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  1. graham67

    Orbe SE need Tone Arm ideas I had a SME V, now what

    Agree with above. While the 401 is a different type of deck i find the Audio Note Arm Three v2 is a great tonearm for 70/80s pop, rock, blues and vocal led material and electronica. I originally used a Jelco 750 which was flat and disappointing, then upgraded to an Audio Note Arm One v2 which brought the music to life. I was then lucky enough to obtain an Arm Three V2 at a decent price and the improvement was significant.
  2. graham67

    Another Clapton quiz!!!!!

    hehe yes that comment caused me some doubts too, so you could be on the money, how much is the prize Colin? 😉
  3. graham67

    Another Clapton quiz!!!!!

    bb king?
  4. complimentary tix available until Aug 31
  5. graham67

    Opus 21cd

    agree, exceedingly good vfm 😊
  6. graham67

    hearing 20 years of room or budget limits

    good post this, and one I can relate to. Despite moving house several times, 10 years of box swapping with same or similar speakers resulted in a very similar sound. so would start with speakers and room treatment and/or dsp to get them sounding good then look at amp and source if needed (which will probably be fine if the speaker/ room interface is sorted) graham
  7. graham67

    SOLD - Denon 2900 Multiformat player

    Now sold to Chris - thanks for an easy sale mate!
  8. Been listening to this on LP and its a fine album, lots of nods to previous Floyd efforts (Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall, Final Cut) but its no pastiche and would stand on its own without the in references. Its an enjoyable listen as there is plenty of Floydian melody. Also Roger is a bit more relaxed and assured in his vocal delivery, seeming to enjoy the gravitas age brings. So it doesn't smash you in the head like The Final Cut. and there a number of rollicking up tempo Sheepish rhythms that show that Waters can rock it out in a manner that Gilmour and Mason struggle with. Time will tell if it becomes a regular on the deck but first signs are that this is a good album. I will give it an 8/10.
  9. graham67

    source loan neaded

    Chris, if u want to take lurchs player instead, its no problem. I am in no hurry and I am sure the denon will sell to someone else. 😊. whatever suits you best is fine with me. graham
  10. graham67

    SOLD - Denon 2900 Multiformat player

    Sold STP
  11. graham67

    Unison Research S6 Integrated Amplifier

    nice amp George, it reminds me of a deconstructed A4 loco 😍.
  12. graham67

    SOLD - Denon 2900 Multiformat player

    to ask a silly question, how does one update the status from green sold to red sale? It has been so long i can't remember......
  13. graham67

    What forum changes do you want guys?

    great to see classifieds back, great work mods 😊 watch the wallets run dry..... 😉
  14. graham67

    SOLD - Denon 2900 Multiformat player

    I have another one of these for sale but in silver, the laser was replaced by previous wammer owner. I'm full wording order and excellent condition. If anyone is interested I will take some pics but it looks just like the one in the pics except it is silver. collect nr junction 7/8 of m25. same price £45. Graham
  15. graham67

    What forum changes do you want guys?

    yes yes yes! Also user should be returned to same position on the list (instead of top of page necessitating more scrolling) when accessing via mobile. (Unless this is something to do with Windows 10 explorer if course)