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  1. hi Sergey, the Spendor s100 works well in a larger space and are completely unfatiguing while bring very musical. they seem a fairly easy drive too. Although they share a BBC heritage, to my ears, they are not as reserved as Spendors and time better so work well with all music styles. i will post link to comprehensive stereophile review a bit later. atb Graham
  2. 😎 i love Kraftwerk, very little beats the enjoyment of listening to Tour de France, Autobahn or Radioactivity ☒ in a darkened room at the end of a long day πŸ€—. And the full box set is even available on vinyl, i can see this being a great Xmas present for, ahem, someone!
  3. If you are happy to consider used, your budget should cover a Sugden Dac 4 which will match sonically and visually. Sugden have a long history of digital excellence so i cant imagine you would be disappointed.
  4. Hi Richard, it would be worth considering a denon HA 500 which has 24 Db and 32 Db settings. It also delivers a dynamic presentation which I know you were looking for. atb Graham
  5. Hi nifkin, Yes, it was a spacer under the headshell that I suggested which will lower the tail. A cheap but well made option is available from audio origami who make a kit of plastic spacers in 1,2,3,4 mm sizes that are ideal for a rega arm. I have owned several mid and higher end AT MM and MC carts with the microline stylus and it does respond (both positively and negatively) to changes in the VTA. I dont really buy into the Roy Gandy era Rega mantra that VTA doesn't matter (which maybe true for some budget Rega carts). However it seems Rega have seen the light as they now sell their own VTA adjustment rings for the 3 point mount. πŸ˜‰
  6. hi, it would also be worth checking the vta. (vertical tracking angle). Normally the cart should be parallel with the record surface. But if you want to increase bass, try lowering the tonearm, or add headshell spacers, to get the tail lower than the front sometime called tail dragging. You dont need much maybe a mm or two. You may find this gives a more solid bass at the expense of some HF extension.
  7. Sold - thanks to all the amazing wammers who are assisting with getting this to the buyer!
  8. Thanks for all the help with the taxi girls and guys. Very much appreciated 😊
  9. I cannot imagine swapping one PMC floor stander for another is going to give you what you want. If your room is the problem, you are likely to get the same flabby bass. As you like your Sonus Fabers, have you considered some stand mount alternatives? In typical UK sized rooms, larger standmounts with decent sized main drivers giving a full but ultimately less extended bass can give a good result without the room interaction problems. Sometimes less is more if you value speed in the delivery. Have you considered speakers such as the Spendor S1/2 (classic 1/2) or the fabbo Spendor S100R (classic 100) which is great for rock or the highly capable PMC IB1 (IMO, much better than their domestic floorstanders), or the JBL l100 classic. These all have a different take and are worth listening to before you make a decision.
  10. Yes, I much prefer hifi choice in the late 90s, early 2000s. It was more critical and informative. Whenever i see a streamer or music subs or budget speaker review I want to yawn with boredom. Of course I suspect I've just grown out of the demographic and should graduate to HFN&RR or Hifi World with the rest of the old folks.....
  11. thanks John and Julian for the helpful suggestions and offers, I will pm Jessica and see what is possible :-)
  12. Hi , I have a set of speakers that Deepdivedog in Derbyshire is interested in buying. Is anyone going from the South East to north midlands? I am in Surrey but can drop off or meet in South East. Alternatively is anyone going from the South to be Big Rods Bake Off as Deepdivedog is going to be there. many thanks for any assistance graham
  13. After revisiting this thread, I realized that I had not provided an update on the upgrades that I’ve had made to the YBA. Last year, I sent the amp to Yves Bertrand Andre and his team in Paris, who fitted an MM board, supplied a matching external SUT and fitted a remote control and mute for the volume. They also serviced the amp and performed some minor circuit upgrades. The process was not without a few minor hiccups (not helped by communicating in English) but I cannot fault their dedication to ensuring a satisfactory outcome. The MM phonostage is very good (and quiet) though it is important to use a cart with a healthy output. The signature of the stage is not unlike the amp itself. It is drier than using a valve MM stage, but remains well balanced, energetic and musical. The first image below shows the new rear PCB containing the phono stage circuits. The external SUT is unusual in that it plugs directly into the MM phono inputs with no additional cables (or shelves!) required. With the SUT, gain is very healthy, it is deadly quiet and worked well with my usual AT-OC9. It lacks the scale, snap and ultimate extension of the Phonomac-modded Denon Head amp, but as a one box solution i would rate it higher than a typical on-board MC stages. I suspect someone with more modern speakers (or more sophisticated musical tastes!) could well find it good enough to not bother with an external phono stage. It was amusing re-reading my comment from last year that my search for an amp had ended. I should have read this before trying yet another amp. I seem to be afflicted with a nagging belief that something so unassuming must be bettered by something out there. The reality is proving otherwise as I have yet to find an integrated that equals the YBA. It's ability to drive difficult speakers and still sound lively is just what is needed for my speakers that can sound a bit flat with many well-regarded amps. Indeed, after going back to the YBA after the most recent interloper, it very quickly became apparent that, despite the other amp's strengths, the quicker, leaner YBA is a better match to the challenging JBLs. It has been suggested that I look at a potential cart upgrade rather than the amp and I think I would do well to heed this sensible adviceπŸ˜ƒ !!