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  1. graham67

    budget phono stage bakeoff anyone?

    postscript I have just finished fettling a vinyl system based around a Technics DD, Rogers LS6 and a basic Marantz PM5003 integrated. In place of the underwhelming onboard stage, I tried the Creek and Slee MM stages. Cart was an AT Microline. While a huge improvement over the onboard stage, in this system the Creek could sound a little grey and flat. Switching to the Graham Slee brought an instant improvement, more life, air and transparency. The system moved from being pleasant but safe to involving hi-fi. I tried many records and the stage really brought out the best of the Rogers which can sound.a little slow with the wrong partnering equipment. So as usual, it was a good reminder to reserve judgement until hearing the item in the intended system 😊 Graham
  2. graham67

    Auto Italia Day @ Brooklands

    hi pp, I should be there as visitor only, its a great event this one. What are you bringing? atb Graham
  3. graham67

    JBL Lets R-O-C-K

    Lovely, they are the walnut cabs with cool blue fronts IIRC? I have the original hfc test of these will try to find it but may take me a while! being front ported is good however they do produce a lot of bass which can get a bit strong in a smaller room. I have mine toed in about a foot to 18 inches from corners and use GIK Tritrap bass traps to tame the bass. I am sure you will enjoy them 😊
  4. graham67

    FS: Snell Type A mk3

    congrats Richard 😁
  5. graham67

    wtb Denon head amp

    bump, still looking 😊
  6. A bump for this serviced Dual which includes new Thakker belt and new old stock cart sled. I am.driving back to.surrey from yorks on.saturday so could potentially meet on way. thanks Graham
  7. This is now sold and gone to a good Wam home. Thanks for the interest 😊 graham
  8. graham67

    Sugden with Living voice hi fi system.

    this is the first generation Masterclass AA series. about 50w per channel too much ( 25kg ) else I would be queuing up for them 😊 top notch amps these!
  9. hi cal, I would consider it but am concerned about possible damage if dropped. Its quite heavy and am.concerned some bits may get displaced. Currently I do have some possible local interest so would prefer to.pursue that first. kind regards Graham
  10. PS: price reduced to £70
  11. I am currently in east yorks until Friday then driving down to Surrey on Saturday 23rd March so could potentially meet or drop off on the way.
  12. For sale at xxx. I am currently in east yorks until Friday then driving down to Surrey on Saturday 23rd March so could potentially meet or drop off on the way.
  13. graham67

    budget phono stage bakeoff anyone?

    Firstly thanks to Sharif for offering his wonderful system to compare stages. It is beautifully balanced across frequencies being revealing and completely non fatiguing. IMO, the L40s are exceptional with a superior top end than the 431*. I own modded 4311s and only in the lower frequencies does the extra heft give it an advantage. It has taken a new crossover and supertweeters to get the top end competitive, but the L40 top end is better out of the box. We spent an enjoyable time trialing the three stages I bought plus Sharif's own builds. The cart was a modest but very competent Goldring E3. We started with the cheapest Creek OBH-8 Mk2 which proved nicely even with a full warmish balance and good rhythm. There was some surface noise but nothing distracting. It lacks soundstage width and detail, but these are more sins of omission. Importantly it is highly enjoyable and would be perfect for a budget TT setup. Yet it is good enough to support a few upgrades down the track. I have tried it with a high end MM AT150SA and found it excellent (and also very quiet). At the £129 retail, it is already stupidly good VFM. At the discounted Bristol show price of under a ton, it is a steal. The Graham Slee Gram 2 SE did not gel in Sharif's system at all. It had more surface noise, was brighter and busier. In my system , which is more rolled off at the top and heavier at the bottom, the balance is much better but we dismissed this one immediately and moved onto Sharif's battery powered stage. This sounded very nice, more open than the Creek but well balanced. I think we both agreed this was the best so far. The Long Dog Audio MM was next, and to my ears it was a considerable step up, sound projected well beyond the speakers and the performance was more nuanced, dynamic and believable. Also surface noise vanished. If the price tag was £500 not the £200 it costs, I would not have blinked. Then Sharif tried his own built transistor amp. Wow, this was in a different league, it instantly made everything else sound lightweight. This had richness, depth, body and scale and was good enough to compete with much more esoteric end game stages. Almost two hours flew by as we were frequently too busy enjoying the music. What was obvious was how different the stages all sounded and Sharif's system enabled the character of each to be pinpointed quickly and consistently. Thanks again to Sharif for the use of his terrific system.
  14. graham67

    JBL L40's

    I cannot be the only one who thought these should sell very quickly following the fantastic sounds coming from audioflyers system. Awesome speakers for a great price 😈
  15. graham67

    wtb Denon head amp

    After hearing the lovely sounds produced by Robin and Brooks system i am keen to try a Denon HA 500 with my own AT PTG which never sounded as punchy in my system. So please drop me a line if you have one of these in good condition to sell. many thanks Graham