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  1. The reason that the Lindemann is classified by many as a CD/Transport/DAC is due to its separated individually isolated parts. This is a fully fledged and incredible sounding DAC, with a separate CD Transport, the unit has digital outputs too, to enable it as a transport, or simply put a disk in its lovely mechanism and it becomes a CD Player - very very flexible. The 825 has a high quality outboard power supply in order to remove any interference into the delicate signal path and is connected by a decent length umbilical allowing for easy placement. Its fully balanced or single ended out, has multiple digital inputs, including Lindemann latest revision of their USB interface and has specially designed isolation feet, not just the generic cheap crap u get on some high end units! I have the original packaging, manuals, discs, cables and cable tidy thing too. Soundwise, well it’s pretty exceptional, there’s a ton of sparkling reviews around the web, what I enjoyed about it tho was its rhythm, detail and presence, it really is a fantastic piece of kit. I only stream, so don’t need a CD Player or Transport and I’m looking to upgrade again so need to raise some funds for the next front end combo RRP - £6,950 at Audio Emotion https://www.audioemotion.co.uk/lindemann-825-high-definition-disc-player-685-p.asp Will sell for £2,750 - no buyers remorse included! I can see one on eBay currently for £3,600 Postage is an option, so contact me to discuss
  2. I bought this new from DiDiT just before it was first released to replace the standard 212 I had before. It is a clear upgrade over the previous version and was better than a Hugo TT2 I had on demo also. Although it only has XLR outputs, the output is changeable in the menu from the menu from balanced to single ended mode and either some XLR to rca adapters or an XLR to rca cable can be used, I have done exactly this when using it with different amps and it works perfectly. There are some marks around the rear where the case has been caught reaching around plugging in cables I don’t have the original box, I was never given one on purchase as I bought it just before release but it is full spec, actually it went back to DiDiT a year ago for some new software upgrades and at the same time they upgraded some capacitors to the latest spec. I have the remote and the HDMI I2s adapter which allows the two forms of pin configuration for I2s to be utilised It is an incredibly resolving, fast and tonally well balanced unit, with a fantastic headphone amplifier Lots of glowing reviews and I know that there has been an industry professional blind test conducted respectfully against various DACs from Chord, Esoteric and DCS with the concencous being a majority preferring the DiDiT This is a serious DAC RRP £3800 - will sell for £1750
  3. Was using the Bigir Carbon CC which is much better and has just been sold
  4. Selling on behalf of a friend These are phenomenal headphones! They were bought new by him one year ago from Cheshire Audio for £3800, I will include the receipt Lightly used and in excellent condition with everything they came with. Not including the STAX headphone stand and dust cover but could sell these too I guess Bargain price of £2600
  5. Can’t do bigger pics Phil, haven’t got enough space available, could only upload 2mb so needed to shrink em
  6. I’m using Townsends under mine, look better but cost a grand rather than £100 and they do exactly the same job and arguably the custom ones would do a better job being pricisely to weight as opposed to the broader nature of mine. I’d suggest to any potential buyer that they add these, they make a fantastic difference
  7. Stupidly low price, at double that they would be cheap! Ive Heard- these plenty of times and they sound great, big venue great and the build quality is fantastic I go to Dick for a lot of my diy work and his attention to detail and finishing skills are fantastic and I’m a fussy git , ain’t that right mate?! He will be modifying my Berning amp over the next couple weeks too, wouldn’t trust it to just anybody!
  8. The 6H30p is a 10,000 hour valve, I use them in my pre, very special valve especially in the dr version like I use As far as a c19 is concerned, a few screw on ur favourite mains cable and the swap to the high current version of the iec is complete!
  9. The iec inlet is rated for 16A in America the same fitting would be 20A due to lower voltage but the unit wouldn’t eat half of that Valve wise, tubes would last far longer than a couple years unless u left the smp on 24/7 Great bit of kit anyway, warrants a good home GLWTS bud
  10. Surely TgeFlash has already bought this? I was going to have it but he was too quick on the uptake, would have made a nice transport for a headphone system