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  1. New Cartridge for Systemdek iixe

    Agree with Audio Note IQ range, I had the IQ2 then upgraded the stylus to IQ3 later and well worth it because they seem to last so long compared to my other MM cartridges. Audio Note prices have increased slightly but worth calling Jack at BD Audio for a quote and he is was very helpful when I dealt with him. The Clearaudio Maestro Wood cartridge is also an excellent MM cartridge and I preferred it to the Cartridgeman Music maker 3 in my system but personal preference has to be factored in. I forgot to say that the Systemdek acrylic platter is also a good idea if you can find one as AN do not make them anymore I think.
  2. Elite Audio Review

    I can echo this experience and have bought a few high value items from Elite Audio and the service has been excellent with very good communication.
  3. 1989 LP12

    I think the Logic DM 101 is still a great sounding turntable and ahead of the Linn LP12 in terms of it's design (IMHO), compared them several times and preferred the Logic unless the LP12 was really upgraded. The Logic can be set up with an external PSU like the Heed Orbit etc so 33/45 easier and improved sound quality, keeping my Logic DM 101 even if I have several other turntables. If you set up Logic well, clean the bearing out and fresh oil etc, adjust suspension then I think it's great classic turntable from the good old days and sees off many modern turntables if you add external PSU etc. The Logic Datum S tonearm was a good match even if a bit rare, I used a Zeta and a Mission Mechanic on mine with various MC cartridges like the Lyra Clavis DC etc and still like this combination.
  4. And if it was the Denon PMA 850 I think it's a super integrated amp with a decent phono stage. It took me a few years to find the PMA 850 MK2 with the class A facility at the flick of a switch and rate this amp highly. My valve Audio Note M8 Phono pre/Living Voice Argento power/AN-E SEC Sig etc do sound "better" as they should at many times the cost. The Denon is hooked up to a pair of Snell K MK1's I had serviced and silver wired by audio Note and I could live with the smaller system if I had to quite happily.
  5. I used Festool circular saws and lots other Festool equipment, it was very accurate and good enough to work on refurbishing grade 1 listed buildings. I tried most other makes but none of them were as accurate, quiet or as well designed as the Festool, sometimes it's worth paying the extra bucks for quality.
  6. Hi Jag, Hope you and yours are well. I sent you a message via Facebook messenger but not sure if you will get it. I was wondering if you still had the Townshend platforms and if so can I request first refusal if you ever want to sell them.

    cheers, Pete

    1. Jag


      Hi Pete

      Thanks for getting in touch and hope all is well with you, I have not logged into my Facebook recently. I still have the Townshend platforms sat in their boxes, never got to try them as my plans changed so if you want them they are yours, you might have saved me from listing them for sale!

      Best regards

      Jag (07768875309)

    2. misterpete


      Thanks for that Jag, I will get back to you as soon as I can, what is your postcode?

      cheers, Pete

    3. Jag


      Hi Pete

      My postcode is LS28 7HF, feel free to call on 07768875309 or email jsemplay@gmail.com.



  7. I have not tried the WB Act-2 tonearm yet so cannot give an informed opinion yet, it came with my WB Act turntable (the rare original one) so will be setting it up soon. I have owned various Helius Orion MK3's and a MK4's which I liked even more after a service by Helius themselves or J7 at Audio Origami but as Tony said, be careful to check that the bearings are good although they can be serviced and bearings adjusted. My personal preference is the Mission Mechanic (later version with the non ceramic bearings) and after a service by Audio Origami with a silver rewire I really rate these tonearms and have 2 in the collection but finding them is difficult but well worth it if you do and get it checked over. The Zeta is the previous model to the Mechanic and a very nice tonearm indeed and I preferred it to the various Linn arms but the Mechanic is that bit more refined in terms of design and sound quality.

