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  1. Hello. I am still not ready yet to ship. You are 170 miles away
  2. Jib HF007A Balance Signal Cable Balanced XLR Cable 1 m, boxed. I bought them on bay but never used. Gold plated plugs. Excellent condition. £70 delivered in UK
  3. I've got 1 metre JIB-Germany Xlr-Xlr interconnects boxed mint condition. £70 delivered in UK. Please pm if interested.
  4. I can deliver 50 miles from Luton for fuel cost.
  5. Hi At the moment I don't have proper size box to send it. Once I have box will switch from collection to delivery available.
  6. I am sorry for mistake. Can it be moved there please?
  7. Hi I prefer collection. They are fairly heavy. If no interest for collection, I will consider shipping option later.
  8. On offer for collection only classical vinyls from series The Great Musicians. J.S. Bach-Beethoven Brahms-Tchaikovsky-Mozart etc. Vinyls look like they have never been played and are in fantastic condition. 33RPM. Quality pressing made in Italy in 60-s. £35 for over 80 vinyls.
  9. Hi For sale is one of best Sony turntable PS-6750 from 70-s. Unfortunately the lid and hinges are lost. Also Sony badge in the front is missing. Despite of this it is in very nice condition. Lack of use force sale. I've bought it few years ago, but I never get space for turntable. It's been stored carefully in room temperature. All working smooth. I am not sure about cartridge condition, probably replacement needed. More photos are available on request. £SOLD for collection only.
  10. Thanks I didn't know that. That's true Telefunkens are priced high, but they never sound less than very good and they are long life tubes. Good luck in finding nice example.
  11. OK. Do you mean red tip is taken off working equipment - used?