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  1. Wow. Never seen or heard or seen one of these, but it looks amazing!. I can only imagine how retro-tastic it would look with an early 401 😍
  2. nice, unlike some 44s, most of the plugin boards on this one are well equipped with rca sockets in addition to din. as mentioned, the tilt and lift controls are very handy, i use these on the similar 34 to compensate for interaction with a very small room. this one looks very good vfm. pair with a 405-2 or 306 and some bbc flavoured speakers for fatigue free listening.
  3. It's excellent and one bottle should last for years. I recommend making up in smaller quantities and if you finish with a bottle half full, stick it in the fridge. If left out for several weeks, the made up solution can go off. However, the undiluted stuff in the bottle seems to last forever.
  4. hi martin, if it helps i am sure the wam could get this to the march kegworth show in midlands for pickup by a potential buyer. i am not far from you and all going well i should be going to kegworth show. Much less risky than postage πŸ™‚
  5. If his old cartridge is still serviceable, he could of course swap it over to the Denon tt and it will give exactly the same volume as the old tt. However, if he is the plug and play type, this may not be suitable unless you volunteer to do it for him Robin.πŸ˜€
  6. hi Robin, i don't know this deck, but a quick Google search revealed the denon cart has a lowish output voltage of 2.5mv. if he was swapping from a cart with a more typical 5mv output. It could make a noticeable difference depending on the gain of the phono stage atb graham
  7. if your stands have m6 or m8 threads soundcare superspikes work well on wooden floors The feet are captive so no accidentally puncturing your wooden floor which almost always occurs with spike shoes
  8. If your room is smaller and has bass troubles, it is likely the huge Ardens will swamp the room. The Eaton Heritage (or maybe Cheviot Heritage) would be worth a listen. I suspect the Eaton would be a happier match with your very nice Howe amps.
  9. nice valve this, the Philips ECG STR 415 version worked brilliantly in my leben cs 600 exhibiting all the qualities mentioned above, the extra top end sparkle was a revelation ☺
  10. I have only heard these in sub optimal show conditions, but they certainly had quite a recessed treble to my ears. I remember thinking the tone was not dissimilar to old Tannoys just with less HF output. I have a similar issue with vintage JBL monitors which has been helped by using Townshend supertweeters (which add a bit of sparkle and air) and an amp with a crisp top end. Out of the options you mention Tannoys would probably suit best if you want to retain the fun factor of the cornwall. You need to ensure that in any swap you don't lose this intangible, but essential, ingredient which eludes the majority of speakers in the quest for accuracy.
  11. Spot on Hecky. Its ability to get down and boogie is the ANVs big strength. I am currently listening to Michael Jacksons on JBLs and it also sounded great when auditionIng the ANV. Into these speakers the full class A Sugden is too restrained in the bass and couldn't portray the beat. However the JBLs present a very steep impedance dip which doesn't suit the class A design which works better into higher impedance loads. I did seriously consider buying an ANV as detailed in another thread, but the YBA is slightly better suited to my system.
  12. I had over 2 weeks with an ANV 50. The review comments about inner detail that other amps leave out is very true. I was often surprised even on very familiar material. And as mentioned it is very different sound from the A21. The ANV50 is bigger but looser sounding and as mentioned can display a touch of vagueness. I used to own an A21 which is more delicate and precise and airier in the upper mid and treble. I also own an FPA-4 which shares a lot in common with Flash's IA-4 and the A21 and I can see why he prefers his IA-4 to the ANV-50. The real strength of the ANV is it's deeper quicker tuneful bass and its ability to effortlessly drive tough loads and of course it’s energy efficient design and sensible weight. And I always found it musical and enjoyable with my JBL speakers. I hope Sugden continue to develop this technology and eventually create a model that captures the essence of the very best of the old school class A with the drive anything ability of the modern SMPS topology. Now that would be a killer amp that might tempt me from the YBA.
  13. I am happy to be corrected here Al, as an owner your experiences are far more valid than mine, perhaps other factors were at play in my system.
  14. good little stage this, with a forgiving well balanced presentation ideal for carts such as AT 95, Goldring e3, yet still sounds nice on more upmarket carts. It's also nicely put together with decent sockets and a handy power switch.