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  1. Some of our friends are very punctual and we have seen them sitting in the car outside if they arrive a few minutes early and wait till the agreed time before knocking on the door.
  2. Triggered by earlier post from Idlewithnodrive with "The Beta Band - The Three EP's " now listening to their debut album on Spotify
  3. Got home ok thanks Jack. Yet again a great day at John's despite no red stuff or fish fingers or donuts Some how managed to cope with just the speciality of the house - sorry Al, no photos. I mixed my time up between the two rooms listening to John's electrostatics which continue to impress with their imaging etc.. When I arrived he was streaming into some QA 2030's(?) which for little speakers produce a big sound. Popped in and out of the play room and Ian's Yamahas were working well with each of the different kit combinations I heard. I have heard the Yams a few times, now including Kegworth last year and I always enjoy listening to the music they produce. Jack's front end plus Jessica's phono worked well together and was producing some very detailed and lovely sounding music. Good to find out where the P10 stands in terms of sound quality and next step is to do some valve swapping to see what happens. As always a great day out catching up with folks and hearing some amazing kit. Many thanks to all those who brought along big heavy stuff - not easy loading up and keeping it dry in such stormy conditions. Brook - thanks for the good deal on the Dire Straits album. Much appreciated. See you all in Kegworth.
  4. Hi Uzzy, looks like some good stuff indeed. Lurch has suggested a trip to Poundland to get some araldite along with some cloth, which should work along the same lines as the fibre glass sheeting. Will try that first and see how it goes. Thanks again.
  5. Cheers John, I shall get in touch with Carl. He may also be able to help me out on repainting my AE2 speakers. Now trying to find a cheap source of Araldite as both cracks are about four inches long so need quite a large amount to go either side of the crack to give it some structural integrity. Wondered if the fibreglass resin repair packs would be suitable.
  6. Do you think I should be looking at making some changes to the crossover components?
  7. Uzzy, thanks for the vinyl wrap idea. Currently not sure it is worth me spending more money on Araldite or similar, plus buying vinyl wrap and then trying to sell them but will mull it over as an alternative to just selling the drivers.
  8. Perhaps they spent all the R&D money on the drivers and didn't have much left for the crossover design
  9. I purchased these speakers last year from Wammer boardsofcanada with the intention of getting them repainted at some point. Speakers?sort=3&page=1 Prior to starting on this project I contacted Acoustic Energy in the UK and they provided some excellent advice on how to go about removing the drivers, so a big thumbs up to them for helping out on this legacy product. Well at long last I have actually got round to taking the drivers out of the speakers and now have some empty cabinets which I can now take to be sprayed, although as yet I have not identified who to use but will start looking shortly. If you know someone on the South Coast near Portsmouth who you would recommend please let me know. Driver partially removed -> Speakers?sort=3&page=1 Drivers are in excellent physical condition with dates of 1995 and 1996 on them. Mere youngsters I know compared to some of the vintage kit some of you have. Crossover -> Speakers?sort=3&page=1 Will update with more info when I have got them painted.
  10. I started putting together a For Sale advert for these speakers as we are redecorating and decided that it is time for them to be replaced by something slimmer and lighter (they weigh 30kgs each). 5 Speakers/SD5-Fronts Covered.jpg.html?sort=4&o=3 5 Speakers/SD5 front uncovered.jpg.html?sort=4&o=0 So whilst checking out their condition to include details in the advert I discovered a few problems. 1. The tweeter position on one of the speakers looked wrong 2. A hairline crack in one of the cabinets – the cabinets are not made of wood or MDF but from inert, gravity-cast PBM (synthetic resin Photo of crack -> 5 Speakers/SD5 - crack.jpg.html?sort=4&o=1 So, I started to investigate and found I could access the slipped tweeter by removing the driver below it and was able to re-fix the tweeter in place. Hurrah. As for problem 2 a similar approach followed, removing the lowest driver, to gain access to the lower end of the speaker where the crack had appeared. Sure enough I could feel the crack on the inside so mixed up a load of Araldite and applied to the crack. Feeling rather pleased with myself I started packing up and then noticed another crack on the front of the same speaker! So, I have given up on repairing this speaker and will now put be putting a different for sale ad up to offer the drivers. I cannot imagine anyone wanting one good SD5 speaker and one with some dodgy cracks. Hoping a knowledgable Wammer may know what the actual driver types are for the mids and bass. I could not see any details written on the drivers and I have googled left, right and centre for the information but no joy yet. I do have details for the tweeter from the sale thread for these speakers as below. “Original DTR 25E (Emit-R) tweeters, which are prone to burning out, have been updated with new, highly regarded Vifa Tymphany XT25TG30-04 1" Dual Ring Radiator Tweeters.”
  11. Hope the morphine has done the job and the pain is now manageable. All the best for a speedy recovery.
  12. Makes a note to self to arrive after 12.00 to minimise heavy lifting activities
  13. I have an IOATAVX Power amp I can bring along as an alternative.