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  1. Evening folks, I really fancy a pair of klipsch forte iii but have to dealer near me. Currently i have snell c. Would the klipsch be a upgrade or side step? Anybody who know the klipsch have any input?
  2. So nice. I would wish i was a little closer
  3. In excellent working condition. Collection and demo available or can post at cost. Nottingham based Very nice sounding amp. £170 plus post. Cash or paypal gift Or i will trade for a 1m pair of Audioquest lapis or higher up the rage from the 90s.
  4. I will take these plz if still available. Im in Nottingham
  5. I use a john wood with Snell C. Excellent combination
  6. Im looing for a 1m pair of audioquest Lapis. Anybody have a pair kicking about they want to sell?
  7. Hi folks, going to have me john wood re-valved. Looking for recommendations of good KT88 that are not a silly price and also ones to avoid
  8. As per title. Need 1m pair. I would concider the Emerald or midnight or any above like dragon or forest. Must be from the same time period and not newer ones. I sold my lapis some years ago like a prat and miss them. Cash waiting.
  9. Keep coming back to this post. If only you were closer.
  10. That looks amazing. Good luck with sale.