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  1. Hi do you still have the C5i? Sorry ignore me I'm an idiot I just read your last post!
  2. I notice this was posted a while back but wondered if this has this gone?
  3. It allows for close boundary placement. We've found it also helps tune the speakers to the room, facing them in or out helps reduce "room boom".
  4. Available for sale are two pairs of Royd Troubadour loudspeakers. These both come with the MkII crossovers. BLACK - £750 [ex-demo] SOLID MAPLE - £850 [cancelled special order] Please email for more information.
  5. Just a gentle reminder that Clerkenwell Design Week kicks off tomorrow. If you are in town please feel free to pop in to our pop up demo!
  6. Lovely, thanks for all the replies. I've chatted to Peter at Deco before so I'll start there and work my way out. Many thanks everyone for pitching in to the thread.
  7. Thanks, great suggestions. Seems they have moved up to Lincolnshire?
  8. The upcoming launch of our new Atom stand mount speaker has generated quite a bit of interest and despite an industry move to direct sales there is still a need to listen to Hi Fi kit. Our approach to this problem was by releasing demo speakers to be passed around by various forum members so they could listen in their own space. However many have still asked if we intend to offer our speakers through a dealer network. With this in mind we are starting to research several options starting locally at first in the South East because we are based in Oxfordshire. It is important that the dealers we consider are ones you respect. If you can spare a moment to pop down a dealer that you use either regularly or occasionally that has impressed you we would be really grateful.
  9. Introducing the new Royd Atom loudspeaker We're really pleased to announce this new addition to our line up which builds on the success of the Troubadour. Those who are interested in listening to the latest Royd loudspeaker can hear it during Clerkenwell Design Week. We're sharing a small workshop space within the Craft Central building near Farringdon station. Details of the event can be found here We'll be demoing between the: 24th and 25th May from 4pm - 7pm Location can be found here Thank you and hope to see you there!