, no love for these on the wam though? Simon
  13. Finally getting around to sorting out the hifi left over after a house move and rationalisation! These were bought from Bob H as a private sale (who is a dealer) a few years back after he replaced them with some Discoveries, really good condition, black Carbon fibre with Brushed ali cheeks and integral stands. Really nice speakers that have been replaced with Curves, can go in a corner / close to wall as they have down firing bass ports. Pics to come Come with substantial dedicated boxes. £1000 ono In the boxes they are v large and I would strongly recommend pick up. In Oxford. Coming soon a NAC 82, HiCap and NAP 250 olive, but need to dig them out! Simon
  14. simon-c

    wilson benesch act with valves

    Not Strictly valves, I'm driving my curves with a Copland CTA 405 integrated Seems to work well, tamed some bass/room issues recently with Linn Space on the DS