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  1. How the heck did you get into my bedroom last night ?!
  2. I second what Rabski said. Simon has a very good reputation for helping others, and I really wish I had bought Rab's pre when he brought it round, as it sounded bloomin' marvellous.
  3. Cambs12

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    First game of the competition I have watched, and wasn't disappointed ! Despite the draw though, Spain are looking good. Nacho's goal was amazing...
  4. I think that Beetle suffered from being released at a similar time to the 'new' Mini. Otherwise they may have had better success. Reminds me of something though...
  5. Cambs12


    Emery in ! 😀
  6. Don't think AM will be any influence now, I would guess he has retired, which is the reason for the sale. I did read that there are no UK based employees now, but that may not be correct.
  7. Cambs12


    I've moved all the separate football topics ( teams, competitions etc ) into one. It's too quiet if they are all on their own.
  8. Cambs12


    Could be a good appointment. Has a reputation as a good coach , not just a manager. Far better appointment than Arteta !
  9. Unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting him, but he was obviously a lovely bloke. Condolences to his family.