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  1. My fave car from my younger days was a 85 GTV6. As I was in oz, rust wasn't an issue. In many ways , the rear drive GTV coupe was to the Alfetta saloon what the Capri was to a Cortina. Same mechanicals in a selfish 2 door body. The 6 added a simply glorious sounding revvy V6 that loved to be wrung out to the redline which I did at any opportunity. Around town, the controls were heavy but the car felt better the faster you drove it. It had character in spades, the motor was like a living thing chuckling away at idle, just waiting for a prod of the throttle to unleash an operatic crescendo. It bought a smile to my face everytime I drove it, less so when I had to have it serviced and little probs seen to. Although it wouldn't see which way my old German 3.0 luxobarge went, it would be no contest when it came to driving pleasure. Although I couldn't be comfortable in it nowadays, it was cursed with an Italianate short legs long arms driving position, it is the car I would love to magic back from the past, though not in the UK as it would dissolve...
  2. Character - which is really the point of cars like these. Like most cars of the 60s/70s by any objective standards the Mustang was also a krapp car, being a rehashed Ford Falcon (or similar). But even with a breathless 6cylinder motor it looked great then and now. See a nice Capri, even the prosaic 4 cylinder volume sellers, on the roads now and it turns heads. So does it really matter that it wasn't the sharpest tool in the drawer. Nowadays a basic Korean hatch would run rings around them, but they aren't cool now and never will be!
  3. very cool in my book .is it a 2600?
  4. looking forward to the 'before' and 'after' photos 😊
  5. welcome back Steve, the flash had a decent rega p3 for sale recently. It would be worth asking him if it was still available.
  6. yes that 3000E was really nice wasnt it? I can only imagine the envy this would have induced in 1970
  7. hi Pete, Richard if you would like me to bring the modded ha-500 just let me know, I will bring a mounted oc-9 too as it works well with the Denon.
  8. dont forget the wams own @Toprepairman Henry Durant who is based near Leatherhead and is a very knowledgeable (and nice) chap
  9. graham67


    welcome back chump, you have been missed
  10. Steve at Magna Audio can supply a lovely high quality ebony or blackwood armboard. Or if you want an alloy armboard, Shaun at Soundsupports makes the nicest of.the metal types Imo. Both Steve and Shaun are super helpful people to deal with. You will need to check with Shaun if the Michell vta adjuster will fit the soundsupports armboard. If not, Shaun can also supply a matching VTA collar for not much extra. Also you may find that the extra thickness of the ebony armboard restricts the vta range. I am sure Steve can advise on this.
  11. I went to the Brooklands for the 50th anniversary of the Capri and there was a great display, I would guess over 200 cars. There was even a great line up of Capris of all ages and specs, and of course everybody’s favourite 3.0S in silver as driven by uber cool Bodie in The Professionals. My faves were a lovely white 3.0S and a couple of spotless rare RS3100s (must have been ten 3100s)
  12. agree with this, in my vintage themed system the nag500 was too smooth and rolled off in the treble.
  13. hi danny. great kit you have there. I had an identical looking line only A21a for many years and foolishly sold it when I experimented with valves. I.have had several Rogers and.Tannoy speakers since that I imagine would sound lovely on it 😞. I bought a similar age Optima 80 which, although not as accomplished as the a21, has a similar presentation. Unfortunately it is not man enough to drive my JBLs so it is doing time in my parents system sounding very good with some Rogers LS6. I am sure I will own Sugden again, I fancy trying an ANV-50 with the JBLs which kick serious bass. one tip, if you still play the silver disc, the matching CD21 works really well with the A21. I still have mine and it doesn't give much away to the big bucks (in its day) Acoustic Precision Eikos i occasionally use.
  14. I imagine this very nice Is would be an interesting comparo to Sugden. Anyone listened to these side by side?
  15. apologies if posted already but this story is my fave, I first read this in an ozzie car mag in the early 80s. Read it and weep...