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  1. Bethelcat

    Wam taxi Oldham to Edinburgh can anyone help?

    What do you need moving? Am travelling up from Staffordshire to Edinburgh on Monday evening but not much space, and not going via Manchester but will help if I can
  2. Bethelcat

    Wadia 381 CD player in need of service

    May be worth trying Colin at Chevron Audio in Derby. He has looked after my Proceed (Mark Levinson)
  3. Bethelcat

    Wanted - mark levinson cd transport

    Good call! Yes, I do have a Proceed transport for sale which is essentially a rebadged ML 37. Mine has been upgraded by Chevron Audio with some power supply upgrades, parts swaps and a super clock. Let me know if you want to know more
  4. Bethelcat

    Upgrading Rega Planet Clock?

    I cannot comment on whether or not your DVD needs reclocking but can attest to Chevron's great work in undertaking the work. They have done the same for me previously; definitely recommended
  5. Bethelcat

    Dithering over a new CD player

    Hi Peter I have a Chevron Paradox DAC and Proceed (Mark Levinson) transport for sale which could fit the bill and still leave you change for more music! The Transport has been upgraded by Chevron and the DAC is a cracker with USB input too should you want to stream from a PC or similar I'm in Staffordshire so not too far from you. Let me know if you want any more info
  6. Bethelcat

    CD player with USB input

    Thanks Steve It is indeed a great DAC and transport; sounds sublime I am sure you enjoy yours too!
  7. Bethelcat

    CD player with USB input

    +1 for the Chevron Paradox In fact, I have one to sell - full monte with 8 DAC chips per channel and external power supply. I used it with a Proceed (Mark Levinson) transport which is excellent and also for sale. The Proceed has been reclocked and upgraded by Chevron Audio The Paradox USB input has been specially designed to reduce noise I'm in DE13 if you want to hear the Paradox/Proceed
  8. Bethelcat

    Specialist repairs for an old Sony?

    +1 for Colin at Chevron Audio in Derby
  9. Bethelcat

    Hifi room with waf- do they exist?

    Speakers are line source dipoles so little room interaction. Speakers are 5 feet from side walls and 7 feet from back walls which helps - they like a bit of space & sound great
  10. Bethelcat

    Hifi room with waf- do they exist?

    Nope - we both listen to music on the system :-)
  11. Bethelcat

    Hifi room with waf- do they exist?

    My wife is very happy with our room
  12. Bethelcat

    Floorstanders for an Audio Research VSI60 ?

    A fantastic speaker from a while back is the Kef 105/3 which should go great with your amp in your room, especially if you get it with the KUBE electronics. Analysis speakers are also great (?Epsilon model). Good luck
  13. Bethelcat

    Floorstanders for an Audio Research VSI60 ?

    What about Genesis 5.2s,located in Germany. They have a separate bass amp to do the difficult stuff and your own amp for the midrange and top end. There are also controls to tune the speaker you your room:
  14. Bethelcat

    Wood-burning-stove advice (?)

    Hi Pete. We got a metric tonne just after Christmas for £230 which will last us 18 months. Our place us 220m2 and it heats it all. The pellets are far easier to stack than a tonne of logs :-) There is a place in Grangemouth that produces pellets The flue is a rear one, just ported straight up for our installation
  15. Bethelcat

    Wood-burning-stove advice (?)

    Piazzetta pellet stove - remote (or iPhone) control; 8.5kW; 89% efficient; runs on wood pellets; heats our barn for £130 per year; very little ash; ductable hot air vents can port hot air to other rooms; can run radiators and back boiler too