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  1. graham67

    budget phono stage bakeoff anyone?

    second postscript I made some enhancements to the above Marantz/Rogers system and thought it worth providing an update. After several.months searching I bagged a used Graham Slee PSU 1 to replace the cheap supplied plug top PSU which was also an annoying high pitched noise. The PSU-1 needs to be positioned a foot or so away from the phono stage to avoid inducing a mild hum, so it sat at the bottom of the rack in the opposite corner to the Gram 2. Unlike the noisy plug top Psu, it emits virtually no noise in.operation. Suffice to say it was easy to hear a significant improvement. In earlier posts I mentioned the presentation was rather bright and toppy. The PSU1 instantly rebalances the presentation giving a fuller richer mid and fuller bottom end, without losing the energy that the Rogers need. I wasn't able to the other stages so can't say how it compares to the LDA MM-1 however it definitely brings the Gram 2 to a whole different level. Happy with the vinyl sound I then swapped the cheap Marantz integrated for an older but well cared for Sugden Optima 80 integrated line amp. This took about three notes to hear the difference and which allowed the Technics Q202 /AT-440Mla / Slee stage + PSU 1 to shows its potential. My dad who is no audiophile, but did dabble in student bands, commented on a Decca Tom Jones track how he could now hear the double bass rhythm and the fingers on the strings as you would playing Iive. " That's amazing" he added, so job done (at least it would be if my parents didn't keep play MFPs finest 😉). IMO, it is certainly worth trying the PSU-1 if you already have a Slee stage and are using a plug top supply. It transformed the Gram2 from a rather flawed budget stage into a very good low priced MM stage.
  2. graham67

    weight and diameter of techy 1200 counterweight

    Just for future reference, I found a 110g CW fitted to an SL1500 bought for parts. Despite having no plastic inner sleeve, it was the same inner diameter as the 90g CW it replaced. This 110g CW was a good tight fit on the Q202 stub and was the perfect weight for balancing out an ML440 cart plus plastic VTA spacers. I am not sure if Technics offered heavier weights as options or did they fiddle with the CW mass to match the prevailing cart trends of the day?
  3. graham67

    JBL K2 9800

    I agree with this, I have found that many bigger standmounts, as typically sold in 70s/80s, work well in smaller UK rooms. As you say they produce decent bass but not too much to overpower the room.
  4. graham67

    Dual 510 turntable - excellent condition

    sold on the bay
  5. graham67

    Amplifiers for bass

    just buy the krell ksa-100 😉
  6. graham67

    FS: Krell KSA 100 MK2 Amplifier

    have heard and loved the ksa-50, this must be even better. Classic old school US OTT engineering - lovely 😊 (hernia excepted). glws
  7. graham67

    Denon HA500 Head Amp

    hi Brooke, out of interest, is the front fascia silver or champagne? I.much prefer the black case of yours ,mine is dated brownish colour. did you paint the top panel black or did they also come in black.
  8. graham67

    Denon HA500 Head Amp

    This was a bargain 😊. I bought one of these after hearing Brook's HA -500 at kegworth. Makes a truly excellent match with the AT OC -9 which likes the same 100ohm load into a head amp. If the new buyer gets the upgrade itch, Angus (Phonomac on AOS), can recap these and modify to.produce a close to 1 box HA-1000. The one i bought has these mods and it is a killer head-amp, which I prefer to using a SUT. If the new buyer wants to compare to the Phonomac modded HA-500 and can get to Surrey, drop me a pm and you can bring this over to compare.
  9. graham67


    On a drive back south, I dropped into Julian's place and found far too many records which I took away. It was good fun, Julian is a real gent, we had a good chat and drank lots of tea. Thanks Julian!
  10. Second this recco. Henry worked on my cs600 a few years ago so is more than familiar with your amp. As usual, he also did a great job ☺
  11. graham67

    vintage hifi dealers in midlands

    Great, thanks for the tip Macklow. Will pass it on ☺
  12. graham67

    vintage hifi dealers in midlands

    hi, I am looking for a recommendation for a vintage hifi dealer in notts/midlands area. i sold an item to a relative newbie building a vintage system looking for some efficient speakers to pair with a 10w Sansui. can anyone suggest some places for him to try? thanks graham
  13. graham67

    Garrard 301 + Ply/Corian plinth

    that looks lovely ddd 😊
  14. graham67

    Snell Speakers

    Would love to hear A's again, Dom"s system was amazing. For me it redefined what was achievable with hi-fi. However if they were mine, personally I wouldn't risk them.... Although I hope you ignore my advice 😉
  15. graham67

    From ugly ducking

    thanks guys, that is really kind of you to say so. I really enjoy the 401, its taken a while, in reality years, to unlock its potential, but it is now a very capable deck that is a pleasure to own and use. atb Graham