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  1. I would not be so sure that that going to mc will necessarily be a transformative change. After starting out with a 1042, changing to denon 103, 103r, then shelter 500 Mc, lyra mc, audio note mm2, recon reca mm,audio technica mc including the OC9, 33ptg2, nagaoka 500mm, I have very happily settled on the audio technica 150Sa (now renamed the 750) which combines the frequency extension and smoothness of mc with the pace and rhythm of a good mm. i would agree there are better carts than the 1042, but that includes both Mm and Mc options. They each have their strengths and it will depend on your system and musical tastes as to what suits you best. if you don't want to damage the 1042, have you considered purchasing a cheaper 1012 stylus and swapping just the stylus for 45 duties?
  2. Who can repair a Linn Karik II ?

    At that price i would grab one and give it a go replacing the mech. From the description it sounds very easy and will save you 60-100 bucks.
  3. From all your posts, the Reds sounds like an incremental improvement, but for a 4K investment you should be wowed with no doubts. So unless you are completely convinced by the speakers and I am not sure you are, I would keep looking. The world is full of great speakers, you just need to find a pair that does it for you.
  4. hi soto and welcome to the wam. as you found yourself, your cd preference will be influenced by your choice of speaker so hold off on that until the speakers are chosen. Also with cdps no longer being fashionable, and lots available as people change to streaming, have you considered second hand? There are plenty of high end players available for a fraction of the equivalent new price. Also have you considered tannoy, they excel in the mids and are usually good rhythm wise? Perhaps the prestige or legacy hpd range given your budget? They don't need oodles of power either.
  5. Probably getting a new TT

    Springy floors can be a serious impediment to vinyl enjoyment so probably best to ignore overly bouncy decks such as Linn, Thorens, Systemdek etc which can react to footfall. i also live on suspended floors so my Garrard sits on top of an old air suspended Townshend Audio stand, though a single platform would achieve the same. The TT is effectively impervious to footfall, traffic, kids dancing etc. Only downside is the need to rebalance the equipment now and again to ensure it is dead level. And for neat freaks, dead level is usually not dead centre 😉. The early pump up seismic sink platforms pop up now and again for not much money so maybe worth considering. oops sorry Big, i didn't realise you had made a decision
  6. Probably getting a new TT

    If looks of the 1200/1210 are an issue, have a look at the inspire plinth. The whole deck just drops in. The black model in a timber plinth looks great.
  7. Is every system a compromise?

    realise its bit of a late reply but Mr Underhill makes a very good point, and one which pretty much reflects what i have ended up with. Interestly in Japan old JBL monitors are sought after for jazz systems fed with valve amps. i am sure they will sound quite different to mine.
  8. Tannoys

    hi Robin, The HPD295 did have foam surrounds. I used to have a set of Chevenings with HPD295 which had the foam surrounds replaced by Lockwoods with the rubber surround.. You are right that some early Eatons also had the foam surround, though whether these were HPD295 or HPD295A with foam surrounds I dont know. My Eatons have the rubber surround and as a package I find them better balanced than the Chevenings I owned. Graham
  9. Tannoys

    Hi Robin, Just to clarify, the paper coned HPD295A on the Eatons have rubber surrounds. An advantage of this is they dont deteriorate like the foam surrounds of the HPD315 and HPD385 models. Graham.
  10. Best deal out of this amp lineup?

    the a21p is the best part of the a21a so have you considered trying some different preamps with your excellent power amp?
  11. Is every system a compromise?

    hi Luke, Its actually very similar to oldius approach, 1970s boxy JBL 3 way studio monitors with solid state amplification. The TT is a Garrard 401. The JBLs and 401 sing off the same hymn sheet with a slightly warm sound, rolled off top end but underpinned with a propulsive, but not subterranean, bass that is ideal for reproducing bass guitar and drum. Its extremely forgiving of poorer material with a generous sound which is fab for rock, metal and pretty much most popular music - Tom Jones 60/70s material has never sounded so good!! A surprising amount of detail is still retained but by modern standards its more in the mix rather than being highlighted. Perceptively, it was pointed out to me by some golden eared wammers that I have ended up selecting partnering gear on the basis of injecting or at least preserving speed and dynamics which has influenced the choice of cart, tonearm, phono stage and amp. But the JBLs are probably the magic ingredient, they have tremendous energy and scale and are great fun to listen to. Graham
  12. is there a best tonearm to go with a cartridge ?

    not so much a best arm. rather you need to ensure the cart you choose is an appropriate compliance for your arm. or vice versa if you already had a cart and no arm. your technoarm is on the lighter side with a effective mass of 11.7g so will suit medium or higher compliance carts. hopefully serge will be along soon to clearly explain the theory so i won't try in case i just confuse you further 😭 according to most sellers the kleos compliance is shown as medium. The older helicon is shown at 12 x 10-6 but is measured at a higher frequency thn the std 10hz. So assuming the kleos is similar to the helicon, actual compliance should be higher and well within the technoarms range but it's worth asking here what people found worked. when matched sympathetically your technoarm will give good results so its likely your choice of phono stage will be likely more crucial in getting the best from the kleos.
  13. sbt help needed (again)

    thanks Ronnie i will subscribe 🙂
  14. Is every system a compromise?

    IMO, reproducing rock and making it enjoyable is one of the harder hifi challenges. As serge aludes, a flat frequency response may not yield a pleasant result. I listen more to rock and pop and hence have developed a system that flatters compressed material and emphasises rhythm at the expense of ultimate transparency. I admit to most it would be a compromise but its one that doesn't stop me listening to and enjoying other material, as its weaknesses are more sins of omission rather than unpleasantness. In the past i have had systems that sounded amazing on better recorded and acoustic material but was often unlistenable with the music i grew up with. So while its not the best of both, it's certainly the best of one and second best of the other.
  15. sbt help needed (again)

    thanks guys, yes nothing more than the internet connection (for my SBT only ) had failed for no apparent reason. thanks for putting me on the trail