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  1. Hi Paul Thanks for your offer. I've had a few bites now via PM as well. I'll get back to you as soon as things are a bit clearer. Best wishes
  2. Yes, that might be the best way. I was trying to save myself the hassle lol. Have a great weekend.
  3. Thanks to all. No interest at selling for £250.
  4. Hi Sorry, looking to sell the whole thing as is. Thanks
  5. Price drop. £280. Much cheaper than the one that sold just a few weeks back on here.
  6. Has to be one of the most cared for 1210s out there. Original bill of sale etc. Sounds fantastic and bullet proof. Price drop £625
  7. Sorry for the delay in replying. It is stereo ie a normal Quad 909. As mentioned by others the manual is common to both. Apart from the small fault, which is easily rectified as outlined by the Quad engineer, the amp is in fantastic condition. Box, manual and I'm the first owner. I've seen 606 amps sell for over £350! The 909 is a seriously good amp Small price drop to £390.
  8. No interest in this classic amp? Price drop to £400
  9. I have for sale a Jelco 750. I bought it a few years back and iirc it was from this forum. The plan was to fit it to the 1210 but I never got around to it. It has a mark on it which I have tried to highlight in the third picture. Please look at the pictures carefully. Only what you see is what I have. I'm not 100% sure what was meant to be in the box, though it's obvious I'm missing the template, which I did have but lost. If somebody can confirm there is something else missing then I am happy to adjust the price accordingly. Collection preferred but delivery possible. Price £325 exc delivery I based in East London/Essex
  10. Hi I'm based on the borders with East London and Essex, IG8. Thanks
  11. I'm looking to sell my Technics 1210, there are many tired dogs out there; mine is immaculate and was bought brand new by a chap in 2011 (invoice attached) I believe it was one of the last made and I have the original bill of sale. He just used it to rip all his vinyl and then sold it to me. It was in pristine condition when I bought it (I searched for months for the perfect, unmolested example) and still is now. I've probably used it for about 5 hours maximum. I carried out a few mods 1) Isonoe feet 2) Funk Firm Achromat 3) Sumiko head shell 4) External PSU. I can't remember the name of it. 5) AT440MLa cartridge 6) I removed the hinge brackets of the lid as I was told playing it without the lid attached improved SQ These are all very sensible low key mods that are recommended by most enthusiasts and I avidly followed the advice of Marco over on AOS. The deck itself is unmarked, 100% pristine. The lid has one small scratch. This deck has never been used for DJ work etc. The mods themselves cost over £500. I also have a Jelco SA 750 D which will be for sale. I've been told it's a great match for the 1210, I just never got around to fitting . I would prefer collection if at all possible. I have recently sold a phono preamp on this forum and if you read the feedback of the seller you will see I am genuine and the product was in excellent condition. If you want one of the last made 1210s in A1 immaculate condition and without any of the major mods then this is the one for you. Asking price £650 (excluding delivery)
  12. Can anybody tell me what the asking/selling price for this item was please? I have one to sell as well. Thanks