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    Michell Tecnodec
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    Tecnoarm - AT33EV
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  1. One for you Jam fans £18.94 "About the Young Idea" preorder from the Sound of Vinyl.
  2. chrisph

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    My top 3 changes resulted from attending one of Lurches south coast bake offs. 1. Swopped my Anthony Gallo Ref 3 positions so the bass drive was pointing outwards rather than inwards. 2. Removed preamp from setup and fed Consonance amp directly. 3. Adjusted the tone arm angle on my Tecnodec. All the above made a contribution to improving the SQ, so I am very pleased I took my gear along and many thanks to the attendees for their insightful suggestions.
  3. chrisph

    Measuring mic for REW

    PM sent.
  4. chrisph


    Looking forward to hearing these at Kegworth - any volunteers?
  5. Hi Lurch, can you put me on the subs bench. Love to pop in for a few hours and help you celebrate and scoff some chips etc.. Chris
  6. chrisph


    Had a look to see how much the 500s would cost and came across this advert. Perhaps of interest to someone in this group.
  7. chrisph

    Vocal workout for your systems

    I expect you will get yours delivered quickly, whilst mine will be in the cheapest/slowest slot for delivery sometime in January.
  8. chrisph

    Vocal workout for your systems

    Just ordered Belly of the Sun from Music Magpie for the grand sum of £1.97. Cheers
  9. chrisph

    Vocal workout for your systems

    Superb. Just took a quick look at buying some of her vinyl - ouch, not cheap.
  10. chrisph

    Vocal workout for your systems

    Really enjoyable stuff. Thanks to all the posters on the thread.
  11. Cheers. Ordered it along with "The Queen is Dead" - The Smiths 5 album set for £17.15.
  12. I am sure you are right. I will just have to add it to the bill.
  13. Thanks. Just ordered this so my daughter can give it to me for Xmas. Suspect I may not see the money for it though!