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  1. graham67

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    Yes, I think this just about sums it up. I suspect many people with try it, think it sounds terrible (which it will on a crossley or badly set up deck) and just forget about it. At least it should ensure a steady supply of second hand LPs and TTs in the years to come :-)
  2. Top notch amp at a great price 😊. it cost me almost double to buy a good 405-2 and get it modded by Net Audio to the 405-3 spec.
  3. graham67

    Opus 21 CD player/dac

    excellent player this 😊. And in the nicest all black finish too 😍 . I don't listen to much digital nowadays but if I did this would be high up on list of top notch CDPs.
  4. Any sort of thin wire will do (e.g12 v automotive wire) for a phono ground. I usually try different combos of grounding and pick the quietest! e.g. SUT and SUT to phono stage/amp. or Arm direct to phono stage/amp(bypassing SUT) the first is usually the best however sometimes there is no difference between two.
  5. graham67

    Has vinyl become mainstream?

    I thought vinyl would remain a niche interest for old farts, hipsters and the yoof of today. However, while listening to the Archers Omnibus, I hear Kenton Archer boasting about his two new DJ decks (obviously Technics!) and buying and playing vinyl to bring in customers to The Bull. Is this a sign that vinyl has re-arrived, or will it be now be deemed so uncool, hipsters everywhere will be burning their Project Debuts?
  6. graham67


    I take back anything I have said previously about Hart Audio, which in comparison looks good vfm.....
  7. As Guildford also sell Harbeth, I would suggest getting along there and hearing for yourself . Trevor is a good guy to deal with.
  8. graham67

    Roger LS3a, Harbeth P3ESR and other BBC monitors

    oops, please ignore the gratuitous advice in my last post
  9. graham67

    Roger LS3a, Harbeth P3ESR and other BBC monitors

    If you want a taste of small BBC monitors on the very cheap, seek out a pair of Rogers LS1 from the nineties. Designed to small and home studios, they are unremarkable to look at. They are not dissimilar in midrange to LS 3/5a but with a more extended top end. They dont quite achieve the room filling trick in the same way, but work very well in a smaller space. I use these in a small study with Quad 34/405-2 amps listening mostly to streamed BBC radio and they are revealing but unfatiguing having that classic BBC rich tone. These are available for well under a ton. if you have a medium size room, original Rogers LS6 have a very BBC tone and make a good alternative to Harbeth compact 7 et al at a fraction of the price. By the best you can as spares not available. And as mentioned JR149s are fantastic.
  10. graham67

    The Sweeney v The Professionals

    yes she definitely more than compensated for George Lazenby.... oops I think we are getting slightly off topic here chaps
  11. graham67

    The Sweeney v The Professionals

    Although Joanna is a sweetie, no one can better Mrs Peel.
  12. Hi Mark, that looks like a good cart, however with the current exchange rate and duties which will be levied, it will end up a bit exxy. However it does remind me I should not have sold my 150MLX when I changed to the 150SA. It would have been perfect!!!
  13. Hi Tristan, Yes good point, and agree an MLb should be ideal, forgot the MLa had been replaced by the MLb which has now also been discontinued. The AT range has been going through a bit of a revamp recently. Graham.