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  1. 12th Aug I can do if there's space.....?
  2. Sadly can't make this Geoff, but hope all have a great day and stellar tunes and gear.
  3. And a terrorist political front in exactly the same way Sinn Feinn was the front for the IRA...their - the DUP - terror arm was/is (oh yes, look at some Irish newspapers) the UVF and the Red Hand of Ulster.
  4. Quarter to four am...things doing nicely...
  5. Fill yer boots Eddie!
  6. Thanks, Phil...parents regular builder has said whatever it is could be sorted out by applying an adhesive flashing and painting the wall with a proprietory "membrane" paint, without scaffolding. I'm inclined to think this would very probably work, but is a bit of a bodge. Here's a google earth pic giving some idea of the layout etc. The left hand property is my parents, and the middle property is the one being problematic :-(
  7. I’m sorry there’s been such a delay in my posting this update – I’ve been away since and not up to doing it all from my phone. Anyway, I'm back now…. Mr W from Environmental health turned up a little earlier than his appointed time, and was pleasant and professional throughout his visit. He said he was here to ascertain the cause of a damp wall in the rear room of the next door property, and once ascertained, to further say what would be needed to remedy it. We gave him access to all rooms on our side and allowed him access to the attic and provided him with a ladder to do so. The areas he inspected were dry, but with evidence of historical damp – the rear room in my parents particularly had discoloured wallpaper and crumbly plaster, but this was all cured when the property was re roofed about a decade ago, and was dry and dusty to the touch. It’s dry enough for them to use it to store my Dad’s originals (he is a watercolourist), which they would hardly do if there were the slightest damp problem. The attic was dry too, and the new roof was evident. When asked Mr W opined preliminary indications were there was flashing of some sort present under the render, but this needed replacing, and that the gable end would need to be rendered as part of this job. He conceded that as far as we were concerned there was no problem with the gable end from our side. He seemed to think my parents would be liable to pay for the render, but admitted he knew little of party wall law, or what if any provision there might be in the deeds to cover such a contingency. He also asked to return with a damp meter as within the week so readings could be included on his report. We agreed to this, and I’ll try and be present on that occasion too. Of course doing this work to a decent standard would mean scaffolding, the expense of which would form a major part of the cost of works. My parents concede that as they do benefit they might, if it came to it, possibly be willing to pay for re-rendering, but not for installing flashing, scaffolding or hacking off - a fallback position showing some concession to neighbourliness. I guess the ball is in buy to let woman’s court now (unless we got some sort of order requiring us to do the work ourselves from the environmental health). So now waiting for the next move. Although in the interim it’s quite tempting to fire off a letter asking her to reinstate the paint and render her builder removed without permission – anyone have a view as to whether this would be reasonable or antagonistic and maybe counterproductive?
  8. Well, the meeting went ahead, and went pretty well, as far as I could tell. Am out and about with just my phone, so will post a full update later. Thanks to all replying to and following this thread!
  9. I understood it....gulp!
  10. Quick update....I've re scheduled so will be present for the appointment at 11am tomorrow. The council letter is from the environmental health dept, and is in response to a complaint from the tenants. All houses are present on the 1888 OS map, so my dad is going to the archives this afternoon to see if they hold earlier maps. Failing that, it may come to an expert opinion from a building historian, I suppose. They've requested the deeds back from the solicitor, but my dad remembers them being very scanty, more or less an affidavit from the original estate that they were the owner with title to sell. I'll post some more after the meeting tomorrow.
  11. Wasn't saying poor hi fi = background music - I think the question posed is whether below par SQ destroys the listening experience. I'd say it can be got away with...up to a point :-)
  12. Good post Eddie... I guess there's cheap crappy hi fi and then there's cheap crappy hi fi. Some still holds the power of communication, and some gets turned off. Car stereos can be quite involving - very possibly because you're captive. The bass masking of the engine noise can sometimes make it sound like an alternative recording, and that too can be interesting. I guess I draw the line at distortion - a badly tuned radio or rattling speaker or just plain overload - I can't stand that and it - whatever it is - goes off. Me and the missis drove down to mid wales on sunday, and cd's were played and enjoyed en route, just as well as the radio reception is non existent for much of the way. That was the built in stereo of a Honda Jazz, btw. Mono I don't mind - been doing some dry stone walling in the garden and had a Grundig portable - any music which came up was completely palatable! I guess if you're enjoying the music and have no alternative - car, or whatever - you'll put up and even enjoy, even if not particularly high fi.
  13. Fred, thanks, and pass on my thanks to Da Manager. I forgot to mention that the other party has arranged a council visit to plead her case, on thursday, so I thought it would be good for them - my parents - to have a grasp of what might be the legal situation.
  14. Thanks for that Fred...an important clarification.