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  1. Volume Attenuator Advice Please.

    I think Arek - Mr Khozmo - makes his pots available, and being an accommodating sort of guy you can probably choose resistors. I don't think he'll be the cheapest, but he may very well be the best value - his stuff is excellent quality and cheap as chips for what you get..
  2. Volume Attenuator Advice Please.

    Re guitars and basses...I was wondering what effect replacing the pots with stepped attenuators might be... It's on the to do list.
  3. Volume Attenuator Advice Please.

    Serge isn't going to like this...from my own experience: Alps blue pot-in-a-box versus Khozmo stepped resistor ladder - audible differences including general reduction of hash and increase in clarity. Khozmo v S&B tx102 silver traffos - audible differences, further reduction in hash with the traffos, more clarity in the bass. Applying deoxit to the individual contacts in the Seiden switch in the S&B traffo volume control - further audible clarity increase, and EHF in particular cleaner/clearer/purer, and with fillegree detail exposed. Air/acoustic of recording venue more present. I'd say don't bother with a carbon pot, but go straight to a stepped attenuator of the same value. If the circuit is transparent, and AI certainly has that reputation, then you'll be getting a worthwhile upgrade
  4. Would have loved to have come, Sharif, bit too far for me though Hope it's a great day - to anyone thinking of coming, lovely sounding system that punches well above its weight and is very musical too - do not miss!
  5. Speaker Construction Idea

    Well, I reckon a nice quality carbide bit would do it no bother - its the jigsawing that would get me. 850w might be a bit underpowered, though, you'd have to go easy and not force it I think. Btw, bought this from a guy near you, a month ago, just got it doing useful things the last few days... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Copy-Router-Luthier-Tool-/162750447909?nma=true&si=Cf%2BGCcvQN1vaLw4TCBBOZo9T50U%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Not any good for speakers though...
  6. Speaker Construction Idea

    Spindle moulder/router table & router bit with a bearing, and you could do inside and outside, following a template. You could for instance have your 4 locating holes on each segment mating with 4 pins on the template. Or 4 bolts with wing nuts. You'd have to rough jigsaw the middle waste out of each one first though, then true it up with the router. Edit - there's always the possibility that I'm initiating a pedagogical/grandma/egg content evacuation scenario...if so sorry Keith!
  7. Pembrokeshire Bake off.

    Would have to be the biggie I think, Fred...I reckon they're good down to 50hz or so as is. I'm not totally sure his missis Cathy would bite though....
  8. Pembrokeshire Bake off.

    The issues Ian has with sub choice/integration will be: Autos are very efficient - reproducing very low bass at high efficiency, which is what good integration would demand, usually requires multiple drivers to get the efficiency through cone area and, sort of, impedance alteration. The approach used in PA, in fact. I can't see less than two subs working. Not only this, but the room is very large with a high ceiling - think small village hall size. An awful lot of air to drive. And the Autos are not completely ideally situated, firing out from under a mezzanine floor. This will complicate matters. I'm not saying it can't be done, or even that a couple of off the peg subs wouldn't be up to it, but it may come to making something bespoke, or in any case trying a number of possible solutions before jumping...
  9. Pembrokeshire Bake off.

    Looking forward to hearing this, Ian!
  10. Speaker Construction Idea

    http://www.hilberink.nl/codehans/tannoy126.htm is not a million miles away, if I understand what you are saying above correctly, Keith? - I think this guy was for a while making these available commercially. Whoops, still is http://www.creationaudio.com.au/
  11. Pembrokeshire Bake off.

    And another take on the same song - not quite the standard bluegrass lineup - have you ever heard a cello played like that?
  12. Pembrokeshire Bake off.

    We've got about four inches but got out ok and am doing gig in Anglesey. Getting back might be fun though...cottage is at 800 feet.