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  1. I believe that the Holo Spring DAC is a discrete R2R and has an excellent reputation - I have not heard one, but I do use an Aqua La Voce S3, which is an NOS discrete R2R design - I can honestly say that after a great deal of experimentation, that I have found an innate musicality and sense of timing that I hadn't fully realised that my previous DACs lacked, despite being incredibly impressive in "hifi" terms (resolution/imaging/soundstage etc) - for me at least, this had added the missing X factor - Aqua did use R2R chips on previous DACs, and everything leads me to believe that excellent results can also be achieved using this approach, but I wouldn't always expect the graphs produced by that "Audioscience" pinhead to support this assertion, or indeed my personal experience - YMMV etc. MH
  2. Do you mean Ifi SMPS? I would say that there is no comparison - the Teradak is a very well designed and executed LPS that only falls short onlyonce you compare it to something like an Sbooster (I have both) - Looking back at your original post, though - what about the Shanti? Seems like a no brainer for your purposes, I have a friend who uses one and has nothing but praise for it. MH
  3. Teradak, as mentioned above - unbeatable VFM
  4. Whilst I feel sure everyone appreciates your erudite contributions to this thread, it seems to me you are being somewhat presumptuous - has the OP said that he is buying this device? Has he extolled its virtues and composed an ode praising its astonishing value for money? No - he has it on trial, and is going to assess it and report his findings - I for one am interested in the potential of this sort of technology, even if I might have to wait many years for it to trickle down to any kind of affordable level - there is a massive amount of kit I could never afford and have no direct experience of that I don't feel the need to randomly denigrate, but I suppose we all have different ideas of what constitutes polite/acceptable behaviour - it is a little bit tedious, though.
  5. Ignoring the white noise on this thread so far: Are you going to be able to compare this with any other reclocking devices? I use an Uptone ISOregen with an Ultrcap LPS-1 - I have no clear idea as to which elements of its function are beneficial (reclocking/galvanic isolation/separate clean 5v supply) but I wouldn't be without it - given that even buying new, the Uptone setup is a fraction of the cost of the Innuos, it would be interesting to know just how much further it's possible to push this kind of technology, and at what point diminishing returns kick in - I look forward to your thoughts - MH
  6. If it were me, and I simply wanted to raise the maximum amount of money, I would carefully separate the arm and deck, dispense with the plinth altogether, and list them separately on eBay with lots of very detailed photos - I would also obtain lots of decent packing material, and be prepared to box them up and send them anywhere - any other approach may provide more convenience, but definitely less hard cash - MH
  7. This would be my choice for driving the Gales - no VU meters, but they are bloody good when in decent order and certainly have plenty of oomph
  8. For sale - Oyaide usb A to usb B cable as per thread title - unmarked condition - whatever you may think about USB cables, this one is superbly constructed, and can be yours for a mere £15 plus postage Actually has a bit of a following for those of us who are so inclined: PPG or cash on collection (near Shrewsbury) PM for further deets
  9. That's disappointing - not speakers that come up often from what I can see. I don't think you'd mentioned a budget, and I'm not sure whether you're soliciting other suggestions, but these have caught my eye more than once: I think even I might be persuaded to let go of my Proacs for a pair of these...
  10. Any news? Keen to hear progress report if you feel like sharing
  11. Have looked at the Schiit Freya+ and Saga+ ? No experience myself, but would seem to kill numerous birds with one stone (apologies to vegan readers for the insensitive use of this expression)
  12. That is a cool amp - one of the things I dreamt of when I was a teenager - could you perhaps source s second silver slider knob thing for the balance? GLWS etc. MH
  13. I went to the same school as Coleridge - I quite understand why he ended up taking laudanum...