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  1. Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    Maybe I need the bling Rick
  2. Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    I had an A5 cd player, which sounded damn good. If you are looking at the 1008 pre/power, or A5 pre/power, I would seriously consider a Trivista ( there's one being sold at the moment ). Easily a keeper, it's a great amp for what they now go for (approx. 1.5K ). I regret selling mine...
  3. Wam Taxi request

    Martin, try a thread in the Harrogate show section. You might strike lucky with someone travelling to the show, even if it's only part-way.
  4. Ruark Prestige

    Go for it Rick How does the new room differ from the last one?
  5. Is the WAM becoming less popular?

    Make them again. Or pm. 7k posts is a lot of input to the forum over the years, too much to walk away from.
  6. Is the WAM becoming less popular?

    Critical posts are fine. What I get fed up with is the same folk making the same whiny posts time after time. But constructive points about how to make the forum better will always be welcomed. As for the name, it's what everyone always called the forum anyway. If there's no topic that interests you, why not create some of your own? I do think there may be a general downturn with hifi forums anyway.Unless you have a lot of new people coming in, then there will be a natural drift of some due to other hobbies, commitments etc. For many people, they may well be done with upgrading etc, and are bored of reading about new kit/foo/upgrades. Unless they were interested in the other sections, they will visit less, or not at all. So there needs to be more variety in the other sections of the site.
  7. Is the WAM becoming less popular?

    Why don't you try to contribute something interesting to the forum, instead of pitching up every now and then just to whine about it?
  8. This is the special mods secret room, where we gather to review any contentious posts, and make important decisions. I have never been able to find out why we need to be barefoot in there though, or why loungewear is required. It must have been introduced before I joined.
  9. New Fleetwood Mac book

    Interesting article on the BBC website today regarding Mick Fleetwood's new book detailing the early days of the band, and why he's a terrible drummer !
  10. Decorating

    Moving is the answer
  11. Decorating

    Ah well Baz, the walls probably look fine as they are
  12. Decorating

    Here you go, five minutes, job done, then beer and the footie on the telly box...
  13. Delicate Sound of Thunder reissue?

    The first time I ever heard PF was when a friend played me Delicate Sound. I was blown away by it, immediately went out to buy the back catalogue on cassette, and been listening to them ever since...