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  1. hi, is anyone travelling from Surrey, East Sussex , Kent area to Yorkshire? I have an amp to deliver to Leeds area but myself and buyer could travel a bit at each end to possible? thanks in anticipation Graham
  2. amazing bargain, if you want a Linn, but cant afford it, buy this for a good taste of what an older lp12 will deliver for a fraction of the cost.
  3. hi Nigel, Richard, I will be in market Weighton not far from york in july, so could bring it Down south if you were happy to.wait? Graham
  4. graham67

    £100 phono stage upgrade

    the creek obh-8 Mk 2 is excellent. It has a solid generous sound with good rhythm that majors on getting the basics right, in short perfect for budget to mid range carts but will happily support better carts. I bought one for my daughter but tried it in my main system on 401/ audio note arm 3/ AT150 sa and it was really enjoyable. I managed to pick one up at Bristol show at under your budget so a real steal 😊
  5. wow Phil, they look amazing. These are the real deal. Love the blue panel! Pete did you own these before?
  6. Bump - still available
  7. I have too many amps so this is for sale. A300R Precision - £270 Including Pioneer PDS 703 of the same vintage (no remote) - £300
  8. graham67

    Quad QC Twenty Four P Phono Stage

    still available
  9. graham67

    Cartridge advice

    Without knowing the sonic balance of the deck / arm it is had to reccomemd a particular cart, but the two mentioned above are both worthy. For a more lively presentation, the VM95E will be a good choice. If the deck / arm has a more upfront presentation, then the Goldring E3 should be ideal and is a bargain at 69 £ from Richer atm. I heard this recently on an lp12 into some decent budget phono stages and it is more refined as well as being evenly balanced top to bottom, if I had been.told it was a 200 £ cart I wouldn't have thought twice
  10. graham67

    Little Turntable Stand

    for some isolation, you could try putting sorbothane hemispheres under the feet if they have an indent. They come un many sizes for not much money.
  11. graham67

    QUAD 405 MK II

    No probs, if i didn't already have two just like this one, i would be after it ☺ i agree that not many good serviced and unmolested late 405-2 going atm. Prices for earlier ones have been on rise so this will be snapped up on ebay
  12. graham67

    QUAD 405 MK II

    prices have been rising on these, so this is a good price for an excellent example of this great amp in fine fettle. Being the last version, the RCA connections and better speaker sockets make integration with non Quad systems a doddle. This will have the last and best sounding issue of the 405-2 boards. I use one of these regularly and its a lovely sounding amp. If you want to try a vintage Quad, this is a great place to start.
  13. graham67

    Introducing my sub £1k system - why buy new?

    excellent work Danny 👍 that looks a well balanced system 😊
  14. graham67

    Technics SL-150 refurb

    Just fitted my favourite MM cart, the AT 150Sa to the Techy. After getting excellent results with the 440MLa on a SL-Q202 I thought this would work well and sure enough it doesn't disappoint. To my ears, it makes a more comfortable combination than the OC-9 which was thrilling but sometimes a bit too much so! It also looks brilliant in the MS-9 headshell which was made to match.