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  1. Second that 😊. It would look a killer with a cool mat such as an oyaide. I am currently putting together an sl 150 with a decent arm and board and it all quickly adds up. buying a well sorted turnkey deck such as this is a lot cheaper ( as i never seem to learn 😆 ). Graham
  2. graham67

    Krell 400xi Integrated Amplifier (Black)

    I have heard this amp and its ideal for speakers that need low end control, as its got plenty of grunt. Its in excellent nick too, barely a mark on it. Looks mean in black too 😈 . At this price a real bargain.
  3. graham67

    Recommendation for plastic grease and cleaning brush

    Hi James, I missed that,, it certainly counts it out. How about something like this instead for the mechanical linkages? Kind regards, Graham
  4. thanks uzzy, I will try the faux locking method you mention. Unfortunately the arm lead on the audio note arms is captive so i cant swap to another. And of course the silver cable is the only difference between arm one, two,three so I am stuck with the cable. Not that I want to change it as it does sound.mighty good but the plugs can be a pain.
  5. graham67

    Recommendation for plastic grease and cleaning brush

    I found this at CPC Farnell. It mentions it is suitable for photocopier plastic parts however no mention is made of how long it lasts without drying out. Any thoughts on whether this would be suitable for turntable linkages, switch actuators, cogs etc?
  6. Hi Uzzy, yes I like locking RCAs too. The KLE plugs are good too, making a positive connection as they have a bit of give in the collet. However I dont really want to amputate the Audio Note cable as the s/h value will plummet.....
  7. Hi I have a an audio Note Arm Three which is fitted with the AN-P phono plug. While well made, it is just too tight on some sockets. the problem us there is very little give on the ground shield which is clamped tightly by the plug body when screwed down. So the plug either fits loosely on an undersized socket, or doesn't fit at all on an oversized socket. I have resorted to removing the screw in plug body which release the tension so that the plug now makes a firm but not overly tight fit. However that is not a suitable long term solution. Any ideas from previous sufferers.....
  8. Hi James, thanks very much for the offer, I will certainly keep you in mind if nothing closer turns up. Thanks again :-) Graham.
  9. Hi, I have a SUT with a couple of wuires that have become separated from the terminals. Is there a wammer in Surrey, East Sussex, West Kent who is handy with a soldering iron who could help me out? I am near Junction 8 of M25 so could drive over at a convenient time. It looks like a simple task so shouldn't take very long. Thanks in advance for any help :-) Kind regards, Graham
  10. Hi, I have a TT to service and am looking for a recommendation for a good grease suitable for lubricating plastic cogs, arm lift and auto return linkages etc. Similar to the kind of thing that would have been used originally that will last for years without drying out. Also, can anyone recommend a good brush for cleaning grunge and grime from internal and external nooks, crannies? I have in mind something a bit stiffer than a paint brush but more flexible than a toothbrush. Any advice (and internet links) most appreciated :-) Thanks, Graham.
  11. hi Jamie, Good to hear from you. Acoustic treatment in the kitchen? You must have an understanding missus 😉. So sorry i didn't realise you were in the market but you have got to be quick on the wam. Hope to see you sometime in the coming year. All the best, Graham
  12. graham67

    Upgrading a Quad 405-2

    nice work Ed, are you happy with the results? graham
  13. Hi Julian, consider them sold! I will pm my email and phone details so we dont clog up our wam mailboxes. Talk soon, Graham