    PM sent
  9. Voyd Valdi Setup

    Good turntable, set up is the key but it seems your arm cable is the culprit. I had similar issues so had the tonearm cable removed by J7 (Audio Origami) and a 5 pin DIN plug fitted to the arm base allowing me to use different arm cables. I know J7 uses a fairly soft/flexible Van Damme cable which is very reasonable cost wise. There is a PDF on Audio Note website for Voyd Valdi set up, link here: http://www.audionote.co.uk/downloads/voyd.pdf Hope this helps but there are far more experienced Voyd users on this forum than myself so sure there will be more advice soon.
  10. audionote thread

    Thanks Rob, good to meet you and hope the sounds are good from your system. All you need are the AN-E SEC Signature speakers now
  11. Living Voice alternatives....maybe

    Depending upon individual taste of music. amps and acoustic properties of the listening room, the speakers that I have most enjoyed have been the Audio Note AN/J and favorites being the AN/E SEC Sig. Before them I had the AN/E SPE/HE where SPE is the internal silver wiring (possibly silver voice coils in the upper models) and HE is High Efficiency usually hemp cones. I have no desire to change the speakers at any time but still trying out vintage models like the lower efficiency Celef PE-1, Lentek S5 and JR-149 MK2's and they still make nice enjoyable sounds but require more power to drive them. I am interested in trying some Living Voice speakers so could take my standard spec Audio Note AN/J's to a bake off in the future if that helped for comparison.
  12. Do you have the original box/packaging etc? Also, is there a bearing cap to protect against dust contamination and a recent or new belt?
  13. What speakers for quad 44/306

    Thanks, I do believe that maintenance is an important aspect of keeping most equipment performing on top form and it does not need to be too frequently unless it's cassette decks, tap recorders where the capstan motor rotate all the time even when the other motors are not playing tape etc. I think caps can degenerate over a few decades and even leak so personally speaking I think a good check over by a qualified is a good idea. Even without maintenance some vintage equipment can be good but how long it stays within spec is another question. Some components can deteriorate with lack of use particularly belts, motors, speaker foam surrounds etc but still some Vintage gear has quality of design and build that is often lacking in the sub £2K territory and would cost much more were it be built today. Some of the vintage amps, tuners etc can be bought for a fraction of the cost contemporary equipment making them excellent value. The other day I pulled out a Sony PS-X70 turntable, plugged it in after 2 years of inactivity and all seemed to be running well except the electronic tonearm cue was a bit slow and noisy at first. After a bit of exercising the cuing function it works great now, the platter comes up to speed almost immediately and stops instantly. To buy a turntable of this quality I would be potentially expecting to pay over £3K but this particular Sony only cost around £500 and has been working well for over the last 30 plus years. That is saying something for the quality of some vintage equipment and the build quality is super, speed accuracy is super too as is the sounds it makes.
  14. What speakers for quad 44/306

    Well some of my speakers are going to be inspected, crossovers having very old caps replaced, rewired, all adjusted/calibrated etc and that should address some of the age related issues. However the other aspect it addresses (I believe) is tighter spec capacitors and think the sound should in theory be more neutral but not over detailed like some of the latest designs. I like to listen to music for extended periods of time and prefer speakers that do not grate the ear with acute detail to give the impression of being "better" My ears are over 50 years old now and sure some of the high frequencies are not detected by them any more but interestingly I have developed a certain dislike of compression on CD's etc which becomes irritating which becomes over emphasised by some modern speaker designs. In my quest for pre-amps etc (both valve and solid state) I have them rebuilt with a particular effort to tune them for an overall "open" sound with qualities of a long term listening pleasure rather than initial impressive impact that soon wears off thus making listening a chore rather than a pleasure (an enjoyable luxury). After spending much time and money (in general) by forum members etc, it should in my opinion be very enjoyable, relaxing and uplifting in terms of what music does to the human soul. Interestingly (for me anyway) I love and collect lots of audio and photographic equipment and some of my favorite pieces are generally well made and well designed vintage pieces, sure there are the recent designs in there too but I have come to appreciate that there is no universal concept of a "perfect" reproducer of sound, there are always going to be compromises and careful listening helps to edit out the equipment that does not do it for me. Luckily some of my solid state pre-amps do have tone controls but rarely felt the need to use them but can be very useful particularly the subsonic filter, just received a Tandberg series 4000 preamp and getting it checked over first but looking forward to trying it out along with some vintage Sony 3200F power amps, Sony V-FET amps etc.