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  1. Back up to Mull with you Tony. Can you come back the first weekend in April please?
  2. Arsenal

    No. Raffa. And by next weekend, we are in freefall...
  3. Arsenal

    Wenger and a lot of the coaching team need to walk tonight. Rebuilding time, Wenger is too stubborn to admit his approach doesn't work any more. Very sad to see someone who has been so good for the club in his first decade go downhill so badly, and be unable to see it himself... Forget Ancelotti, I would sound out Benitez.
  4. What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    Barry is being a bit cheeky with the above pic. It's all very well being all tidy around the speakers, but I have it on good authority this is the view to the right, that he never shows us, just out of shot...
  5. 6 Nations

  6. Shoreham air crash petition

    Thanks Ade.
  7. Anybody heard a Moon P8 preamp?

    Moon definitely have problems holding value imo. Most seem to hang about on classifieds for ages. The ARC Ref 3 is getting cheaper used now, and is easily one of the best preamps I have heard, worth looking for one perhaps, might give most of the Ref 5 or 6 ( I haven't heard them to make this statement ! ) sound for a lot less cash.
  8. Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    Yep, 4k, just found a couple of old dealer lists. In that case, I'd say between 1.5 and 2k. Knowing MF, they were probably discounted anyway towards the end of production,and 2.5k would probably have got you a new one. Most kit imo is worth less than half once it's being sold used, with some exceptions. MF isn't one of them, due to heavy discounting. It's a good amp, though.
  9. Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    What was the original retail for the 6500?