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  1. photowizz

    Digital cables

    Last call. away on Friday for over 2 weeks. Free shipping if you are quick.
  2. photowizz

    Digital cables

    Hi There isn't a website specifically for the cables as far as I know. Below is a photo of the rear of the box. Path Premier stopped trading years ago but I assume the cable manufacturer is the same as Kontak cleaner. by
  3. photowizz

    Digital cables

    Kontak Link Series high quality digital cables, new and unused. All with WBT connectors. Tatty outer boxes. 2 x boxes of Link 507...0.5 metre digital RCA-RCA. "75 Ohm wide bandwidth coax, silver clad OFC conductor, double screened with silver clad and OFC copper braid, locking WBT plugs" List price was £139.95....want £39 each 2 x boxes of Link 505...0.5 metre digital RCA-RCA. "75 Ohm, wide bandwidth coax cable. OFC copper conductor, double screened with dual layer OFC copper braid. WBT plugs" List price was £89.95... want £19 each Shipping by CollectPlus Economy £3.99 or collect from near Windsor, Berks.
  4. photowizz

    Golf in the S.E.

    Couple of years too late for me. I used to be seriously into the game. Club captain, President of the Radio Industry Golf Society, played in European Tour pro-ams and so on. Lowest round 71. Still my last rounds were fun. Hans Merensky, Sun City and Leopard Creek in South Africa, Merensky borders Kruger Park and you often have to wait for giraffes to get off the tee, Hippos and crocs in the water hazards and Warthogs, Impala and Baboons on the fairways!
  5. photowizz

    bird photography help required

    Certainly worth a try with the Oly set up if the light is good, but, being realistic, you are unlikely to get any decent publishable images with any combination unless you can get nearer. Even with big crops in LR. We are in Ballater regularly and have often seen Golden Eagles soaring above Glen Muick and Findhorn Valley. Even with a 150-600 and 1.4x tele convertor on a Canon 1DX (FF) or 7DII (crop body). they were just too far away. I can crop hard in post and get an image but nothing I could consider publishing. You just have to get nearer which is not that easy! There is an estate just outside Ballater which offers Eagle photography experiences but it's horrendously expensive and didn;t happen at all in 2018 as the eggs didn't hatch. Just a thought.There is a new Nikon P1000 bridge camera with a monumental zoom (125x) which might be worth a try. IQ looks almost decent from what I have seen but you will need good light which might be a problem. It's £999 and not available just yet but worth considering. Check out reviews on Youtube.
  6. photowizz

    Canon EOS R Full Frame Mirrorless

    This EOS-R weighs less than your K-5. 660 gram against 750 gram (both with batteries) Size is pretty close too.135 x 98 x 84 for Canon, 131 x 97 x 73 for K-5. The main difference is in the depth of grip. I rate the Canon colours far more natural than alternatives but each to their own of course.
  7. photowizz

    Goodwood Festival Of Speed

    That Apollo was an amazing looking car. My first FOS, although I have been to the circuit many times and even hired it once. I still like NL's car even after all these years.
  8. photowizz

    National Vintage Communications Fair

    Good to see you today Wizmax. Beobloke too.
  9. photowizz

    National Vintage Communications Fair

    Me too, stall H6/7
  10. photowizz

    It's official. Aussie CHEATS.

  11. photowizz

    It's official. Aussie CHEATS.

    Cricket Australia are sending over their 'Head of Integrity' to investigate.
  12. photowizz

    It's official. Aussie CHEATS.

    Cameron Bancroft caught cheating today in the test match at Cape Town. Ball tampering. At the press conference, Captain of the cheats Steve Smith admits that he knew it was happening. Uproar on Twitter #sandpapergate
  13. photowizz

    Meridian M80 Tossed in to Landfill

    Sadly, this seems to be a major problem with Meridian. I've had a few of their high end products over the years that needed servicing/ repair and not once have they agreed to take on the problems. That included two 800 series items and active speakers. Each time, they recommended Chris at Meridian Repair Shop but he has packed it in too now. Henry, toprepairman on here, can do most of the work but getting parts is a problem.
  14. photowizz

    Sony A7 iii

    This is just an example of what kind of service Sony have to be able to offer pros.
  15. photowizz

    Selling Vinyl

    That's brilliant news TK and just the shove I need to clear mine. I haven't been to Omega for a while, about time they received a van full of vinyl! There are nearer ones to me but Omega appear to get excellent results regularly so they will get mine.