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    DIY Hadcock / MMIII
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    on board LS100
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    Auralic Aries Femto
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  1. MotherSky

    F/S. Thorens TD 125 Mk 11 turntable.

    This is a ridiculous bargain - can also vouch for Jon as a completely trustworthy seller - I can't justify (domestically) a third turntable, or I would have this in the blink of an eye..
  2. MotherSky


    You are right of course - highlighting this element was ill considered - perhaps it is the perceived proliferation of offboard power supplies and my hatred for "upgrade" options that turn out to be necessary for acceptable performance - I suppose my real complaint is that I don't enjoy endless tweaking with digital equipment - I have the analogue domain for that - If only the "bits are bits, it's all just zeroes and ones" dogma were borne out by my experience, I'd have been saved an awful lot of tedium...
  3. MotherSky


    Hmm - in a way this sums up my frustration with my latest audio 'journey' - lots of previously marginal issues seem to disproportionately affect sound quality in a way that makes no rational sense - I am seriously considering abandoning the whole Idea of streaming/file based audio and going back to CDs - I understand physical media and know how to make it work properly - the whole of what might loosely be referred to as computer audio seems absurdly complex and difficult to get right - stupidly expensive power supplies are just the tip of the iceberg
  4. MotherSky

    vintage hifi dealers in midlands

    Classique Sounds Leicester would be worth a look - I've found them to be very friendly and helpful in the past - MH
  5. MotherSky

    Wtd: digital stuff

    Comet plus on PFM currently for £1800 - MH
  6. MotherSky

    Suitable amplifier for b&w 803

    I would be inclined to keep an eye out for an Audio Analogue Maestro - it has had various incarnations, the latest of which would not be in budget, but an earlier model, as a second hand buy, would be well worth considering - in my experience it is very well voiced for B&W kit - MH
  7. MotherSky

    What pre-amplifier for £2-3k

    I would second this - I can't see how you'd do better for that sort of outlay - to my ears Modwright kit is just so well balanced. As an aside, I tried really hard to like the Music First pre (the original copper wound version) but found it sucked all the life out of the music....
  8. MotherSky

    FS - Atlas Mavros AES/EBU digital cable

    Sold pending payment.....
  9. For Sale Atlas Mavros AES/EBU 0.5M - unmarked condition, boxed - system reconfiguration has made this surplus to requirements - an excellent cable purchased by me from Futureshop for about £300 if memory serves - how does £120 including RM special delivery sound? drop me a PM if you would like any further info - collection welcome from Shrewsbury area - PPG or cash on collection - MH
  10. Picking blind, I'd go (Marantz)/Caspian/LS50 as a starting point - I've never got along with ATC or Focal kit - if it were me, I'd move those on and add a decent sealed cab sub...
  11. MotherSky

    FS - Uptone Regen USB filter/reclocker

    should probably list this on ebay bump....
  12. MotherSky

    Wanted - Audio Analogue Puccini amplifier

    I owned the Puccini SE (original non remote version) for several years - I auditioned it alongside the non SE version and thought it was streets ahead - I'm pretty sure I paid £450 brand new from Oxford Audio Consultants (1998?) - the matching Paganini CD player I didn't think was much cop - certainly not as good as the Arcam Alpha 6 I had at the time - I found B&W speakers an excellent match (I tried a LOT of speakers, and ended up with the CDM1se) - my brother still has my old amp, and it's never missed a beat - it has a sort of easy going character that makes everything listenable - the phono stage is also very respectable - really nicely made as well - happy hunting - MH
  13. MotherSky

    TECHNICS SL 150 turntable

    These can sound really good with a bit of fiddling - I knocked up a Rega armboard and stuck an old RB300 on one for a friend wondering about returning to vinyl - he put an AT110e on it, and is still using it as his main deck - a serious bargain at £90
  14. MotherSky

    From ugly ducking

    That looks very smart Graham - I do think my counterpane makes a better backdrop than your worktop though... must also say that have also had excellent service in the past from J7/Johnnie - I really fancy trying his unipivot once my ship comes in
  15. Uptone Regen USB device for sale - very highly thought of in its native USA, I believe the designer is also responsible for key filtering elements of the MicroRendu - I bought this to use between my laptop and DAC to dip my toe in the streaming waters as it were... having now invested in a boutique network bridge crammed to the gills with filtering and reclocking circuitry, this is now superfluous - I did find it made a substantial difference to the output from the USB socket on my laptop, even without resorting to linear power supplies and similar voodoo - more details can be found through the above links - yours for the princely sum of £85 + £2.50 postage, PPG or BT - collection welcome from Shrewsbury area - if you need more info drop me a PM - MH