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  1. So nice. I would wish i was a little closer
  2. In excellent working condition. Collection and demo available or can post at cost. Nottingham based Very nice sounding amp. £170 plus post. Cash or paypal gift Or i will trade for a 1m pair of Audioquest lapis or higher up the rage from the 90s.
  3. I will take these plz if still available. Im in Nottingham
  4. I use a john wood with Snell C. Excellent combination
  5. Im looing for a 1m pair of audioquest Lapis. Anybody have a pair kicking about they want to sell?
  6. Hi folks, going to have me john wood re-valved. Looking for recommendations of good KT88 that are not a silly price and also ones to avoid
  7. As per title. Need 1m pair. I would concider the Emerald or midnight or any above like dragon or forest. Must be from the same time period and not newer ones. I sold my lapis some years ago like a prat and miss them. Cash waiting.
  8. Keep coming back to this post. If only you were closer.
  9. That looks amazing. Good luck with sale.
  10. Hi Sam how much would you be looking for chap?