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  1. I’m using Townsends under mine, look better but cost a grand rather than £100 and they do exactly the same job and arguably the custom ones would do a better job being pricisely to weight as opposed to the broader nature of mine. I’d suggest to any potential buyer that they add these, they make a fantastic difference
  2. Stupidly low price, at double that they would be cheap! Ive Heard- these plenty of times and they sound great, big venue great and the build quality is fantastic I go to Dick for a lot of my diy work and his attention to detail and finishing skills are fantastic and I’m a fussy git , ain’t that right mate?! He will be modifying my Berning amp over the next couple weeks too, wouldn’t trust it to just anybody!
  3. The 6H30p is a 10,000 hour valve, I use them in my pre, very special valve especially in the dr version like I use As far as a c19 is concerned, a few screw on ur favourite mains cable and the swap to the high current version of the iec is complete!
  4. The iec inlet is rated for 16A in America the same fitting would be 20A due to lower voltage but the unit wouldn’t eat half of that Valve wise, tubes would last far longer than a couple years unless u left the smp on 24/7 Great bit of kit anyway, warrants a good home GLWTS bud
  5. Surely TgeFlash has already bought this? I was going to have it but he was too quick on the uptake, would have made a nice transport for a headphone system
  6. £1 listing weekend so on eBay also
  7. Cheers guys! I forgot to add that the amp has had 8 Mundorf Silver/Gold in Oil caps fitted in the power supply section, to some considerable cost but worth it!
  8. Gamut D200 mkIII A truly world class power amplifier! I’ve owned this particular one for two years now and I am the second owner, they don’t seem to get passed around very much due to their pedigree. I’ve had brief spells with other solid state amplifiers during my time owning the Gamut, namely, Plinius, Pass, Lavardin, Aaron, Esoteric, Ayre etc and there was always something about the Gamut that kept me going back to it. It’s very authoritative but has a great balance of being able to handle more delicate passages with a very silent background. The power supply section has had 8 Mundorf Silver/Gold in Oil Caps fitted to a significant cost but well worth it! Being able to put out 200wpc into 8 ohms, 400wpc into 4 ohms and 700wpc into 2 ohms it has the ability to grip and drive practically any speaker and along with the internal switches on each channel which allows for preamplifier gain matching and even a position for passive preamps it’s an incredibly flexible amplifier. Currently it is switched to -6db, with -12db being for high gain preamps and the “off” setting specifically for passive pres. Manual is here: http://www.zs-acoustics.com/d200i_userguide.pdf It’s also a simplistically good looking amp and has well laid out sockets on the rear. very much unlike what I’m considering in valve form!! With the ability to use RCA or XLR fully balanced inputs, with two sets of speaker outputs, one set is direct with no safety circuit and one has the safety circuit implemented - there is a little more transparency on the direct outputs but the amp is so transparent anyway I could use either or, neither degrades the open extended highs or dampens midrange tonality and vibrancy, upper bass drive or detailed lower bass lines. Lately with the addition of a REL sub used wirelessly in my room, I ran my speakers direct and the REL’s wireless transmitter from the protected outputs with no issues at all. Now to why I’m selling...I’ve simply got the valve bug again, it happens every few years. I spend time with valves, hanker for some serious transistor wallop, change again and on it goes. I don’t have much room for anymore amps just sitting around as recently I’ve been condensing everything down at home Hifi related or not and beginning to put some stuff in storage as I’m looking to move home. These retailed around £10k with price fluctuations etc I’m looking for £2750 Postage isn’t an issue as it’s very well protected and double boxed So I’m happy to discuss options and costings Comes with manual and unused power cord It works incredibly well with IsoAcoustics Indigo OREA pucks, I may be persuaded to throw a set in...
  9. Ah cheers! The top usable space for equipment feet distance is 430 x 300mm, tge overall width is 510mm Material wise they are all the same as far as I’m aware, being a combination of materials sandwiched together to dissipate vibration into heat which I’m told by the owner can be measured with a digital thermometer when vibration is active
  10. SOLD These actually work! The only reason I’m selling is I have upgraded my rack and these simply don’t fit on the new shelves. heres the website information Custom Designs philosophy is to achieve business through product ingenuity and service success with a social responsibility for environmental friendly practices to every product we design and manufacture. The Quadraphonic iRAP have been introduced by Custom Design as a result of our customers requests. Customers perceptions of Hi-Fi furniture have changed, design is important, contemporary more than accessory. That is why the Quadraphonic iRAP isolation platforms have been introduced as a piece of furniture, then with the 32 years of experience and knowledge the details added to enhance and provide our customers with a discrete, definitive isolation platform manufactured to the acoustic highest standards without compromise. The Quadraphonic iRAP ( Isolation-Resonance-Absorbing-Platform ) are manufactured from Custom Design’s world renowned Acoustic Steel and Acoustic Aluminum. Designed to absorb and dampen unwanted resonance vibration, the Quadraphonic iRAP isolate equipment from the supporting system by converting the energy form that can be generated by your support and other products. It does this through a patented polymer system which is sandwiched, between 2 sheets of steel and 2 sheets of aluminum (constrained layer dampening system). The patent polymer converts the unwanted reasonance to negligible heat through friction. The resulting improvements are significant and the versatility of the Quadraphonic iRAP enables them to be adapted to any support system, only requiring 45mm of height. without the solid aluminum isolation feet or 55mm with. Available in 2 sizes, 430mm x 300 and 430mm x 340mm (custom sizes available on request), the Quadraphonic iRAP offers total ridigity and total isolation providing a magnitude in clarity, detail and separation compared to your standard Hi-Fi shelf support. The biggest direct result is an improvement to the bass, resulting in more precision, better accurate timing and an inky blackness and depth of bass frequency, with a significant improvement in the dynamic range and detail. All combined the Quadraphonic iRAP provide a perfect upgrade for our more concerning customer and their Hi-Fi system. Custom Built service available on request View IRAP graph Quadraphonic iRAP 6mm Acoustic Steel Base Plinth 510mm wide x 380mm depth Quadraphonic iRAP 6mm Acoustic Aluminum Plinth 430mm wide x 300mm depth or 430mm x 340mm optional M8 Nickle Plated allen key adjustable isolation spikes suppiled as standard M8 Nickled Plated Spikes cover Supplied as standard 4 Soild Aluminum Isolation feet supplied as standard available in Brushed Chrome, Chrome or Black 10mm steel Isolation Bearing supplied as standard These cost £350 each and I’d like £150 each They include the spike shoes Image: Quadraphonic Isolation view Image: Qyadraphonic iRAP Image: Quadraphonic iRAP Isolation with Equipment