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  1. https://www.thenational.scot/news/18048355.ralf-little-banned-twitter-mimicking-tory-press-office/
  2. You insulated me? I insulated you? WTF did we think was going to happen?
  3. Do you know what a Spoonerism is,? Can you point it out in "Democracy superceded by Democracy is undemocratic?" please? Sir, you are surely a shining wit....
  4. Even that's not true. Of those who voted, yes there was small majority, but of those eligible to vote - what you said Ronny - no, it wasn't a majority. And this was only conceded as the referendum was advisory - had it not been, a supermajority or a majority of the population would have been required. Given that it has turned out so well - united the country, strengthened the pound, given a much needed boost to UK industry, given all those positives - just joking there Ronny - do you think that if they could go back, the tories would do the same again? Do you think labour would collude again and vote to enact A50? Do you think the referendum would be run with illegal and badly specified parameters? Do you think control of social media, and of Russian interference in the democratic process, or what passed for it, might have been averted? You know, time travel, if they had to go back and fix it. I bet the tories wouldn't have gone for a ref, and all the tory lame brains in parliament and from other parties wouldn't have voted for a ref either. It's been a disaster. Name one way it hasn't. And it's just getting going. Get brexit done my arse, if the WA gets passed this will steam and poison on for years.
  5. Well, you're wrong. Democracy is not static. Democracy superceded by democracy is undemocratic?
  6. Here's a number - 68 million. Biggest, isn't it?
  7. It was an advisory referendum and is only being implemented as a tory policy and manifesto pledge. So any other party could disregard it, as can any new government including the tories and the johnson, if they won. Unlikely that they would, but that is the legal position.
  8. Well, I'm all in favour of a rerun of votes in the light of further information being available. And FPTP is not currently panning out well, is it? Having to put up with a few brexit and co ltd seats in Westminster seems a worthwhile price to pay for your vote actually counting for something.
  9. Ah, I could see how you might feel disenfranchised. Presumably you voted for PR when you had an opportunity to do so?
  10. Lets hope so. Are you managing with, or without a brexit party ltd candidate?
  11. http://www.audioheritage.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?2676-the-4430-DIY-thread