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  1. Arsenal

    It was Newcastle though, we always win against Newcastle...
  2. Is Spotify still 320, or do they offer a higher rate?
  3. Anything Christmas....

    I hope it has a foo mains cable for extra twinkly twinkles.
  4. Foreign takeovers of established UK names

    Thiel is a good example of a company ending up in the hands of those who want the name, but not the technical expertise or innovation...
  5. Do you trust magazine reviews

    I trust my ears. if it sounds good to me, then it is good. It may be different to other folk's preferences, but we are all individuals. I don't need a graph to tell me whether or not I will enjoy a piece of equipment. I am not a robot.
  6. Wammers ? Electricity ? Booze? Swimming pool?! What could possibly go wrong...
  7. I tried going for a swim, but it insisted on taking me to the gym... The bar was easier to find though.
  8. You did get into trouble for modifying them though Serge, in a never ending attempt to get the best measurements possible. Should have told the old folks before handing them back...
  9. Your Pet Photos

    Looks very much like Rabski arriving at Scalford and rushing to the bar !
  10. New T Shirt

  11. Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    That's not a cd player you turnip ! But Your point is valid !