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  1. Three laps purchased - all £8.99 each. Many thanks. Amy Winehouse - The Lioness Greta Van Fleet - Anthem of the Peaceful Army Cream - Disraeli Gears
  2. Hi Barry, As requested rough ETA - 13.00 ish if you are interested in visitng the vinyl vendors - yes any dietary restrictions / allergies / pathological dislikes - tomatoes specific tastes in prohibition-style drinks (dinnae worry, we'll have lots of Iron Bru...) soft drinks for me as I am driving species & genus of kit you're bringing (if applicable) - Consonance Cyber 10 valve amp plus anything else from my kit list although you seem to have a fair bit of kit already Do I need to bring a photo id to get past the bouncers?
  3. This morning I stripped out the items from my rack that I plan to bring along on Sunday. Carried out a check to confirm I have the right cables and it still works. Includes the AE2's plus IOATAVX SA3 and PA3. Assuming I can use one of Lurch's sets of stands for the speakers. Source options can be laptop with Bluetooth output and/or Meridian 200 CD player with optical output. Although as is traditional now I expect we will be using a TT as the primary source. Robin - I will bring the SP10 along another day.
  4. More like the Chris Crouch
  5. Just discovered them thanks to the "I have got tickets to see" thread and now listening on Spotify. Lead singers voice is terrific and really enjoyed the "From the Fires" album.
  6. Cheers Jamie. The arm is rather long and bendy so I have to duck each time I put a record on.
  7. I view this thread for bargains and have made a few purchases as a result. Many thanks for your proactive approach and hope you stick around and keep posting.
  8. Thanks Lurch. Will certainly do so, if not at one of your bake offs then some other time.
  9. My recent acquisition from thebiglebowski (Chris). SP10 with Groovemaster II tonearm fitted with a AT33EV cartridge which has been transferred from my Tecnoarm. All sounding rather lovely and I am trying to enjoy the music rather than thinking perhaps I need an upgrade to my cartridge, phono and cables!
  10. Price wise this laptop is probably worth looking at. Acer Aspire 5 A515-43 (15.6") - AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Quad-Core, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Full-HD IPS Display £399 @ Currys PC World There is a thread on HOTUKDEALS discussing the pros and cons plus unrelated nonsense, so a bit like the WAM Not sure though if it will meet your desire for future upgrades to HD, RAM etc..
  11. Hi Brigadoon, I am just down the road in Horndean so a meet up would be good. The best date for me would be the 30th Nov. Happy to bring along an amp or two to see how they sound with the Harbies. Chris
  12. Well worth staying at home. I cannot imagine you ever leaving the house now with such a lovely bit of kit in your system.