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  1. HUGE HUGE thanks to Tim, Kate and Jack for being such great hosts. It was great to meet up again with old and new friends. Food and company was top notch as usual ! Oh and the music and Hifi stuff was great as well. Wish Jack good luck from me when he is competing in Denmark this week.
  2. A Rock n Roll mix for a Sunday Morning. Maria Daines is a multi-award winning International vocalist and songwriter whose band opened for US artist Pink at Cardiff International Arena at the 'Party for Animals' world wide concert in 2007, the last date of Pink's 'I'm Not Dead' tour, raising over £90,000 for animal welfare charities. Recently, the Maria Daines Band supported the legendary Hawkwind on several UK tour dates, including Rock4Rescue at Shepherd's Bush Empire. Past shows include supporting Wishbone Ash and The Groundhogs. Based in the UK, Maria and guitarist/producer Paul Killington write songs in many genres. Maria writes lyrics and melodies and multi-instrumentalist Paul composes the music, playing all live instruments on their recordings. Daines/Killington extensive back catalogue is published in the UK by North Star Music Ltd. Several songs feature in film documentary, 'Saving America's Horses', 'A Minority Pastime' and 'Dark Water Rising' the survival stories of family pets rescued during Hurricane Katrina. https://open.spotify.com/album/17vzDNTVyPN3GPhytX2BMk https://www.deezer.com/en/album/10032294
  3. Ok . I'll try an album just new to me recently.
  4. I'll have a go at this Bazzer, so who's turn is it now !
  5. Hi Tim, I see Dave (no.9 ) can't make it, does that mean I'm off the subs bench. I could bring my whole system or bits if you want. I would like to bring my turntable and phono, now it sounds a bit better than before, but it still has a bit more to go, so still experimenting.
  6. I like the V6's, they are not the cheapest op amp around but they do sound good. A DC servo board was added to reduce the DC on the output down to less than 1mv. All this work was done by Chevron Audio. I've had the Vivid V6 dual in my DDDAC for awhile now , well since they came out and it sounds great to me, so I thought I'd try them in my Dino. I'm still evaluating them at the moment in the Dino as I have just put it on today. They seem to tame the Dino's brightness which I thought it had and separate all the instruments a lot better, all pleasant, musical and coherent at the moment. Playing some Jazz, Ben Wester as it is easy to pick out things in the mix, so far so good . The Classic V6 is also good but I find them a bit smoother than the vivid in my system ( preference really) I think the Vivid have more attack and punch about them. They are both good op amps and I would recommend you try both flavours to see what suits your system. Playing Jennifer Warnes now , nice pace , clarity atmosphere and bass , yes definitely showing an improvement on the standard Dino now ! More musically balanced if that makes sense.
  7. Going to give my Trichord Dino with Burson Vivid V6 op amps a play with today to hear how it sounds.
  8. Today's 50p CD charity shop bargain. Prince - Crystal Ball ( 4 cd's )
  9. Ok. I get your point. I Think. Maybe I should of wrote this, please read below. Sheffield Bakeoff....... A gentleman called Mark is trying to drum up like minded Hifi enthusiasts whom might like to attend a potential Hifi event called a bakeoff in Sheffield. Mark lives in Sheffield and he is also member of a Hifi forum called AOS, so if anyone is interested just follow this link below for more details. https://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?65420-Interest-Check-Sheffield-Bake-Off As far a being an assumption well I believe that this is an AOS bakeoff as i first seen it being advertised in the AOS 's community network section which is where they advertise their bakeoffs , so hence I believe it to be true. I think the Wigwam does the same and they call it Wam Bakeoffs which is the very section that your reading from now. The information is ment to be helpful and I presume you have followed the link so you can now make up your own mind what you want to call it.