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  1. ff1d1l

    Doncaster Bake Off, 3rd August

    Great Fred, look forward to that. Nicky too?
  2. ff1d1l

    Doncaster Bake Off, 3rd August

    Ah Fred can't make it...even if there was room...hope you both have a great day, great tunes and gear!
  3. As they're a bit of an unknown quantity, and not bigger than the Urei 811As I exhibited with last year, I'll stick with last years room, which I've been offered. The Ureis gelled with the room last year so hopefully the JBLs will too. But ta for the thought Eddie!
  4. What do people on here think of the relative merits of Tannoy Monitor Silvers, versus later Tannoys, say the HPD series? Progress or a retrograde step? The Quad 33/303 - a step forward from the 11/22? And EMT...does a 927 beat all the subsequent models? And longevity of design and availability of spares. How important is that? Whoops, wrong bit of the forum....well I do own a couple of Sondeks. Is that OK?
  5. Sent a PM as I can't seem to edit. Pretty much the same as before, but will be bringing Luxkit z504/homebuilt silver pre, as last year, in addition to JVC M-L10 and P-L10. The JBL 4430s are well on their way, one cabinet and internals finished, one still to have internals added, fronts still to do, crossover components not yet arrived. But if I can't finish them in time will bring Urei 809As, which are very similar to the next JBL model down, the 4425, but with a dual concentric arrangement of the drivers.
  6. ff1d1l

    Dunkirk film: Is there anything right?

    I liked it very much. I've seen it three times. The only credibility gap I had was the length of the glide of the Spitfire in the end. And the seat fabric pattern in the train at the end. I liked the spare dialog. The shifted time. The complete lack of love interest. The no happy ending for the random accident to the lad on the boat - luck comes all ways, fortunately and unfortunately. I found it spellbinding. Subsequent viewings release more detail, there's a lot in this film. Could have done without the America-pleasing flatulence at the very end, but all in all a class act.
  7. ff1d1l

    MQA A Hoax and a Con ------Bob Carver

    Still got one. Noisy fans though great sound.
  8. ff1d1l

    Turntable etc.

    I had one with an SME for a good few years, when I was younger. My partner had one a bit later with a rega RB300. I was pleased enough at the time, but noticed a substantial gain in SQ moving up ,and it was up, to a LP12 People used to say the Roksan was better than the Linn - I certainly thought the design really well thought out, and more brainwork in evidence than the Linn. So I imagine it would comfortably better the TD160. Note, I have more recently heard a TD160 sound really good - Audioflyer (Sharif')s, but I think he'd rebuilt and modified it extensively. £695 sounds steep to me, unless the cartridge is something stellar. But then I'm a tight 8ugger who likes to pick stuff up for nowt!
  9. ff1d1l

    Turntable etc.

    I don't have direct experience of the Roksan, but I've had a couple of Thorens 160s - I'd go for the Roksan. What arm does it have?
  10. ff1d1l

    Turntable etc.

    Check for sag.
  11. ff1d1l

    Bucket loads of bass !!

    18" to 15" reduction ring and chuck in some Monitor Golds...could be nice, not a million miles away from a rectangular GRF.
  12. ff1d1l

    Your top 10 war films

    ....By Thomas Keneally.